I Know Everything chapter 93

Chapter 93: Super long queue gets even more popular!

In the end, neither of them could persuade Chen Huan to sign a contract.

In their point of views, it was the opposite party fault.

It was impossible for them to bid and raise their offer on the spot because it wasn’t in line with what they planned.

They saw Chen Huan’s appearance and his calm, they thought he wasn’t like those 16 years old brat and wouldn’t be able to be fooled by those companies in the future.

In fact, neither Tao Jie or Cui Zhong thought that Chen Huan just didn’t want to enter in the entertainment industry.

With Good Lord, the not-so-reliable-but-still-useful system, he could become a good and rich man in the future. Why would he become an actor?

Actors may be able to make more money but it was so tiring and hard, he wouldn’t have any privacy at all, he would be worried all the time that he would lose his fame and he may even get neurosis due to it, why bother then?

He didn’t forget about that absurd party in April’s fool Day with his most beloved celebrity Mr. Zhang.

So he rather happily some money, marry a few wives, living a life without embarrassment was a happy life!

He acted this time in ‘Love Letter’ because it was a mission given by the Good Lord and he had also to fight of the threat of ‘Youth Rise’.

But it was fine now and he didn’t need to help ‘Love Letter’ anymore. ‘Youth Rise’ already fell of the cliff and became a waste and it was already won.

But now that he thought about it…

Good Lord?

Good Lord didn’t you say it’ll succeed as long Zhu Mei fight get through the oppression, rise up in fame and become well known for literacy films?

Where is my reward?

乁[?????] ㄏ


This shitty system is pretending to be a dead dog again!

Chen Huan had no other choice to wait for it to speak.

After sleeping all night, Chen Huan did the same thing as yesterday.

But today, they noticed that there was even more people.

Because of the urgency on the first day, three halls were made available so there was only a few hundreds per queue due to divided queue.

The numbers of people on the second was quite big as there were more than a thousand people queuing on each line early in the morning. That number increased to two thousand in the afternoon.

It was even more exaggerated today. There were a total of seven or eight thousand people in total waiting in line when Chen Huan arrived at 7am.

The whole beach was filled with them and those who wanted to pass by had to ask to make way.

This was also the biggest attraction of the Busan International Film Festival.

It was unknown how many people was taking picture aside and posting on their social media.

Chen Huan vaguely knew that this was the results of the constant spread via word to mouth and media news.

But with the current trend, would the people tomorrow surpass 10,000?

However, there were only three screening halls and they only prepared 8 screening, which meant that only 3120 people were able to watch it. What would happen to the many remaining people?

Originally, Chen Huan wanted to give away 1000 signed copies of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ to the people who came to the screen so they increase the popularity.

Now it seemed that it wasn’t necessary at all and could use it as a consolation prize for the people that weren’t able to watch it as long as they were selected randomly.

While he was pondering about it, Zhu Mei came over.

“Xiao Huan, today’s situation is a bit scary.” Zhu Mei joked in good mood, “You will definitely tire yourself to death!”

Chen Huan had decided he would stay here to give his signature to people and take picture with them. He had done the reception job meticulously.

He and Chen Qian refused nobody, Han Dong’er also came to tire herself everyday even though she didn’t like to do that but yet she still insisted to do it with them.

Seeing that girl being so serious about it, Chen Huan decided if the Good Lord gave a reward about songs, he would certainly choose a super classic song for her.

Only this way he could repay this silly and down to earth little empress.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m tired or not, but did the organizing committee came to trouble us?” Chen Huan asked.

“Yes, they came to talk to me.” Zhu Mei also came because of this matter, “There is a civic cultural center two kilometers from here and inside there’s a theater that can hold 500 people. They want us to transfer one copy to it and the rest is the same old talk. They want us to make more copies and they would pay for it.”

“Don’t do it.” Chen Huan refused without hesitation, “This is just a film festival and there’s no need to accommodate so many people. If they want to watch, just wait until the official release!”

“They all said the same.” Zhu Mei said with a smile, “Now the second question is, aren’t you afraid of displeasing the organizing committee?”

“Aunty Mei, you certainly know that in this world is either the big shop bullying the customers or the customers bullying the big shop.” Chen Huan said, “We didn’t have much fame before and did as they asked. Now, they have to hold it back even if they aren’t happy with it! If they dare not give us the big prize, the fans will definitely not spare them!”

“Honestly, we don’t need their awards anymore.” Zhu Mei said, “Didn’t you watch the news back in China?”

Chen Huan shook his head, “No, I was too tired last night and immediately slept after taking a bath.”

“The news back at the country about us blowing up in Busan is overwhelming!” Zhu Mei, “I have to thank that journalist friend of yours from Xinghua News Agency. They wouldn’t have put so much importance to it if he didn’t send back videos, pictures and articles. China TV Channel 2 spent even 1 minute to talk about us on the news program!”

“What?” Chen Huan was shocked, “Even Mom Yang was alarmed?” (Mom Yang is a nickname for CCTV)

“Mom Yang? Hahaha…” Zhu Mei couldn’t help but laugh when she heard that.

She laughed for a while before she said, “Yes, many netizens came to the Korea websites and social media to look for it. They found many things about us and many Weibo’s celebrities helped us spread the words and recommending us!”

After a pause, she continued, “You are even more famous now! Because they reported about how ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ move the entirety of South Korea.”

“It’s just a little fame, no need to mention it.” Chen Huan was feeling really proud but wanted to give off the impression of being humble.

Seeing his expression, Zhu Mei patted his head, “Xiao Huan, thank you! We succeeded in striking back this time and it was all thanks to you! Aunty has no idea how to thank you!”

“Chu Liuxiang only paved the way for the success.” Chen Huan shook his head, “They came to see ‘Love Letter’ now because the movie is good, why you aren’t taking any credit?”

“Because I don’t have any.”

Zhu Mei patted his shoulder, “Alright, keep working hard today, your job is going to be hard with so many people.”

Chen Huan pulled a long face after seeing the never ending queue.

But he go even more unhappy when he didn’t heard to familiar ‘Ding Dong’ sound.

I mean, Lord ‘Nobody Is Better Than Me’, even Mom Yang is reporting about us, it’s practically being worshipped by everyone!

Do you mean that we have to win an Oscar for ‘Love Letter’ to consider Aunty Mei successful?

Then I’ll need to have a good chat with you. 

Come out!

Come out for me!

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