I Know Everything chapter 92

Chapter 92: Snatching student Chen War.

Cui Zhong would do as he said and immediately went to find Chen Huan the next day at the hotel where the ‘Love Letter’ crew stayed.

But the film crew wasn’t there.

According to the staff from the hotel, they all went out earlier in the morning.

Cui Zhong thought for a bit before he rushed toward the place where they were screening ‘Love Letter’ in the film festival.

Sure enough, Chen Huan, Chen Qian and Han Dong’er stood at the entrance while smiling as they took pictures with the fans one after another.

There was finally a window of breath and Cui Zhong hurriedly went forward and said, “Student Chen, I’m Cui Zhong   from Shanhai Streaming, we met yesterday. Can we talk?”

“Sorry, I’m busy right now.” Chen Huan refused without hesitation.

“Then when will you be free?” Cui Zhong asked with a smile.

He didn’t dare to show any attitude in front Chen Huan. He followed Zheng Rongrong for many years and knew how much Zheng Rongrong appreciated Chen Huan.

As long Chen Huan joined Shanhai Streaming, he would be the unshakable number one actors for the next 20 to 30 years. He was the future superstar that Zheng Rongrong would put her focus on. How could Cui Zhong show any attitude?

“After 9pm tonight.” Chen Huan said, “We will be able to go back at that time.”

“Ah!?” Cui Zhong was surprised, “You… You guys have been standing there and taking photos with them all that time?”

“Yes.” Chen Huan replied.

“Is there any use?” Cui Zhong shook his head, “Student Chen, this is Korea and not our home country. There’s no need to work so hard. You just need to stay here for a while, it’s enough after you take a few pictures and a few signatures for them, even Korea’s celebrities are like that.”

“Have you ever gone through something such as everybody told you were going to fail but there was suddenly a silver lining?” Chen Huan asked?

“No.” Cui Zhong replied subconsciously but he understood the next moment, “You are talking about ‘Love Letter’, right? But you’re popular now and already succeeded. There’s no need to keep working so hard.”

“Yes, you’re not wrong.” Chen Huan sweaty forehead rose up a little, “But it would get better if you try harder, right?”

Cui Zhong had nothing to say against that.

No wonder the President Zheng valued him so much!

A hard working and serious young man like him, how could he not succeed?

He had to go back and prepare to how to propose something that would tempt Chen Huan. Then Cui Zhong arrived at 9pm sharp at the hotel Chen Huan stayed.

If it was possible, Cui Zhong decided he would sign Chen Huan even if it had to cost quite a bit and win him over early so they didn’t have to compete with the other entertainment company giants because the chance of Shanhai streaming winning at that time wouldn’t be very high.

Before long, Cui Zhong saw the crew of ‘Love Letter’ walk back tiredly.

He stood up with a smile and tried to greet Chen Huan but his face hardened when he took two steps forward.

Son of a bitch!

Who am I seeing?

Tao Jie!

Why is this guy here!

And he was even near Chen Huan, they were even discussing and laughing!?

Tao Jie wasn’t some ordinary person.

He was one of China’s top ten entertainment agent and as his own brokerage agency. He signed one of the six biggest celebrities in his agency and was very well known in the entertainment industry.

That’s right.

Tao Jie had a good relation with Ke Anbang of Yunxing Entertainment.

There were three Chinese film crews that came to South Korea this time and one of them was Yunxing Entertainment.

Yunxing Entertainment must have known the popularity of “Love Letter” and then notified Tao Jie about it!

Son of a bitch!

He is also here to secure it!

Cui Zhong got anxious and rapidly forward. He greeted Zhu Mei and went straight through the group toward Chen Huan.

“Student Chen, you guys finally came back!” Cui Zhong pretended that he didn’t see Tao Jie, “I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

With one sentence, he pointed out that he was already in contact with Chen Huan.

Of course, Tao Jie could hear it but he didn’t care, “Haha, Director Cui, hello!”

“Oh, Mr. Tao, how come you’re also here?” Chui Zhong asked with a fake smile, “I remember that there is no movie where one of your clients participated this time in Busan International Festival Film.”

“I don’t.” Tao Jie replied casually, “I just came here to relax but didn’t expect to see our Chinese movie become the hero of the film festival! They are really amazing, don’t you think?”

“Yes.” Cui Zhong could only agree.

“Amongst the actors in the movie, the one I admire the most is student Chen. I think he is very similar with Qingyang.” Tao Jie said with a smile, “The success and setback Qingyang experienced along the way may help him.”


Cui Zhong could found out he could no longer beat around the bush as Tao Jie even brought Fei Qingyang out. This brat was going all out!

Can I take a bit of your time, student Chen?” He straight up looked at Chen Huan, “Our president, Ms. Zheng Rongrong, really appreciate you. She entrusted me to come discuss with you if there’s an opportunity for us to cooperate. You also know, ShanHai Group is behind Shanhai Streaming and our president is the daughter of the richest man in China. There would be a lot of opportunity for you in Shanhai Streaming!”

“Hey, this is not necessarily true.” Tao Jie immediately chipped in, “Your Shanhai Streaming is nothing more than a website, since when you’re mainstream amongst the entertainment industry? Student Chen, if you want to develop well in the entertainment industry, you have to find the right partner and must get out from the regular people. Otherwise you will be tricked by people into a company with no power and then your acting career will be wasted!”


Chen Huan quickly stopped them after seeing how they started to clash. “I understand what you two means but I’m still in high school and I’m not in hurry concerning this, so thank you for your kindness!”

“Haha, being in high school doesn’t matter.” Tao Jie said, “No matter what happens for you in the future, this Brother Tao suggests you to find a good company to sign a contract and not sign a cumbersome and complicated contract. These few years, it will be enough if they give the opportunity to train during the holidays. Wait until you’re in college, it won’t be too late to slowly make you work your way up.”

“Exactly!” Cui Zhong nodded and said, “For example, our Shanhai streaming have the influence and can wait for you to grow up! Our president has long term plan in the entertainment industry and she’s only 33 this year and can for another 30 years easily! Trust in her vision and plans, she will certainly be able to plan for you properly without delaying your other matters.”

“That’s easy to say.” Tao Jie scoffed, “For example, student Chen wants to get into a good theater group for Chinese New Year, can you arrange him to be in Zhang Huawei’s troupe? Can you arrange him to be in Yan Shan’s troupe? Can you arrange him to work with He Chen? Can you arrange for him to learn acting with Sun Dahe? It just so happens that our Qingyang has the influence to arrange for this!”


Cui Zhong almost couldn’t hold back the urge to beat Tao Jie.

If there was no such guy to stir things up, how could there be any misshape?

Now he had to contend against one of the top ten agent with such a strong offer, Shanhai Streaming couldn’t contend against it!

If they weren’t from the traditional entertainment industry, even if they had a lot of influence and money, they still had many weakness!

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