I Know Everything chapter 91

Chapter 91: Take him down!

More than a dozen people from the organizing committee spoke to the people with a loudspeaker for a long time before they could finally appease them.

The other group of people that came was already moved to other screening room.

Even if they had to offend people, they could only vacate the nearby two other screening rooms and have all three of them screen ‘Love Letter’.

But it had to be said that Koreans were very patriotic as the two nearby screening rooms were all from Korea but when they saw the situation and knew it was a work from Teacher Chu Liuxiang along with obtaining some benefit, they gave it up and went with the flow.

The reason they used three wasn’t because there was only three screening rooms but because the ‘Love Letter’ crew only brought three copies with them.

It was Chen Huan required it in advance. Zhu Mei didn’t know what the hell Chen Huan wanted to do but she trusted him a lot so spent 2k yuan to make two copies.

But they could see the result was it was far enough from the demand.

The organizing committee asked whether if it was possible to make another dozen copies and they were even willing to pay for it but Zhu Mei refused it without thinking about it.

“Everybody body only saw it once, it not sure whether it’s good or not yet. Wouldn’t it embarrassing if there are a bunch of copies and there aren’t many people watching?”

Zhu Mei’s reply left the people from the organizing committee speechless.

So starting at 3pm, ‘Love Letter’ would be screened for a second time.

Except the opening movie, it was rare for a movie the be continuously screened and it was also the only movie with three screening hall.

When night arrived.

In a royal suite of the Hilton Hotel, standing by the window, one could see the situation by the window.

They could also see under the light that there were still three long queues of people.

“How is it?” Zheng Rongrong asked without looking back.

“The four consecutive screening were full and no one left before the movie finished. It was also highly praised.” Teng Dingyuan, the vice-president of Shanhai Streaming, replied, “The organizing committee has extended the screening to 1am due to the request. Then tomorrow, they would start screening at 8am with the same three screening hall.”

“Tsk, this time Zhu Mei really became famous!” Cui Zhong, the director of the acting department from Shanhai Streaming, exclaimed, “Who can get the Busan Fan Favorite award except them?”

“It’s not just the Busan Fan Favorite award.” Teng Diyun said, “Looking at the current situation, I think at least half the awards will go to their film! First, Zhu Mei would certainly get the Best Asian Director award and it’s impossible for Mr. Chu Liuxiang to not get the Best Writer award. According the degree of importance the Korean put on appearance, they have a chance for the Best Actor and Actress!”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect a dark horse to charge out like that and subvert all the other movie in the film festival.” Cui Zhong suddenly smiled when they talked about it, “Old Teng, do you think Boss Xie’s face will be swollen or not?”

Xie Yang’s gave strong support to ‘Youth Rise’ but the result was that ‘Youth Rise’ generated a box office of 20 million in the first week and continued to be released for the next three weeks but the total box office was only 27 million. The box office wasn’t as much as the total cost they spent on the movie shooting and advertisement. People laughed their ass off at that.

They received countless people mocking when they forced the comparison with ‘Love Letter’.

Although ‘Youth Rise’ internet water army said that ‘Love Letter’ didn’t even have the qualification to be released, bad movies were bad movies. The most important thing was they came out and embarrassed themselves, which meant they were wrong!

In fact, this matter didn’t have much to do with Xie Yang but who told him to be the most famous person in this farce?

Many people ridiculed who Xie Yang had ulterior motives as well.

As for that treacherous Xu Dong that cater to the rich, he deleted his Weibo and didn’t dare to show his face online anymore.

The reason why Cui Zhong and Teng Dingyuan talked about Xie Yang was because Teng Dingyuan was a production director at Daqi Entertainment and was Xie Yang’s subordinate before.

“If ‘Love Letter’ wins some big prizes this time, Xie Yang will probably scold people in anger.” Teng Dingyuan knew Xie Yang’s temper very well, “He can’t bear to have people better than him, let alone this movie he thinks is bad.”

“Then will he play any underhanded tricks for the domestic release of ‘Love Letter’?” Cui Zhong asked.

“How can he?” Teng Dingyuan sneered, “Can he alone cover more than 30k screens in China? Even Daqi Entertainment can’t cover the sky with one hand!” (Covering the sky with one hand practically means to have enough influence/power to do wtf one wants.)

Zheng Rongrong, who had been listening to the two men discussion, suddenly asked, “Old Teng, If our Shanhai Streaming want to release ‘Love Letter’, do you think we can?”

Teng Dingyuan nodded when he heard it and said, “According to the current popularity, ‘Love Letter’ should be really good. My opinion as an ordinary viewer is that ‘Love Letter’ is very light but that light feeling is like a spring breeze that people enjoy! Especially to those people who has a story in the past and those young people between the age of 18-25.”

“The reason why those cinemas and film companies find ‘Love Letter’ dull is because they don’t know the right audience target! If you showed ‘Love Letter’ to those people harbored some emotion at school, especially those young people, then the box office will definitely be even better than ‘Paper Kite’!”

“I really didn’t expect it! Teacher Chu’s script can casually touch people’s heart just like that. Those film companies and cinemas just simply doesn’t know how to appreciate it!” Cui Zhong took over and said, “There’s also Sister Xiaofeng, ‘Deskmate’ almost made me cry. It made me remember a lot of things about my youth! It made me really miss it!”

Zheng Rongrong nodded slightly.

The analyst from the both men was correct and it was exactly what she felt.

“It’s just that today is only the first day and with Mr. Chu Liuxiang’s prestige in Korea, I can’t the trend very well.” Teng Dingyuan summed the situation again, “Anyways, there is still a few more days, we can wait and decide later! We are the first here so we don’t have to worry about competition from other people.”


Zheng Rongrong appreciated greatly Teng Dingyuan’s steady attitude.

Even if Shanhai Streaming could release ‘Love Letter’, they must first make sure that it was in the interest of Shanhai Streaming and shouldn’t act rashly.

“But there’s another thing Old Cui, something you can do right now.” Zheng Rongrong turned toward Cui Zhong and said, “There a young man named Chen Huan, I want you to sign him to a contract! I want him to at least star in 10 different movies or TV show! We must get him! I’m back to the country tomorrow and hope you’ll give me good news when you come back.”

Zheng Rongrong was very firm when she said those words. She regarded Chen Huan highly.

Zhen Rongrong normally listened to everybody’s suggestion but at the critical time, as long she had decided about something, she didn’t want hear her subordinate babble anymore.

So Cui Zhong immediately replied, “Understood, President. I’ll try my best to win him over.”

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