I Know Everything chapter 90

Chapter 90: These people are frenzied!

With the library card at hand, seeing her own portrait drawn with a pencil at the back, knowing sentiment left by male Fang Shu, she thought back of those little moment they spent together, but they didn’t even say ‘like’ to each other before they were separated.

Thinking all of this, female Fang Shu gave the little school girls a cramped smile, but then covered her mouth and started to lightly sob.

At this moment, the movie suddenly froze.

Soon, the screen turned black and subtitles appeared.

The soft light from the room lightened up.

Then a familiar song was heard.

“Who married the sentimental you, who read your diary…”

Zhu Mei glanced at Zheng Rongrong and noticed she was looking at the subtitles without moving and her eyes seemed to be gleaming.

There was no other sound in the theater except Chen Huan’s youthful voice.

It appeared to be a bit silent.

The crew looked at each other and didn’t know what this situation meant.

Huang Daguang and his men looked at Chen Huan and saw he was nodding his head slowly with his eyes closed while enjoying the music.

Sun Yan was even tightly gripped her hands as she looked around to see what kind of expression the people would in this fully seated hall.

What she saw was half the people had a solemn expression and the other half, especially the girls, had red eyes and some of them even had tears unconsciously drop on their cheeks.

This situation should be pretty good!

But why nobody is speaking?

Sun Yan was puzzled by it.

But this situation didn’t last long as right after the song ended, a young man in his twenties stood up.

His raised his hands high and started to clap really hard with clenched teeth.

“Clap, clap, clap…”

With that clear clapping sound, a second and third person also stood up.

Except the film crew, everybody stood up, including Zheng Rongrong and her group.

“Clap, clap, clap…”

The applause was thunderous!

A group of Korean started to shout aloud in excitement and the surrounding immediately became noisy.

“They are saying, Mr. Chu is awesome! Mr. Chu is really the best! This movie is a classic…”

Zhang Zaiyun who sat near Chen Huan, translated it in live.

He came just before the movie started and after watching the movie, his mind was surged with thoughts.

Those audience members probably felt the same as him. It was hard to explain but it very flavorful and he was deeply moved by the emotion the movie gave.

This was the highest state of a movie!

It would not only let you feel it was a good movie and would make your mind completely immersed into the movie.

This proved the success of the movie!

“This is weird!” Zhang Zaiyun exclaimed, “Why did those domestic film companies and cinemas feel that this movie isn’t good?”

“Who knows?”

Chen Huan laughed before he stood up with Zhu Mei and the others and followed her to the small stage under the screen.

Even Sun Yan thickened her face and followed up.

The 13 film crew lined up and bowed deeply to the crowd.

“Thank you everyone!” Zhu Mei’s voice was choked with emotion as she held the microphone, “I thought no one would appreciate this movie. But thank you all, thank you for letting me know that the movie I made and that everyone worked so hard to produce can still touch you and make you enjoy it!”

Zhang Zaiyun was also holding a microphone as he stood near Zhu Mei and translated what she said.

“NO, NO!” (This is what was written on the raw, no translation here.)

Koreans were obsessed with chasing after celebrity but they didn’t know anything Chinese. So they quickly raised their hands and showed their thumbs.

The thumbs up represented their feeling.

“Thank you Teacher Chu Liuxiang for writing this script for me. I liked it as soon as saw it and never thought it was bad.” Zhu Mei continued, “Thank you to the lead female role, Miss Chen Qian. Thank you to the lead male role, Mr. Chen Huan. Thank you Miss Han Dong’er. I also thank to my film crew that has always been with me…”

Regarding Zhu Mei emotional speech, the Korean fans underneath could feel she didn’t have it easy.

Although they didn’t know what happened, they knew that the film crew must have given a lot to be able to produce a movie that would fill them with emotion and make them recall those wonderful memories from the past.

Therefore, those fans didn’t express it any other way than the universal way.

“Clap, clap, clap…”

They applauded enthusiastically, their eyes filled with passion.

Chen Huan and Han Dong’er especially received the most attention.

It couldn’t be helped.

The boy was too handsome and his youthful handsomeness would make the men jealous and the women enthralled.

The female was different from the movie. She a bit colder but it still gave the men a very comfortable feeling. it made them remember the school flower from their school and their own female Fang Shu.


After Zhu Mei’s brief speech ended and another round of applause, everyone reluctantly walked out of the temporary theater.

The fans were shocked when they walked out.

What is this situation?

Why there are so many people queuing up?

Looking at the surrounding, there were many more people than when they were queuing up!

When they got out, the fans outside also got excited.

“Brother, how was it?”

“Sister, is the movie good?”

“It is really the script from Mr. Chu Liuxiang?”

They asked plenty of questions to the fans that just came out.

“It was great!”

“It was so good!”

“It’s a classic and you’ll absolutely regret it if you don’t watch it!”

“The male and female lead, the plot, I can only use one word to describe them— perfect!”

“Go watch it, this movie is certainly the most touching and sad movie in this film festival! Anyone who has been young before will love it!”


Everyone’s answers were various but none of them was bad.

The movie’s experience was spread from the front to the back rapidly and soon everybody knew.

“Quickly get the second screening!”

“Keep going!”

“We want to see love letter!”

“One screening hall isn’t enough. Where are the people from organizing committee? Quickly come out! We need more!”

The fans queuing got more excited and many started to shout loudly. It was so noisy that I seemed like they were fighting.

The people from the organizing committee actually came.

After having so many film festivals, it was the first time that they encountered something so crazy.

There were at least 2 to 3 thousand people in front of that screening hall, what kind of situation was that?

If this situation wasn’t handled well and some trampling incident happened, the consequences would be unimaginable!

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