I Know Everything chapter 89

Chapter 89: Idiot!

Jin Shenghao was furious when he saw that President Huang dared to quibble.

He was so angry that he trembled slightly, “Alright! Alright! You guys just wait, I’ll call the police! I’ll let you bear all the consequence!”

With that said, he didn’t care about Zheng Rongrong anymore as he turned around to leave.

“Wait a minute!”

Zheng Rongrong stopped him.

There was also a Korean translator beside her and the translator translated everything for Zheng Rongrong when President Huang spoke with Jin Shenghao.

Jin Shenghao stopped and furiously said, “President, we must report them! Only this way we can restore the reputation of Chinese people!”

“Just shut up for me right now!” Zheng Rongrong was annoyed by his noisiness.

What Chen Huan did had nothing to do with her to begin with. Now, Jin Shenghao refuse to let this go and even dragged her into the matter.

Whether Chen Huan had to be punished or not, people back at the country would say that her, Zhen Rongrong, subordinate came to make trouble.

Would she end up losing or not?

After going back, Zhen Rongrong already decided to fire him.

I’m a dignified president that is standing beside and watched you laugh at and ridicule other people, don’t you think this is absurd?

How can our Shanhai Streaming allow to keep you?

But at this time, Zheng Rongrong didn’t bother to reprimand this self-righteous guy.

She straight up asked Huang Daguang, “Sir, do you know what you are doing? Are you sure that this movie’s script is written by Korea’s Mr. Chu Liuxiang and not the Chu Liuxiang from our country China?”

The translator next to her repeated it to him in Korean.

Zheng Rongrong was indeed worthy of being trained by the richest man in China as her question directly asked the most important thing.

Everyone’s eyes with various thoughts were all concentrated on Huang Daguang.

Huang Daguang looked at Zheng Rongrong and only needed to know that she was on the same group as the rude guy, so wasn’t polite as he spoke to her, “Nonsense! How could I not know? Who dares to pretend to be Mr. Chu Liuxiang in front of me?”

He already talked about it when he chatted with Chen Huan yesterday. The people from his publishing house went to their colleague in China before to find out if there was a really a Chu Liuxiang there.

Then he confirmed with Chen Huan yesterday that the Chu Liuxiang in China was him and the two Chu Liuxiang was the same person.

So it didn’t matter which Chu Liuxiang it was, he wouldn’t be wrong about it.

Hearing his loud answer, Zheng Rongrong nodded and didn’t get angry, “Then why would you say that nobody would dare to pretend to be Mr. Chu Liuxiang in front of you? Do you know?”


It was the second time that Huang Daguang said that, “Do you know who I am?”

“I didn’t yet, please tell…” Zheng Rongrong talked very politely.

“I’m Huang Daguang, the president of Bright Sparkle Publishing House!” Huang Daguang declared proudly.

Except for Chen Huan, none of the people present understood why he was so proud about it.

In fact, many people in South Korea didn’t necessarily know who Bright Sparkle Publishing House was and they didn’t know that it was the company that published ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

They just want to read the book, why would care about so much?

So Huang Daguang added another sentence, “’Miracle in Cell No.7’ is from our publishing house!”



Everybody exclaimed in surprise when they heard the translation.

Zhu Mei, Ding Lun and Shi Liyou rejoiced at that and looked at Chen Huan together, their expression couldn’t express how excited they were.

Oh boy!

It turned to be you!

You actually published a book in South Korea and it was such a sensational one!?

The other people’s thoughts weren’t so complicated but they understand it now.

No wonder this Korean middle aged man said that no one could pretend to be Chu Liuxiang in front of him.

That person was the person who published Chu Liuxiang’s work, did you think he wouldn’t be able to recognize Chu Liuxiang?

“Im-im-impossible!” Jin Shenghao blurted out in horror, “You’re lying! You’re a liar! You’re colluding with that little liar! I’ll get the police and have them lock up you bunch of liars!”


Huang Daguang shook his head in disdain.

Zheng Rongrong didn’t want to hear Jin Shenghao speak anymore.

She waved her hand and two strong and big bodyguards directly grabbed Jin Shenghao. One of the bodyguards gave him a punch in the stomach. The pain stopped Jin Shenghao from yelled anymore as his body shook due to pain.

Then the two bodyguards took him away.

Without this noisy fly, the surrounding environment immediately brightened up.

No one believed Jin Shenghao hysterical bullshit anymore.

This Huang Daguang had 8 people with him and they were all middle aged men. They just need a glance to know they were white-collar workers and were unlikely to form a group to cheat people.

Moreover, Huang Daguang already given out the name of his own publishing house, which meant he wasn’t afraid of other checking it.

And somebody really went and checked it.

It was the translator next to Zheng Rongrong.

She was a Chinese Korean and Korean was her second language. So she was very habile as she went on her phone and searched for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7 publishing’ and ‘Bright Sparkle Publishing House’ on the net.

Soon, Huang Daguang’s face appeared on the phone screen.

Zheng Rongrong started to smile after a glance and stretched out her hand out, “Sorry President Huang, I’ve misunderstood you!”

Chen Huan nodded slightly and it was barely noticeable.

Huang Daguang noticed his expression so he changed his expression and said with a smile, “It’s okay! As a collaborator of Mr. Chu Liuxiang, there’s no way I’ll be with an imposter! This movie is the work of our Mr. Chu and this was said from his mouth so you don’t have to worry!”

Hearing him making it clear, Zhen Rongrong’s smile grew bigger.

“Sister Mei, the screening is about to start. How about we get in?” She turned toward Zhu Mei and said.

Zhu Mei seemed to have forgot that she was about to leave and nodded with a smile as she said, “We should go in!”

Then she turned toward Huang Daguang and said, “President Huang, thank you for coming here to help today. Would you please come and watch the movie with us?”

“Of course!”

Huang Daguang said without hesitation, “We here to give our support to Mr. Chu to begin with!”

They walked in front in group while the group behind finally had the chance to give Chen Huan some thumbs up.

“Haha, I knew it! I knew you would have a way!” Ding Lun gave Chen Huan a bear hug and laughed heartily.

“After I go back, I have to take a look at ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.” Shi Liyou was also filled with emotion, “How did Mr. Chu write a book that can touch the whole country of South Korea? This is Korean book sold in South Korea!”

His statement made the people from Shanhai Streaming nod repeatedly.


A Chinese writer’s book may sell well abroad.

But selling this amount and proportion was unheard of!

If they didn’t go back to read it, they would have to apologize to these thousand enthusiastic fans that were excitedly queuing!

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