I Know Everything chapter 88

Chapter 88: Who are you? Are you sick?

With Zheng Rongrong beside him, Jin Shenghao didn’t try to cover it up.

“This young man must have heard the recent hot topics in Korean, so he used such unscrupulous way!” Jin Shenghao was filled with malice, “Of course I know there’s a teacher Chu Liuxiang in China and I respect his ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ and like it very much! But!!!”

At this point, his stopped for a bit and looked at the surrounding people before continuing, “But in Korea, the name Chu Liuxiang represent another more talented writer! He’s the pride of Korea! He isn’t someone that can be confused by you people and much less taken advantage of by you! This is a great insult to the people of South Korea!”

“Wait!” Zhu Mei finally understood, “You’re saying there’s also a Chu Liuxiang in South Korea and writer too?”


Jin Shenghao said loudly, “Mr. Chu Liuxiang wrote a book called ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’. This is a novel that moved the entire nation of South Korea! It had now sold more than 2 million copies in Korea and will soon reach 3 million, 5 million even! This is a wonder!”

Zhu Mei, Ding Lun and Shi Liyou all looked at Chen Huan.

After them, everybody’s gaze also landed on Chen Huan.

It was just everybody’s eyes were different.

Zhu Mei and her assistant knew Chen Huan’s other identity but the other really thought Chen Huan was deliberately taking advantage of Chu Liuxiang’s fame in Korea.

“If this is the case…”

A middle age man next to Zheng Rongrong sighed and shook his head.

“Haha, President, that’s why I said they are done for!” Jin Shenghao continued berate him as he pointed at the long queue of people, “Think about it, if those thousand people knew they have been deceived, what kind of situation will happen? Can a mere small film crew deal with it? They are just embarrassing the people of China!”

Zheng Rongrong frowned when she heard that.

In her heart at this moment, a lot of affection she had for Chen Huan dissipated at once.

She didn’t expect such a handsome young man would come up with such a trick just to promote the movie.

She even wanted him to become the best youth idol but it seemed she had to think about it again.

Chen Huan didn’t respond to Jin Shenghao but instead looked at the people around him.

The members from Zhu Mei’s crew were all surprised and felt a bit regretful and… something not right.

Because they were all players in the same game, for a shitty movie like ‘Love Letter’, Chen Huan did something like that, what’s to be ashamed about?

This only showed that this young man was willing to give it all!

Those audiences were tricked to come, but what if they like it then?

By that time, what would a little white lie be?

Chen Qian obviously also had this idea as she nodded lightly at Chen Huan to indicate she understood him.

Sun Yan felt completely embarrassed and started to panic a bit at that moment. Why was that stupid brat was so careless? They were definitely done for!

Only Han Dong’er’s eyes were clear at this moment as they eyes watching Chen Huan held no emotion.

Chen Huan felt it and knew she was waiting for him to answer.

In other words, she didn’t believe what Jin Shenghao said at all and was waiting for Chen Huan to refute him.

Seeing Chen Huan remaining silent, Jin Shenghao was even more pleased as he said to Zheng Rongrong, “President, we should leave! They might think we’re in this together later if trouble comes! At that time, our Shanhai Streaming’s might lose all our face!”

Zhen Rongrong didn’t respond yet but the people next to her started to persuade her.

They clearly didn’t put any respect on Zhu Mei.

The matters was in fact like that, could a mere small film crew be compared to Shanhai Streaming? Could they be compared to the daughter of the richest man in China?

Zhu Mei should be the one that should be speak up but Chen Huan didn’t argue a single time. She didn’t believe that Chen Huan would be person that liked to take such risk and take advantage like that.

This kind young man was the type to write ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ to help the Shui family.

He was able to create ‘Mama Do You Remember’ to comfort a woman he didn’t even know.

Moreover, ‘Mama Do You Remember’ and ‘Deskmate’ were songs that could multiple million but didn’t get greedy and let the songs stay free.

How could such a person do ridiculous thing like that?

So she didn’t say anything and just let Chen Huan speak for himself.

“Chen Huan, is what Jin Shenghao said true?” Zheng Rongrong hesitated for a long time but still didn’t move and instead asked Chen Huan solemnly.

“According to normal logic, President Zheng, shouldn’t you leave?” Chen Huan asked with a smirk.

Seeing Chen Huan’s smirk, Zhu Mei and the other two who knew Chen Huan well let out a long sigh of relief.

Zheng Rongrong was surprised at how calm Chen Huan was but immediately continued, “My father taught me that what people said isn’t necessarily correct. You have to verify it yourself to know what’s true or false, so I want to hear what you have to say.”

Chen Huan smiled again but didn’t reply, he just waved somewhere behind them, “President Huan! President Huang!”

Everyone turned around and saw that Huang Daguang came with other Korean people. They approached with a smile as their hands were empty.

“Mr. Chen, it looks like you sought after by a lot of people!” Huang Daguang flattered, “Your movie would definitely become the shiniest star today!”

He and his subordinate could be seen to be Korean from a glance and even their English had a big Korean accent.

“Haha, no wonder you were so confident! It turned out you have Korea people helping you lie to people!” Jin Shenghao thought he understood everything and said as he pointed at Chen Huan, “But it’s useless, your lie will soon be exposed!”

“Hey, how can you be so impolite?” President Huang stood in front of Chen Huan, “Put your hand away! So impolite!”

When he said this, he looked around and thought that if the fans knew Jin Shenghao were so impolite to Mr.Chu Liuxiang, he would probably be caught and be force to kneel down to Mr. Chu today!

President Huang spoke in English but when Jin Shenghao heard it, his pursed his lips and said in Korea, “How much money did he spend to hire you to lire to your own people? You guys are really daring! Do you know what’s the consequence of imitating Chu Liuxiang’s work? The police will come and take you all!”

President’s Huang and his men: “…”

Did we meet a lunatic today?

“Hurry up and report this liar!” Jin Shenghao said while pointing his finger at Chen Huan again, “As long you go to the police and report his malicious use of Chu Liuxiang’s name for deception, I won’t report you!”

President Huang couldn’t hold it anymore at this instant and yelled out loudly, “Who are you? You must have gone crazy, right? What did Mr. Chen deceived you about? Who told you this is not Mr. Chu Liuxiang’s work? Huh? You must be sick!”

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