I Know Everything chapter 87

Chapter 87: You are in trouble!

Watching the few Korean middle age men distributing the flyers, Sun Yan took out a stack of flyers and went further away.

At this moment, people were still eating and not many people were at the beach.

Sun Yan looked at the people walking around before she handed out a flyer and said, “Please take a look, it’s a very good movie. Thank You!”

She spoke in English and it was so simple that those young people in Korea would definitely understand.

Since they were here, it was obvious they came to watch movies.

So those Koreans took the flyers handed to them.

But it was only when she handed over the third flyer that she heard people exclaiming behind her.


Sun Yan didn’t understand what was said but she still turned around her head in fright. She saw two Korean women holding her flyer and pointed at her flyer with panicked face while saying something she couldn’t understand.

What’s happening!?

Sun Yan’s legs turned soft and didn’t know what to do.

As expected, the two women looked at Sun Yan and quickly ran up to her.



The two women said a bunch of things but Sun Yan couldn’t understand anything.

But when she calmed down, she saw the way they spoke was joyful and excited, not those vicious expression.

This was…. a good thing?!

Sun Yan said to herself as she looked at the three striking character pointed by the two women but she still couldn’t understand it!

The two Korean women also noticed that she didn’t understand Korean.

So they also calmed themselves as they still pointed as those characters and slowly said in English, “Is this movie really the work of Mr.XXXX?”

This time Sun Yan understood most of it except the most important part of it.

Looking at her blank expression, the two women were about to get angry.

Finally, one of them was smarter as took a pen from her pocket and wrote three Chinese characters on the flyer.

“Chu… Liu… Xiang?”

The traditional character from Korea were similar of those from China and in particular Chu Liuxiang who didn’t have any tradition version, so Sun Yan was able to read it.

“Is the movie his work?” The two women asked again while pointing at Chu Liuxiang.

“Yes! He’s the scriptwriter!” Sun Yan wiped away her cold sweat and answered with enthusiasm.





The two women jumped excitedly and they even hugged Sun Yan, “Thank you, thank you! Oh my god, thank you!”

“Thank you! Thank You” Sun Yan was so embarrassed that she could only say thank you with them. She didn’t even know what she was thanking.

The two women didn’t give her the time to react as they turned around and ran away while leaving Sun Yan alone.

She recovered after half a minute passed and continued to hand out flyers.

But soon she discovered that there were more and more people like the two women.

There would at one people asking amongst the group and soon she was surrounded by a group of people that were asking the same question excitedly.

Sun Yan was experienced now as she wrote the name of Chu Liuxiang in Chinese directly on the flyers and loudly repeated, “Our movie is written by Chu Liuxiang! That’s the one!”

She repeated that exact sentences at least one or two hundred times.

Unconsciously, the hundreds of flyers in her hands were gone.

After looking back, she noticed she didn’t even walk more than 300 meters.

“I gave them away so fast… wow!”

Sun Yan was deeply impressed when she saw two long lines of people queuing in front of the screening room of ‘Love Letter’.


This was a super long line of people!

There were at least a thousand people waiting in line!

Just what’s going on!

Sun Yan retracted and ran back.

When she ran back at side of the screening room, she saw that the long line of people were happy as they chatted excitedly.

At this moment, Chen Qian also returned while Zhu Mei walked out.

When Sun Yan arrived, she heard Zhu Mei talked with a woman in her thirty that looked refined and competent.

“I also don’t know why!” Zhu Mei smiled bitterly, “This many people, it really scared me.”

“You don’t know about your flyers and the banners hung above?” The refined and competent woman asked in surprise.

Sun Yan recognized this woman at this time. Wasn’t she Zheng Rongron and the daughter of Zheng Qian, the richest man in China?

She met her yesterday and did hear that she would come over.

“I really don’t know.” Zhu Mei then simply pulled Chen Huan to her side, “The advertisement were all made by Xiao Huan, I just gave him the task.”

“Young people can’t be trusted with something important!” A man in his twenty next to Zheng Rongrong directly sneered after seeing Chen Huan and felt dislike toward him.

Zheng Rongrong’s eyes lit up when she saw Chen Huan.

Yesterday, she just talked to Zhu Mei and didn’t pay attention to the people on the crew.

Today, when she saw such a handsome young man, she immediately started to like him already.

It wasn’t the love between a man and a woman but Zheng Rongrong felt like Chen Huan was the protagonist God gave her for her movies and TV series!

Look, as long they revealed his face that bring prosperity, all those young miss and women’s breath would be taken away.

She was stunned and completely didn’t pay attention to her subordinate contempt.

But Zhu Mei didn’t ignore it.

“Shi Liyou immediately retorted, “How can you talk like that? Didn’t your parents teach you how to be polite when you go out? What kind of bullshit are you spouting?”

“Haha.” The man laughed in contempt, “Do you know Korean? Do you know what he wrote on the banner? You don’t know anything and dare to hype so many people to queue here? Let me tell you, you’re in big trouble here!”

“What do you mean?” Zhu Mei frowned.

The man pointed at the banner above and said, “’Chu Liuxiang’s script ‘Love Letter’ and ‘The generational talent Chu Liuxiang latest masterpiece, you will regret if you don’t watch…’ You even dare to write fake stuff like that, you guys are really courageous!”

“Fake stuff?” Ding Lun sneered, “Are you blind? Or are you deaf? Didn’t anybody talk about it in China? Don’t you know that the script for ‘Love Letter’ is written by Teacher Chu Liuxiang? Nonsense.”

After saying this point, Ding Lun felt very confident as Teacher Chu was just beside him.


Not only the man didn’t panic, he laughed instead.

At this time, Zheng Rongrong was broke away from her fantasy by him and couldn’t help but be unhappy when she saw him, “Jin Shenghao, be polite!”

“Oh, yes, president!”

The man Jin Shenghao was taken aback and quickly curbed his arrogance but he still looked at Chen Huan with contempt.

I’ll post double chapters tomorrow so this little face slapping part is done. There’s still quite a few chapters before the slapping reaches Xie Yang because the author tend to like to describe the situation around the MC. There’s a school arc in between too since the nationwide release of the movie takes times.

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