I Know Everything chapter 86

Chapter 86: 1 hours before the screening.

September 27th, 12:00 noon.

It was the time for everybody to rest after the two movies shown in the morning.

The ten thousand citizen of Busan ate and spend their time in the surrounding food stalls and restaurants while waiting for the movies in the afternoon.

The movies were of course free but the most watched movies by the citizens were obviously those where the seats were filled and popular ones.

At the current moment, it was still the dozen of movies from Korea that were the most popular such as ‘End of Winter’, ‘Giant’ or ‘Crash’ and there was basically people waiting in line to see it.

In contrast, movies from Europe, America or Central Asia seemed to lack audience. Around twenty to thirty people would go watch them and at most it was around 50 of them.

A standard cinema hall could have 130 people.

The films from China and Japan had about the same culture as South Korea so there were more people watching them. Around 50 to 70.

But this was only the first day and everybody was still feeling a sense of freshness. No one knew if it would be good tomorrow.

Apart from ‘Love Letter’, China had three other movies participating in the film festival. One was Yanhuang Film, there was also the second-tier Yunxing Entertainment and the third was actually Shanhai Streaming!

It could be seen that the grand princess Zheng Rongrong was not willing to do only TV series but also wanted to get into the film market.

When Zhu Mei checked in yesterday, she met Zheng Rongrong and Zheng Rongrong also knew Zhu Mei but when she looked for someone to distribute or buy the movie, she didn’t look for her and Shanhai Streaming.

After all, in the mind of the filmmakers, Shanhai Streaming was just an outsider and couldn’t possibly buy and distribute the movies.

But her stance this time seemed quite serious.

Zheng Rongrong also heard about the matter of ‘Love Letter’. She saw Zhu Mei coming this time with ‘Love Letter’s crew and heard that their premiere would be at 1pm this afternoon. She agreed to come over and watch it.

The ‘Love Letter’ crew had an early lunch and entered the simple movie theater to get busy.

The movie screening room was established this time at the roundabout in Haeundae.

The spacious road was completely closed and it was used to build the movie theater. Their appearance looked like prefab houses.

The movie theaters were densely packed with barely 5 meters of spacing between them and there was as many as 70 to 80.

It was good that it was so orderly. People could see which projection halls was queuing up from the beach and most of those movies were pretty good movie.

Many members of the film crew was already busying themselves when Chen Huan came over.

At one side they needed to set up the film roll, the other side they needed to promote the movie.

The ‘Love Letter’ crew had long since divided the task as Zhu Mei and the other went to set up the movie while Chen Huan, Han Dong’er, Chen Qian and Sun Yan went to promote the movie.

Sun Yan complained at this, having the male and female protagonist to hand out flyers, ‘Love Letter’ was the number one at it.

“Teacher Lu, didn’t you say that you will take care of the flyers and banners? Where are they?” Sun Yan gave Chen Huan a distrusting look after being done complaining.

“It’s on the way… oh, it’s here!”

Chen Huan exclaimed as he pointed at place not far away.

They saw seven or eight Korean people pushing a cart filled with things as they swarmed over.

“Mr.Chu!” Huang Daguang greeted with enthusiasm.

“Huh, President Huang, why did you come in person?” Chen Huan asked in surprise.

“We heard that you starred in a movie and wrote the script, so we came to show our support.” Huang Daguang said with a smile, “Moreover, we can help hand out the flyers before the movie begin.”

“Ah, thank you so much!” Chen Huan didn’t decline, “Then you can go hand out the flyers, I’ll go hand the banners and flag.”


Huang Daguang instantly asked his men to give the banners and flags to Chen Huan.

Then they put the small carts aside as each person took some flyers before scattering.

Chen Huan took the ladder and went to the projection hall entrance’s top. He put up a flag before pulling out two banners.

The words were all brightly and shiny written in Korean. Chen Qian and the other two women couldn’t understand what was written.

Chen Huan didn’t explain to them what was written while they thought it was some advertisement for ‘Love Letter’.

This was the place where the organizing committee prepared and each film crew could promote it as they wanted but very few were as fancy as Chen Huan.

Not even Korean’s film crew went that far.

Chen Qian, who watched the group of middle aged man happily handing out the flyers, retracted her eyes and couldn’t help but gulp down as she asked, “Chen Huan… aren’t you fighting too hard? How much money did you spend?”

Although the two of them didn’t film together, Chen Qian had a great personality and was easy to get along with. When they were in the mountainous region of Shuchuan, She came over and gave advice to Chen Huan and Han Dong’er’s acting. So they all called each other by their name.”

“What matter isn’t how much money you spend.” Sun Yan said unconfidently, “You had so many people handing out flyers but if they found out that our movie isn’t good and scold us at the entrance, wouldn’t it very embarrassing?”

Chen Huan glared at her and pointed at her with his index.

“What?” Sun Yna was confused.

“Sister Yan, if you are a character I wrote in a TV series, you won’t live past the first episode!” Chen Huan said seriously, “Your mouth is dirty and annoys everybody!”

“Ptuh~~~~” Sun Yan furiously spat out a breath.

But she didn’t retort back as she knew what she said was inauspicious. The movie wasn’t released yet but she already cursed at the movie when she was a member of the movie crew.

Chen Qian laughed loudly and even Han Dong’er smirked.

After that, Chen Huan took a stack of flyers from the cart, “Alright, let us distribute the flyers too!”

“You and Dong’er doesn’t need to go, you guys can just stand at the entrance.” Chen Qian also took a stack of flyers, “Hmm, You two look very cool on the poster… let us take care of this! You two just stand at the door and let the people see that our film has the most beautiful people!”

In addition to the shiny Korea’s character on the flyers, the most noticeable thing on the flyers was the picture of Chen Huan and Han Dong’er.

South Korea was a society that paid a lot of attention to beauty. With two outstanding male and female protagonist like them, the people’s interest would certainly picked.

She was easy going and knew herself well.

Her beautiful face was nothing in front Han Dong’er.

And Chen Huan…

Forget it.

This kind of man didn’t belong with someone like herself.

She really didn’t know what kind of women would have the luck to marry him.

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