I Know Everything chapter 85

Chapter 85: 1 book to feed 1 lifetime.

It was just Huang Daguang was forced to be firm about it.

Everybody entered the conference room at the second floor of the printing plant. They barely said a few words before they talked about ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

This printing plant was the same company that cooperated with Bright Sparkle Publishing House.

This printing plant had been printing ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ since last month.

But 2 million copies had already been sold and South Korea’s population was only that big, so it was estimated they would sell at most 2 to 3 million more copies.

Moreover, the fans’ needs weren’t pressing. So, they could take a breather and not rotate a 24 hours shift.

As a result, Bright Sparkle Publishing House also became the most important customers of this printing company. So when Chen Huan Zhang Zaiyun entrusted him to make a few thousands flyers along with some banners, Huang Daguang could easily use the printing plant here to make it.

“Sir, according to our contract, the first batch of book was 5000 with a fixed price of 8500 won for each, the royalty for you is 3%, if we converted the pre-tax royalties to yuan, it should be 7500 yuan. Did sir receive the money?” Huang Daguang said respectfully.

“I receive it.” Chen Huan nodded.

“Because you’ve never written a novel before and are a foreigner, our price was very reserved and the lowest.” Huang Daguang stood up and bowed guiltily, “Now that we looked at it, we were very foolish and damaged your reputation greatly!”

The men behind him also stood up to bow with and apologized.

Chen Huan was getting a bit used to their politeness and just said with a smile, “It’s alright, I would have done the same if I was you.”

Books in Korea were very expensive and would generally cost about 12k won, which was 70 yuan. If it was from a well-known author, it wouldn’t be surprising that to be sold at 150 yuan.

But it didn’t mean there was nothing cheap.

For example, it was impossible for a foreigner like Chu Liuxiang that nobody knew where he came from to be able to publish anything.

If it weren’t for Zhang Zaiyun’s contacts and that Bright Sparkle Publishing House was a third rate publishing house along with seeing that ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was a beautiful and touching book, it would be impossible to publish.

Even if they agreed, they chose the most conservative figure with 5000 copies at a price of 8000 won and the lowest royalty of 3%.

Of course, if it wasn’t for so many concessions, Bright Sparkle Publishing House wouldn’t have agreed to let this book be published so rapidly.

But no one would have thought that ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ would explode in popularity amongst the literature circle in Korea and that more than 2 million copies would be sold in a month, it could even get 3 million easily!

This put a huge amount of pressure on Huang Daguang.

Such a great and generational book was actually set 8000 won per book by you, were you looking down on Teacher Chu Liuxiang? Did you think there was a big gap between Teacher Chu and those well-known writers? It wasn’t even half of the price of those famous writers!

If Mr. Chu Liuxiang pursued this matter, the brand and reputation of their publishing house would be ruined!

An accusation by a famous writer could prevent them from receiving the works of other writers.

There were more than 50k publishing houses in Korea, did anyone had to submit their works in their publishing house?

What else the Bright Sparkle Publishing House do if the writers didn’t submit anything?

They could only close down.

It wasn’t easy for Bright Sparkle Publishing House to have a chance to growth at such astonishment pace but Huang Daguang would felt like throwing himself to the Pacific Ocean if it went bankrupt.

Therefore, he wanted to give a sincere apology before Mr. Chu Liuxiang got angry. It was the proper thing to do.

Hearing Chen Huan’s understand words, Huang Daguang felt like a huge weight was lifted from his shoulder as his mind relaxed.

With a smile on his face, Huang Daguang straightened up and continued, “Mr. Chu, the contract we signed has progressive royalty clause, with ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ has now reached more than 2 million copies in sales, if we calculate your second royalty payment, for 2 million of copies sold, it should be 2.7 million yuan after deducing the taxes. Sir, do you want it in cash or do you want us to transfer it to your bank account in China?”

“How much?” Chen Huan thought that Zhang Zaiyun translated it wrong.

But Zhang Zaiyun looked at him and nodded again, “Teacher Chu, 2.7 million yuan for 2 million copies was considered low if we take what ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ achieved. The main lost come from the pricing!”

Chen Huan froze up.

Oh boy!

A book with around 200k words earned 2.7 million yuan just like that?

After calculating it, it was 13 yuan for each word!

And this wasn’t all, there was also the future sales. It meant that he would get around 5 million or so!

Writing books in Korea really earns a lot of money!

With such a book and the 5 million, he had enough to buy a bigger house and eat for the rest of his life!

At this moment, Chen Huan didn’t think about things such as if he changed publishing house, he would have gotten 8 or 10 million.

It was a vain thing to think about.

A unknown Chinese writer that publish a novel priced at 20k won, it wouldn’t happen unless that publishing house was crazy.

But if Chen Huan wrote another book, it would definitely start at 20k won with at least with a guarantee 500k copies on the first batch. Even if it was a scam, many people in Korea would agree to it.

“You can just directly transfer it to my bank.” Chen Huan was in a good mood by just thinking about the amount of money, “President Huang, you’ve worked hard!”

“No, no, our publishing house only wronged you.” Huang Daguang sat down and said with a smile, “Since Mr. Chu happens to come to Korea, I have a request and hope you can help us.”

“Speak!” Chen Huan exclaimed in a generous way.

“In order to thank the readers for their support, famous writers has the habit of signing book and send it to them. So, we want to have 1k signed version of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ and sent it the readers via lottery.”

“No problem.” Chen Huan immediately replied, “But how 1000 of them enough? Bring 3000 of them for me,  I’ll need some of them and I’ll give you back 2000 after I’m done signing them.”

“Ah… Thank you so much!”


Huang Daguang, who was pleasantly surprised, took his men and bowed respectfully again.

Chen Huan was even happier than them.

Huang Daguang gave him an excellent idea this time.

He would have another secret weapons during the screening of ‘Love Letter’!

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