I Know Everything chapter 84

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Chapter 84: They are almost driven crazy!

The next morning, Chen Huan and Han Dong’er followed Zhu Mei to report to the organizing committee before confirming the location of the venue where they would be screening their film.

There were thousands of filmmakers from all over the world and they were densely packed together. 

After finishing with the task and visiting around, it was already noon.

The organizing committee wasn’t in charge of their meal but Zhu Mei had already been in Busan multiple times so she took everyone to downtown to eat Korean BBQ.

Zhu Mei this time took brought 8 crew members including herself, with Chen Huan, Chen Qian, Han Dong’er and Sun Yun that make 12 people. Everybody would have their own things to do during the public viewing.

Guo Hang didn’t come because he had to perform in a touring drama troupe and couldn’t stop something he already set up.

Zhu Mei didn’t care about it and let him do his other works. This type of promotion didn’t need everyone.

If it wasn’t for Chen Huan insisting, she wouldn’t have took any actors with her and would have come with only the crew.

Such a large group of people ate and spent more than 10k yuan on the meal. Sun Yan was shocked by it as she never came to Korean.

On the way back, she was still muttering how expensive Korea’s pricing were.

In fact, there were many cheap things in Korea.

For example, electronic product or sea foods.

But they didn’t have much land and had many mountainous regions not suitable for farming. They were like Japan and relied heavily on imports for many things, adding some protection measure, it was natural that some things became expensive.

Back at the hotel, the rest of the afternoon was free for them.

They would start to get busy tomorrow and this rare moment of rest was intended for the crew.

A group of people in the film crew were having to meeting to discuss the promotion tomorrow while Sun Yan took Han Dong’er to go out shopping.

Han Dong’er didn’t like shopping but Sun Yan said it wasn’t easy for them to come to Korean and they should enjoy the atmosphere of the film festival, she also said they may get some inspiration doing that. Han Dong’er was tricked to leave just like that.

Chen Huan also went out.

Zhu Mei didn’t feel at ease letting Chen Huan leave alone but a journalist from Xinghua News Agency called Zhang Zaiyun came to pick up Chen Huan and presented his ID along with his passport, Chen Huan also said he knew him, Zhu Mei only relaxed after hearing that.

“Haha, Teacher Chu, your director is very careful and even took a picture of my ID before letting you out.” Zhang Zaiyun exclaimed while driving.

“Aunty Mei is responsible for me.” Chen Huan said, “Mr. Zhang, I haven’t thanked you yet for helping to publish my novel! Doing all the translation, you’ve worked hard!”

“Hey, don’t be so polite.” Zhang Zaiyun said, “If you don’t mind Teacher Chu, then I will take advantage of it how about you call me Brother Yun?”

“Alright Brother Yun, you can also call me Xiao Huan.” Chen Huan replied with a nod.

“I can’t, I can’t, I don’t have the qualification to do that.” Zhang Zaiyun repeatedly shook his head. “Teacher Chu, don’t you know? You’re super popular in Korea! They are almost driven crazy due to searching for you!”

He was saying the truth.

If it wasn’t for knowing Chen Huan was 16 years old and him 46, he wouldn’t dare to make Chen Huan call him so respectfully.

Because Chen Huan’s status absolutely crushed his.

As long Chen Huan said he was Chu Liuxiang, he could be naturalized in Korea instantly.

Even if he didn’t have such a plan, he was already considered a very reputable writer in South Korea.

And Zhang Zaiyun was just a journalist stationed here and was ordinary compared to him.

However, Zhang Zaiyun was very proud to be able to join ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ project and help translate it.

Since Zhang Zaiyun didn’t want to, Chen Huan didn’t force him.

“I used translation software to check on the news in Korea and Miracle in Cell No.7 did great, it live up to my expectation.”

“It’s not only good!” Zhang Zaiyin said in an exaggerated manner, “If there’s no incident, Korea’s ministry of culture, sport and tourism’s Excellent Book Award, would certainly be given to Teacher Chu!”

Korea’s ministry of culture, sport and tourism’s Excellent Book Award was like a Nobel Prize for literature in South Korea that recognized the best and most influential book of the year.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ surged out so violently that it would be weird if it didn’t win any prize.

While the two chatted, the car slowly drove to a printing plant outside of Busan.

There were several reporters in front of the printing plant but they were not surprised when a car got in so they didn’t raise their camera to record.

“Even this place is surrounded?” Chen Huan asked in surprise.

“They are all here to watch the cars with the books.” Zhang Zaiyun explained while looking for a place to stop, “Busan is much better as the main printing plan at Seoul is even scarier!  More than a dozen of journalists are guarding the place, I don’t know where they got such energy! Maybe they are thinking they might able to see you here?”

Chen Huan just smiled.

Zhang Zaiyun hadn’t stopped yet when he saw people rushing over from the big building.

Chen Huan was startled by it and thought something happened.

Zhang Zaiyun glanced at it before he said with a smile, “Look, the first person to run over is the president of Bright Sparkle Publishing House along with a group senior executive and editors. They can’t hold it anymore and wants to come greet you!”

Chen Huan nodded and got off the car when it stopped.

A group of middle aged man ran over and stopped all together.

Their eyes all widened when they saw Chen Huan’s appearance and then the one at the lead suddenly bowed, “Mr. Chu Liuxiang, I’m Huang Daguang, the president of Bright Sparkle Publishing House, I’m extremely honored to meet you! Welcome to South Korea!”

“It’s an honor to meet you!”

The group of men at the back exclaimed and bowed in unison.

Chen Huan was unaccustomed to see so many people bow to him.

Then Zhang Zaiyun came up to Chen Huan and translated what Huang Daguang and the other said. He acted as the translator for both parties.

“Please get up!” Chen Huan raised his hand, “It was hard for you to come from so far away, I can’t accept this… you guys didn’t need to trouble yourselves, I just wanted to make some advertisement banner and flyers.”

“You don’t’ have to be polite!” Huang Daguang said while bowing again, “The reason our Bright Sparkle Publishing House could achieve the results today is thanks to you! If the contract didn’t forbid us to go to china to disturb you, we would already visited you!”

Why Huang Daguag wasn’t surprised when he saw how young and handsome Chen Huan was?

Why did he want to go to China and even knew where Chen Huan was?

It was very simple!

Signing a contract required the use of an ID. Wouldn’t there be Chen Huan’s photo and address on the ID?

In fact, those people also had it hard.

They knew everything about Chu Liuxiang but they didn’t dare to disclose it due to the clause on the contract. Otherwise it would be serious breach of contract and they would be condemned.

That was why the media in Korea try to dig up information on Chu Liuxiang for so long without finding anything.

Just by this, the professional ethics in Korea was very good.

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