I Know Everything chapter 83

Chapter 83: Busan.

The weather started to cool down in September at Korea.

Since Korea was a peninsula country close to the ocean, the winds from the Pacific Ocean changed the weather quite a bit.

It often changed from having sunshine all over the country to having a storm all over the country.

Fortunately, the weather in September was still good and the temperature was in Busan was around 18-24 degree, which was very suitable for outdoors activity.

That was why Busan International Film Festival was held in late September.

It was too hot in August and too cold in October.

Chen Huan and the rest came out of the airport and there was naturally someone from the organizing committee waiting for them with cars to take them to the designated hotel for rest.

On the way to the hotel, the group could see the many elements due to the Busan International Film Festival. Colorful flags were everywhere with brightly lit lights, every place looked very lively.

Koreans put a lot of importance on appearance and the most famous one was Seoul Olympic where they almost spent all of their reserve currency to the project and made it very magnificent.

The same was true for Busan International Film Festival because they competed with Japan’s own film festival and wanted to come out on top.

This reflected on the quality on the reception and the scale of the event.

In the car, Chen Huan got a manual issued by the organizing committee.

This time at the 19th Busan International Film Festival, a total of 350 films from 80 different countries around the world participated in the movie.

Among them, the opening movie was Argentina’s ‘President’ and the closing film was Korea’s ‘Lies’.

The competition format of Busan International Film Festival was very complication and was different from the famous Cannes Film Festival.

They had a total dozen of categories, and then the judges would select a movie from each category before evaluating them.

Zhu Mei used her relationship from Huhai Opera but due to the late application, they entered the very popular ‘Busan Fan Favorite’.

As the name implied, ‘Busan Fan Favorite’ meant that the citizen from Busan came to watch movies and within those ten days, the winner would be selected based on the people’s votes.

To put it bluntly, it was the same as Cannes building a dozens of open cinema for everybody to come and see for free.

There was at least hundreds of movie participating in this and it would take real skills to stand out.

If it was according to the common standard, a movie would have 2 screening per day and as time went by, the better the reception of the movie got, the more screening it would get while the bad one would get slowly eliminated.

 ‘Love Letter’ wasn’t some popular movie in the competition so there was no red carpet for them in the opening ceremony tomorrow. They could only wait until tomorrow at 1p.m where they presented the movie at the first screening.

It was fine like that. Everyone took a few hours flight and was tired by the long journey. They needed a good rest so they could face to incoming ordeal in the best condition.

The hotel was in the middle of the Haeundae.

The Haeundae area was a well-known tourist spot in Busan and resembled the bay in Qiong Dao island with an inner curve that was filled with tall buildings with wide roads leading to sandy beach separated the sea.

Entering the hotel room, Chen Huan opened the curtains and saw the beautiful harbor view.

In order to save money, the ‘Love Letter’ crew resided in the cheapest hotel.

But because Korea wasn’t willing to lose their faces, the discounted hotel was still a four stars even if the prices range was like a three stars hotel.

Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to see the beach or the sea.

“Go to sleep, Xiao Huan. We have to get used to the environment here quickly and then prepare ourselves!” Ding Lun said as he shared the same room Chen Huan and went to sleep after taking a shower.

“Yes, I’ll wait for a bit before sleeping. You can go sleep first Brother Ding.” Chen Huan replied offhandedly.

When he came out of the bathroom, Ding Lun was already snoring.

Chen Huan turned on the computer in the room and started to search for news concerning ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ while using a translation software.

The online translation software in this world wasn’t very reliable but it could still translate simple things.

At Lin’an, Chen Huan also used this translation software to check the news in Korea and could be said to be quite familiar with it.

It was already late September and ‘Miracle at Cell No.7’ was already released for more than 50 days.

At that moment, the sales volume had officially exceeded 2 million copies and it was still surging toward the 3 million.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7 was already the most sold novel in Korea for this year.

Chen Huan was very pleased with the comments on ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

It was on several major website in Korea and there were already more than 23 million comments on it. It was about half of the population in South Korea.

Of course, it didn’t mean that half of the population commented on it as each person commented on average 10 times.

But it also meant how popular it was.

Whether it was a celebrity or an ordinary person, an entrepreneur or politician, they would discuss about the novel in various occasion.

What was even more admirable was the fact they discussed in all seriousness the unjust and false case. Many people were even calling them to investigate every case thoroughly so the tragedy of Li Chenglong and Li Yiyuan doesn’t repeat.

Chen Huan felt amazed at the actions they took.

It was like The Crucible’s release back at his world.

In addition to the events in ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, the mysterious identity of ‘Chu Liuxiang’ was widely searched by the people.

Who was he (she)?

Why did you write such a novel?

Was there really something like that or did you just imagine it out of thin air?

Why there was no information of him (her) before but then suddenly came out and touched the entire Korea?

Those were the questions the people were asking and thinking about.

Unfortunately, they hadn’t received any answers so far.

Many writers in Korea had been verified but it was proved none of them were Chu Liuxiang.

The more they couldn’t find anything, the more mysterious Chu Liuxiang was getting and the more they wanted to know the truth.

There were at least 5 million messages on the internet speculating about Chu Liuxiang’s identity.

Chen Huan felt more at ease after seeing his Korean fans debating and enthusiasm on the issue.

Thankfully the hard work he put reached this step and didn’t disappoint him.

Whether ‘Love Letter’ first step could have a shining entrance depended on this foreshadowing.

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