I Know Everything chapter 82

Chapter 82: Boss, Dong’er has it hard!

Lin’an had a direct flight to Busan.

Han Dong’er was just as expected and directly flew from Shuchuan and met with them at the airport.

When boarding into the plane, Sun Yan requested to sit next to Chen Huan.

To take a week off, Chen Huan went to see the school flower from year 3 class 1, Li Miao, her uncle was the principal so it was quite easy to get the leave.

Due to this, Chen Huan also owed her a favor and needed to promise her something.

Fortunately, Li Miao wasn’t as crazy as Long Yuqing or Xu Qiao. This top student was quite rational in her love for Chen Huan and certainly wouldn’t make it hard for him.

The passport was also very easy for him to get as he had a female classmate whose mom was in charge of passports in Lin’an. The passport was given to him in two days, the speed was terrifying.

After the plane took off, Chen Huan closed his eyes and started to relax.

But Sun Yan didn’t let him do so.

“Hey, Huan Bro!” Sun Yan poked him and greeted in a relatively simple manner and he didn’t know if it was something Shuchuan people do.

“What?” Chen Huan asked with closed eyes.

“Hey, Dong’er only signed an actors’ contract, do you have to use her like that?” Sun Yan said with a wronged look.

“Since you already know it’s an actors’ contract, then there should be a clause that said the actor has to help to promote the movie.” Chen Huan still had his eyes closed.

“The question is, do you know how much Dong’er has sacrificed to play in your shitty movie?” Sun Yan muttered, “She suffered a lot!”

“Our movie isn’t shitty.” Chen Huan opened his eyes and seriously said, “We’re taking her with us this time to let her bath in success with us.”


Sun Yan smiled neutrally.

She couldn’t say out loud but the movie was considered as bad by the people from the industry, how could it not be shitty?

Or maybe the Korean’s taste was that amazing and different?

Let’s not talk about what happened at Shuchuan, if it wasn’t for Han Dong’er urging her, she would already come out and beg for mercy.

After receiving the call from Zhu Mei, Sun Yan on one side told it to Han Dong’er, she told it to her boss Wei Xi on the other side.

Wei Xi got furious when he heard it, he thought that the shitty movie was already doomed but they still wanted to use Han Dong’er’s?

Did they want to squeeze every single bit of her popularity?

She was already involved with ‘Love Letter’.

They couldn’t hide the entertainment news from the mass.

Many people from the music industry mocked Han Dong’er for choosing such a bad movie. They couldn’t get any film companies to buy and even the cinemas didn’t want to release it wanted Zhu Mei to take the risks.

Normally, a lost was a lost and he was unwilling to blame Han Dong’er for insisting to act on the movie as long she learned the lesson.

But Zhu Mei called again and even wanted Han Dong’er to Korea’s Film Festival to promote the movie. What did that mean?

Wasn’t clearly using Han Dong’er’s popularity for the last stand?

What would the fans think of Han Dong’er at that time?

They would think that her taste was so bad that she was even willing to stand with the movie!

Did you have to use her like that?

You, Zhu Mei, weren’t like you would never shoot a movie after this one!

As long you admitted defeat this time and not death grip our Dong’er, there might still be an opportunity to cooperate next time!

But there was no point for you to do that right now!

Therefore, Wei Xi resolutely prevented Han Dong’er to go to Busan and he even threatened her to sue her for breach of contract.

Han Dong’er just looked at him and nodded before leaving without saying anything.

Sun Yan, who was behind her, would never forget the sound of vase breaking and Wei Xi’s furious expression.

Sun Yan was one of Wei Xi’s people but her fate was tied to Han Dong’er.

In other word, after getting familiar with Han Dong’er and getting along with her for 1 or 2 years, she knew that following the simple and lovely Han Dong’er was the luckiest thing in her life.

But she had never seen Wei Xi like that and it scared her a bit.

Sun Yan understood that Wei Xi was so distraught because he couldn’t control Han Dong’er at all.

If this was Wei Xi’s true colors, would Han Dong’er still have a future?

But in any case, Sun Yan felt that she could plan for Han Dong’er future herself.

Fortunately, Han Dong’er was a very headstrong girl and Wei Xi only signed a contract for three years for two albums, the rest of the terms were really loose.

If the conditions were harsh, neither Han Dong’er nor her parents would have signed the contract.

Wei Xi also wanted to test the 16 years old girl’s potential and that was why the terms were so relaxed.

Han Dong’er was now considered at the rank of a little empress but her achievements and background was still much worse compared to Yang Dang Liu Fu’er.

If she wasted her time doing nothing under Wei Xi and her album still couldn’t be made, it would be really bad for Han Dong’er’s future.

So, Sun Yan had an idea toward the young boy sitting right next to her.

Chen Huan other identity was Teacher Lu Xiaofeng and was a super talented songwriter that wrote ‘Mama Do You Remember’.

As long he was willing to write a few songs, Han Dong’er second album would be able to continue the trend and stabilize her position as a little empress.

With that, Han Dong’er would have a bright future and be free to do as she wished.

With such an idea in mind, it was no wonder she wished to be sat next to Chen Huan.

Luckily, she didn’t know that it was Chen Huan’s idea to have Han Dong’er accompany them to the film festival otherwise she would have even more leverage.

Of course, Chen Huan knew what Sun Yan was thinking.

Anybody could imagine how unhappy her boss was when Han Dong’er decided to come to the film festival.

But Han Dong’er still came, so Chen Huan owed her a favor.

This was the second one.

Before Han Dong’er came into ‘Love Letter’, she also agreed to turn her salary and invest into the movie for a part of the profit. Chen Huan owed her a favor for that.

Chen Huan couldn’t treat badly such a sincere friend.

“Don’t worry Miss Sun.” Chen Huan calmly said as he looked at clouds outside the window, “I saw everything Dong’er did and remember them. After being finished with the movie, I will talk with her!”

Sun Yan was still wondering how to make Chen Huan agree to write songs for Han Dong’er.

She couldn’t help but get overjoyed when she suddenly heard that and blurted, “Boss, you have to be good to Dong’er! She has it really hard! Is enough if you just casually 8 or 10 songs to her!”

Chen Huan was speechless.

He finally saw what people called climbing up the pole. (It means being excessively greedy for benefit/climb the social ladder)

Eight or ten songs?Do you think I’m Li Zongsheng(Don’t know who that is) or Hao Laoxie?(A guy from the legend of condor heroes and apparently very good at music.)

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  1. Li ZongSheng = Jonathan Lee, basically a musician, he must be the kind that makes a lot of song very fast and that’s why they put his name

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