I Know Everything chapter 81

Chapter 81: It’s decided, to Busan!

‘Youth Rise’ failure at the box office was expected from Chen Huan.

The current viewers weren’t the same ignorant viewers 20 years ago.

After being baptized by so many years of bad films, they had been able to tell what was good or not.

There were too many problems with ‘Youth Rise’ and they could only give it at most 60 points.

They didn’t need to be so miserable because as far as the quality of the movie and plot was concerned, there were many movies that were worse than it.

The key point was ‘Youth Rise’ tried to use ‘Love Letter’ and Chu Liuxiang’s popularity.

Everyone wasn’t blind and could see that they were trying to promote ‘Youth Rise’.

If the movie was good, it would be called marketing techniques but if the movie was bad and the movie was riddled with plot holes, all the old and new hate would come out together and the people would call them out for it.

Chen Huan didn’t care if ‘Youth Rise’ was good or not.

Even if it was good, it would still be much worse than ‘Love Letter’.

‘Love Letter’ was a cult classic from his world.

Even if it was a pure love movie, it would still get around 90 points.

But it was a pity that ‘Love Letter’ unless it had been tested by the market, people wouldn’t have much confidence in it.

Ding Lun would call Chen Huan from time to time.

The news he gave wasn’t ideal.

The three film companies’ giants refused, the second tier film companies also refused, the third-tier refused to buy it.

Even in term of release, the big cinema was reluctant to bear with the risk and insisted on signing a guaranteed.

This meant that not only they had to fork out money for the advertisement but also had to pay a penalty if the film didn’t reach a certain amount of box office.

Where Zhu Mei was going to get so much money?

Even if she had, she wouldn’t be willing to invest so much.

After being rejected once again by Liao Shi from Xuanwu Film, she took Ding Lun and Shi Liyou to the small noodle shop.

When Chen Huan and Shui family saw her, she looked even more haggard than before.

Zhu Mei wasn’t that tired even when she was working 16 hours a days during the filming of ‘Love Letter’.

“Mei, don’t worry so much.” Shui Qingshan tried to comfort her, “Aren’t we going to the Busan International Film Festival? I heard you already applied successfully.”

“That’s just the alternative but I don’t if it’ll work.” Zhu Mei pinched her nose bridge. “Right, senior brother, give me your bank account number, I’ll wire 3 million.”

“What do you mean?” Shui Qingshan was shocked.

“We originally spent 3 million to film the movie and might need around 1 million more if we go to Korea.” Zhu Mei said, “I earned 12 million from the box office and with the copyrights from streaming and TV, it might surpass 15 million. Senior Liao also gave 1 million bonus, the money is enough now and we don’t need to use your 3 million.”

“Aunty Mei, do you think since ‘Love Letter’ is sure to lose money, you can take it alone and don’t need to drag my dad along?” Shui Qianyu asked with wide eyes.

Zhu Mei smiled and said, “Senior brother isn’t a business man and I thought back then we didn’t have enough money and that’s why I took the money. Now there’s enough and we don’t need to take the risk together.”

“I refuse.” Shui Qingshan waved his hand, “If you give back all the money, wouldn’t you lost all your fortune if ‘Love Letter’ flop?”

“I still can be a director.” Zhu Mei said, “Senior brother Liao may not be able to help me this time but he already found a script for my next movie and I can go shoot it when I finished with this matter! The contract is pretty good too due to ‘Paper Kite’! After two or three films, I should earn everything back.”

“Aunty Mei, what you said isn’t right, you have no confidence in Chen Huan at all.” Shui Qianyu pouted, “The script written by Chen Huan is very good and will definitely be good after being adapted to a movie! It’s just that those people didn’t know how to appreciate it, they aren’t the people who pay to watch the movie! So you guys will definitely get a good harvest at the festival!”

Zhu Mei couldn’t help but laugh when she heard her, “Yes, yes, Aunty Mei was wrong.”

“Xiao Shuishui, you misunderstood Aunty Mei.” Chen Huan spoke up at this moment, “If Aunty Mei really had no confidence, she wouldn’t have made the movie without the film companies paying for it. Usually, a director wouldn’t directly invest into a movie they are making because it would affect the shooting greatly.”

“Yeah, Xiao Huan is right.” Shui Qingshan agreed, “I never saw a director using his own money for a movie! Mei must really like the script!”

“So that’s why whether ‘Love Letter’ is released doesn’t depend on the scripts, actors, directors or other staff.” Zhu Mei said, “It’s just that the movie doesn’t fit the era.”

After a pause, she continued, “But it’s too early for that, we still have a chance! As long we get a good score at the Busan International Film Festival, it’ll be easier for us to release the movie when we get back.”


Chen Huan nodded and said, “Aunty Mei, you should take me, Han Dong’er and Chen Qian to go with you to Busan!”

“You guys?”

“Right, how can a movie be presented without its stars?” Chen Huan said, “Beside, we can also help promote the movie!”

“Don’t you have school?” Zhu Mei asked in surprise.

“I can ask for a week’s leave.” Chen Huan said, “It shouldn’t be a problem.”


Zhu Mei was immediately interrupted by Shi Liyou, “Right, Sister Mei, don’t forget Koreans loves attractive people!”

Zhu Mei suddenly realized something after he said this.

The boy in front of her was the most handsome boy she have ever seen and Han Dong’er was also very beautiful while Chen Qian also good looking. If the three went to promote it, there would certainly be great effect.


Zhu Mei slowly nodded, “There won’t be any problem with Chen Qian. I will try to contact Han Dong’er  and hope she can make some time.”

“Just contact her agent directly, you don’t need to go through the company.” Chen Huan reminded her.

“Don’t worry, I know this.” Zhu Mei smiled, “It’s just this time, we are asking a lot from her. We have to repay her if there’s occasion in the future.”

Everybody nodded when she brought that point out.

But none of them thought that Han Dong’er appearing in ‘Love Letter’ was already a reward for her!

The original girl was much worse than Han Dong’er and she still competed for several best newcomer awards in Japan.

If things went well, Han Dong’er would be nominated for several rewards and it would be easy.

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