I Know Everything chapter 80

Chapter 80: Crushed! Box office lose-lose!

Word to mouth determined the trend of a movie.

Chen Huan was right as ‘Youth Rise’ review on the net was as low as 45 points.

Thousands of people went there to score the movie and complain.

“I thought it was an inspirational movie about a poor boy turning it over but I didn’t expect you to give me such a shit ending!”

“1 point, no need to thank me, was the scriptwriter brain spoiled? The male and female lead walked together all the way there and in the end their ‘Values’ are too different and incompatible, they just ended like that?”

“I just want to say, if you’re only at this level, you still dare to compare yourself with Teacher Chu Liuxiang? I have seen many bad films before and this one is definitely a classic amongst them!”

“We only have 5 people in the cinema watching it. 3 people left in the middle while I slept through it, what a good rest!”

“Facts have proven before that movies that were being hyped in the internet are generally bad! I can’t understand what was in the writer’s brain, so I can only give it 1 point!”

“I feel bad for our Lili, she actually acted in such a bad film, you’re great now, you played a weird and ridiculous girl.”


With those bad scores that had strong feeling behind it, the box office of ‘Youth Rise’ really fell off in the second week.

And the box office was like it fell off a cliff.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, those three days grossed no more than 3 million!

One had to know that Daqi Entertainment released it on 300 screens.

The box office average was 3000 yuans per screen, it was a big loss!

The accumulated box office after that week was 23.5 million and that shocked everybody who was optimistic for ‘Youth Rise’.

The Netizens were very happy about it and immediately went to Firmiana’s Weibo to smack him.

“Hahaha… I really want to sing him a song, this idiot!”

“Writer Firmiana, 3.5 million in four days, you’re such a talent!”

“On this point, our Teacher Chu is definitely not as good as you, this must be a new record, right?”

“Trash movie! It should be taken out off the screen! I bet you won’t get past 30 million!”

“There no need to go further anymore, he’s already cold. He just deliberately troubled Teacher Chu Liuxiang to profit.”

“Exactly! You should look at your own ability before talking about people. Do you even have to qualification to stand alongside Teacher Chu?”


The same was true for Xu Dong who was also been scolded until he had a swollen face in recent days,

Because he said the movie was much better than ‘Love Letter’ but the box office of ‘Youth Rise’ completely collapsed, so how good could it be?

His words were quoted by everybody again and were proclaimed as someone nasty by everybody.

Firmiana was obviously very anxious after seeing this result.

He called Shang Xikai, the owner of Toy Entertainment, multiple times and he answered the phone two times before he started to hang up after the third call.

Firmiana’s heart sank after seeing the hung up calls.

He knew at this time that he was done!

Unexpectedly, he was still full of himself four days ago but now he suddenly fell off to the bottom, what a tragedy!

“What? Whose phone is this?”

A man in his forties said as he sat in an office that belonged to Shang Xikai.

Hearing this question, Shang Xikai replied with a gloomy face, “Who else could it be other than that scriptwriter Firmiana who is all bark but no bite! What the hell! He still dares to ask me to increase the budget for invertisement and save ‘Youth Rise’!”

“Haha, he really doesn’t know his place.” The man said, “You have already spent 10 million for advertisement in secret and I have arranged 300 screens for you but this is the results. The netizens said Firmiana only writes bad script and it seems to be correct.”

“Brother Yan, that guy is hateful but ‘Youth Rise’ is related to our reputation, do you think you can squeeze a few more screens for us?” Shang Xikai pleaded, “Even if you help only the second week, it will be enough!”

“How do you want me to help?” The man snorted, “Xikai, we’re classmates and I have a share in your company, would I just stand there and do nothing if you need help? You got less than 30 million in a week, this is really embarrassing.  Everybody at the company is laughing at me and saying my judgment was wrong, do you want them to keep laughing at me?”

This man was Xie Yang, the second boss of Daqi Entertainment and it was because of him that Daqi entertainment used their influence and were able to release the movie across 300 screens but Xie Yang didn’t expect to be fiercely slapped back and that made him feel really uncomfortable.

“I find it weird, the director is good and I don’t think the story is bad but why the comments are so bad?” Shang Xikao helplessly said, “The box office also! The decline is too hard! Brother Yang, maybe someone did some foul play?”

“Foul play? Zhu Mei?”


“Where do she have the energy to come mess with you? She has plenty of problems right now.” Xie Yang laughed, “She came to us with ‘Love Letter’ a few days ago and went to examine it.”

“How it is?” Chen Huan asked nervously.

This time hyping it up by scolding Zhu Mei and Chu Liuxiang was his idea and Wu Tong and the others only followed after his instruction.

The box office and comment went downhill and became a joke now.

If ‘Love Letter’ did well, ‘Youth Rise’ would be forever an embarrassment that was tagged to him.

“Not very good.” Xie Yang said plainly, “I think the movie is too casual and similar to a prose. The other manager that saw it had even lower evaluation of it than mine. They are not going to buy it or support it.”

“Really?” Shang Xikai exclaimed happily.

“Yes, she also failed with other film companies and cinema.” Xie Yang said with a nod, “Now she is going to Lin’an and see if Liao Shi can help her.”

“Will Liao Shi buy it?” Shang Xikai asked.

Liao Shi was the chairman of Xuanwu Film and also a graduate from Huhai Opera. He was known as Huhai opera big senior brother.

“Humph, Liao Shi?” Xie Yang sneered, “He’s just a businessman! Don’t listen to Huhai Opera students that always proclaim they will help their fellow students, how can he do it when there’s no interest for him? That’s impossible!”

“Then I can relax now!” Shang Xikai sighed in relief.

“You can’t relax yet.” Xie Yang said, “You still to deal with the matter on the net. You lost money now but who hasn’t done bad movies before? Absolutely don’t try to do any trick anymore, and that Firmiana, get him to be honest and stop blabbering bullshit! Don’t go provoking Chu Liuxiang anymore otherwise trouble will come and you’ll end up crying.”

“I know.” Shang Xikai nodded solemnly.

He only did that for the box office. Honestly, he was afraid Chu Liuxiang would coming out to speak and scold him for his lack of virtue.

In the end, Chu Liuxiang didn’t respond at all.

You already failed but still go make some trouble, the other party might really get angry this time!

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