I Know Everything chapter 79

Chapter 79: It was a bit hard.

The news came out in the afternoon.

The internet got hyped by it.

The speech by Firmiana and Xu Dong left the deepest impression.

Their Weibo was visited by a lot of netizens that left many comments.

“Oh yoyo, Mr. Broken Leg Dong, didn’t you have to rest for three months? You still dare to crawl up and participate in ‘Youth Rise’?”

“I’m disgusted by just looking at you! I used to think you were a pretty good actor that polished your skill with every role but I didn’t think you will turn out like that!”

“This is clearly a betrayal! Thankfully, Zhu Mei didn’t use you or it’ll like a mouse’s shit in a broth!”

“I’m waiting to see what happens to you, I’m sure you won’t have a good end!”


There were already a lot of people who were scolding Xu Dong but Firmiana had even more.

But it wasn’t only Zhu Mei’s fans but also Chu Liuxiang’s fans in there.

’A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ could be say to have conquered the heart of every literary youths. Those who were active on the internet and those who knew to post, which one of them didn’t have dream about literary?

’A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ was a generational work that could bring tears to people.

It didn’t matter if he slandered Zhu Mei, but he also slandered Chu Liuxiang and that was looking for death!

Firmiana’s Weibo was conquered by those fans at the fastest speed.

“Oh my, if he didn’t come out and start blabbering, I wouldn’t even know there was a screenwriter named Firmiana!”

“Congratulation! You became famous, but it’s infamy though!

“Look at how righteous he was when he criticized Teacher Chu Liuxiang, I went to see his previous works in fear…. In the end, I have only one thing to say: You only wrote those stuffs?”

“’A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ is enough for Teacher Chu to leave his name into annals of history but a famous lunatic like you would go down in history as a disgrace!”

“I didn’t see ‘Love Letter’ or ‘Youth Rise’ but I’m sure Teacher Chu, who wrote ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’, even if his first time writing a script, it must still be better than yours!”

“Don’t get fooled! He is trying to rip off Teacher Chu Liuxiang! Don’t go giving him movie tickets just because you want to go criticize ‘Youth Rise’, we should let flop to the street!”

“Don’t waste your breath here. We’re just waiting for the results of the two movies. I’m sure Teacher Chu will not lose!”


In an instant, Firmiana’s Weibo became the busiest place in Weibo.

In just two days’ time, there were more than 200k messages directed at him.

It was staggering!

As a screenwriter, Firmiana didn’t have many fans and didn’t dare to even let out a fart now that he was attacked by so many people.

Even the fans of He Weili and Xiang Zhiseng wasn’t that strong.

The fans’ leader warned the rest of the fans to not got to war otherwise they would bring disaster as their idols would be scolded too, it was definitely not worth.

Firmiana himself didn’t comment on the Weibo outrage neither.

He was very satisfied now that he hyped up ‘Youth Rise’ and let thousands of people knew of it.

A lot of people didn’t know about ‘Youth Rise’ but there was a lot of noise around it so their curiosity was picked and many people would go to the cinema to see it.

It would be a huge profit even if it was only one tenth of the people who went to see it.

All in all, this was one of the marketing methods.

Even if they scolded him so hard, as long the movie made money and the company bought his script, he would make a lot of money!

It seemed that his thoughts were true.

‘Youth Rise’ was release in the slow season of September and the box office reached 20 millions in three days on the weekends as it directly surpassed ‘Paper Kite’ and became the highest grossing literary movie in three days this year!

“Thank you everybody for your support! 20 million in three days, which proves that our hard work hasn’t been done in vain and that our movie is good!” This was Firmiana’s first comment on Weibo five days after his interview.

The netizens who didn’t about literary or artistic films immediately started to mock him.

“Holy shit, how can you be so shameless? 20 million in three days? Chen Hao’s box office in the first day was 30 million! How dare you show off with your 20 million in three days?”

“The movie with the highest box office this year is Chi Bin and Wen Qi’s ‘Blaze of Fire’. The box office at the first week-end was 170 million and I still feel it wasn’t good enough, how can you be so arrogant?”

“Just disperse, he saw the box office isn’t good enough and is trying to bait us to watch his movie!”

“My girlfriend went to see it and told me it was really bad.”


But the industry insiders were surprised by the news.

‘Youth Rise’ budget was only around 20 million and shouldn’t be more 25 million.

The first week was already earned most of their cost. Even if it fall off on the second week, they should start earning money on the third week.

Compared to ‘Paper Kite’ last month, it not much worse.

Was director Zhu Mei really mistaken this time and ‘Youth Rise’ was actually a good movie?

“Good movie my ass!” Ding Lun cursed over the phone, “That shameless Xie Yang actually arranged for them to be broadcasted over 300 screens! 50% more than ‘Paper Kite’! And there so much discussion on the net, there definitely something going behind the scene! He probably spent 10 or so million for advertisement and deliberately exploded the matter!”

“Then how much do you think it can get at the box office?” Chen Huan asked.

“It’s hard to say, but from the momentum I’m seeing, I’m afraid it would get more than 60 million.” Ding Lun said with a sigh, “This time, they’re tried to use our fame to boost their sales Xiao Huan and it’s working!”

“It’s not sure thing.” Chen Huan shook his head, “I went to see the reviews online and most of them gave a very low score. As long the hype calm down, their box office will fall really hard.”

“Who can say it for sure?” Ding Lun was still down.

“Brother Ding, is ‘Love Letter’ release met with problems?” Chen Huan asked.

“Yes, we have been running around these past few days, but after watching a cut of ‘Love Letter’, those movie and cinema refuse to give us any face!” Ding Lun said, “Their biggest complaint is that this movie was like what those little kids see at home, there was no excitement, no love triangles, no conflict and certainly cannot be a success they said!”

“What does Aunty Mei think?”

“We are to work harder and come to Lin’an in two days to try with Brother Liao again.” Ding Lun replied, “If it’s really not possible, we’ll go to Busan International Film Festival.”

His voice was filled with frustration.

The entire crew from ‘Love Letter’ was probably not much better.

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