I Know Everything chapter 78

Chapter 78: Wildly talked.

The shooting of ‘Youth Rise’ was over and it was about to be release to the public.

Originally, such 20 million low cost and youth love wouldn’t attract much attention.

But the crew poked at China’s most popular prose writer, Teacher Chu Liuxiang. They had caught quite a bit of heat even though Chu Liuxiang never answered to their taunt.

The crew already spread the news before even the press conference started and said they would publicly attack Chu Liuxiang, so the reporter rushed over.

There were already more than 30 reporters in the small hotel. Although they were mostly Weibo or internet reporters, the scales was already very good.

There was another person sitting at the table beside the direction director Tian Nianfeng, screenwriter Firmiana, male lead Xiang Zhisheng, and female lead He Weili.

The person had a honest face as he smiled with his big eyes and eyebrows.

This was none other than Xu Dong.

‘Love Letter’ originally casted him as the supporter male role but he broke the contract and paid the fee with the excuse of a foot injury.

There were still many people who talked about it. Everybody could see that Xu Dong wasn’t optimistic about the movie and another person colluded something behind the scenes, because 300k wasn’t a small sum for him.

But unexpectedly, Xu Dong appeared amongst the cast of ‘Youth Rise’.

When Xu Dong withdrew from ‘Love Letter’, they said he wasn’t a kind person and the courage to go through the lows and highs with them.

But now he was in ‘Youth Rise’ that directly competed with ‘Love Letter’. This wasn’t some normal problem and was something a disgusting individual would do.

He only cared about profit!

After the host introduced everyone and confirmed that Xu Dong was in the supporting male role, the reporters couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Mr. Xu, why did you quit ‘Love Letter’ to join ‘Youth Rise’? Didn’t you have an leg injury? Do you have any explanation for you betrayal?” Weibo blogger asked straightforwardly without waiting.

The face of Tian Nianfeng and Firmiana changed.

But they couldn’t do anything about it.

If ‘Youth Rise’ was a big production with a budget more than 50 million, they would definitely scold this Weibo blogger for not understanding the situation.

But ‘Youth Rise’ only had a production of 20 million and everybody that came into the cast because of giving face. It would definitely not good for the movie if they berated him.

But Xu Dong was a cunning guy as he answered with a smile, “When I was injured, the doctor said I would need to rest for three months but I didn’t expect to recover so quickly and ‘Youth Rise’ didn’t do anything either. When I received the sincere invitation from Director Tian, I could only join this wonderful cast.”

“Do you have anything to say to director Zhu Mei?” Another reporter said.

“I regret deeply leaving ‘Love Letter’,” Xu Dong sighed, “But ‘Youth Rise’ is better than ‘Love Letter’ and I also need to think about my future!”

“Do you mean that Teacher Chu Liuxiang isn’t as good as Firmiana and the script was that bad?” Another reporter got excited and asked loudly.

“Chu Liuxiang’s ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ is a generational work of art that will make me cry every time I read but as far as ‘Love Letter’ script is concerned, it looks too naïve and childish.” Xu Dong said in a serious tone, “’Youth Rise’ isn’t the same, it doesn’t lack any good scenes and I’m sure it will do very well! Teacher Firmiana is worthy of being called an excellent scriptwriter of the industry! Sorry Teacher Chu Liuxiang, but I’ll stand with Teacher Firmiana this time!”

Nice guy!

This is really shed all decorum!

The reporters and Weibo bloggers all got excited.

‘Love Letter’ and ‘Youth Rise’ weren’t very well known. A fight could only happen if there was a disagreement and sharp contrast.

It needed to be divided into two factions. Then the arguments would lead to a quarrel, and that quarrel would spread out quickly.

But they didn’t expect the best as yet to come.

Tian Nianfeng’s personality wasn’t that fiery as he only talked about his understanding of the movie and how he polished the movie. He also naturally exaggerated and praised Firmiana’s script.

When it was Firmiana’s turn, he didn’t stay polite under everybody’s eager eyes.

“’Love Letter’? Haha, do you think Teacher Chu Liuxiang has any achievements? Yes, I’m admit his prose are very good but prose and script are two different field! In this field, I’m the senior and I’m better than him!”

“Director Zhu Mei is a person with great character, she was willing to put her trust in Teacher Chu Liuxiang’s judgement and chose Chen Qian and Han Dong’er instead of Cao Nihui and Bu Yiyi….. Hahaha, sorry, I wanted to laugh!”

“Comparing us two? Our cast is much better! I’m sure director Tian is better than director Zhu, the actors even more so!”

“My estimated box office for ‘Youth Rise’ is 80 million! ‘Love Letter’ budget was only around 6 million, right? Haha, do I have to evaluate it?”

“In the history of literary and artistic films in China, ‘Youth Rise’ may not be amongst the cult classic movies but ‘Love Letter’ is definitely trash and will be forgotten in a flash!”

“I’m not being arrogant, I’m just confident! I’m confident that ‘Youth Rise’ will succeed and that ‘Love Letter’ will fail!”


Firmiana was fire up on the stage as he spoke nonstop.

The reporters and Weibo blogger never expected him to be so intrepid.

This was like going against director Zhu Mei until death!

Director Zhu Mei’s ‘Love Letter’ may fail this time but her previous movies either won awards or did well at the box offices, which was still much better than the scripts wrote by Firmiana.

Not to mention that Zhu Mei graduated from Huhai Opera and was one of three best universities in China. There were countless influential figures that graduated from that place.

A wild screenwriter like you dared to belittle her so much, weren’t you afraid of her senior getting involved and crush you with their fingers?

Of course.

None of these had anything to do with the reporters.

He would have to bear with the consequences since he dared to speak such words.

Anyways, the movie would be released in two days. They have yet to see whether it would be a hit or a flop.

If ‘Youth Rise’ was a hit, Firmiana would be considered as outspoken guy and it would put a huge pressure for the release of ‘Love Letter’.

If it was a flop…


Then just wait to be laughed by the people!

Such sensational news, it was enough for those entertainment journalist and blogger to eat for a few months!

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