I Know Everything chapter 77

Chapter 77: He really had an epiphany?


“He won~~”

After three minutes, the girls cheered as Chen Huan completed the 300 pushups.

The boys also felt admiration but they also felt ashamed and jealous when they saw his fit body.

Zhuang Tao laughed as he helped the tired with soaked hair Chen Huan up, “Don’t sit yet, just stand and get your breath back first.”

He slapped heavily onto Chen Huan’s shoulder as he spoke, “Boy, I didn’t expect it but you actually have the potential to be an athlete!”

Those kids didn’t see but he actually finished the 100 pushups in a minute but he didn’t mind those kids as he thought that Chen Huan’s perseverance was quite good.

Doing a 100 pushups in one breath wasn’t something anybody could do.

“Hey, teacher, you hurt our Chen Huan!” Long Yuqing came over and complained.

Zhang Tao looked at Chen Huan who showed a pained expression, he replied with an embarrassed smile, “Sorry!”

“It’s alright.” Chen Huan said and he tried to restore his breath as his sweats poured down like raindrops.

Long Yuqing couldn’t help but get excited as she almost drooled.

So handsome!

The most handsome!

The man I set my eyes on is naturally the number one in the world!

She took a bottle of water from her follower’s hand before stepping forward and handing it to Chen Huan, “You must be tired, right? Drink some water~~”

“Don’t drink for now!” Zhuang Tao warned and stopped them, “Now, your bodily functions are recovering, it’s not good to drink water right now! Wait until you’re sweating less and your breathing stabilize before you drink.”


Chen Huan took the water and thanked Long Yuqing.

Zhuang Tao suddenly sighed when he saw Long Yuqing using her smooth hands fanning for Chen Huan.

This boy was very handsome but he also brought calamity!

Long Yuqing completely ignored him as she looked at Chen Huan’s shirt clinging to his body while fanning.

When Chen Huan stood up, the T-shirt got even tighter and clearly showed 4 abs.

Chen Huan’s chest muscles weren’t that developed but Long Yuqing thought it was very good as the chest muscles that were too broad looked too ugly.

Chen Huan was actually not as tired as he showed. His endurance wasn’t small after 3 months of exercise. His body was completely different than 3 months ago.

But when he saw that Zhuang Tao was still breathing normally, he knew that there was still a huge gap between him and a pro.

“You should keep working out like this.” Zhuang Tao said to Chen Huan, “Then during the winter vacation, I can take you to the gym and show you better and more effective workout routine that you can do at home.”

After all, you will use your kidney a lot in the future and you will be swallowed whole by those succubuses if he didn’t have a strong body.

Zhuang Tao could only said this in his mind after seeing the joyful look on Long Yuqing.

“Okay, if I have time during the winter vacation, I’ll trouble Teacher Zhuang.” Chen Huan was very about this.

Long Yuqing’s eyes brightened up at this.

Going to the gym is good thing!

Won’t I be able to meet Chen Huan every day like this?

Then I’ll let him see some of my curvaceous figure and maybe he will lost his restrain and become of a beast!

“Ding Dong!

“The weak little chick host just took the first step in workout. The great and versatile system issued a mission in order to encourage the host to improve.”

“During the winter vacation this year, use your own ability to conquer the trainers and students at ‘Weili Gym’ and let them know what a real fitness genius is! If the mission can be successfully completed, the system will give out a good reward!”


Chen Huan frowned.

He wasn’t good at sports!

And he just started! How could he be compared to those coaches who trained for multiple years and even for a decade!?

Chen Huan spent some time to think about it before getting his bearing back.

This wasn’t something he had to do right now and he could wait until winter vacation to judge the situation.

And from how things looked, he would need to think of another way.

After the P.E class, it was the self-study class.

He Qiang especially came and asked Chen Huan to come over to his office.

He didn’t have a choice.

This was how the teachers intruded upon those self-studies classes.

Chen Huan went to He Qiang’s office only to find a girl with glasses sitting on a table nearby.

She gave Chen Huan a glance and didn’t show much emotion.

Being chased by girls was a novel feeling for Chen Huan.

This girl with beautiful face and glass was naturally Tang Ziyan. The top student of Virtuous Middle School.

Mathematics was her strongest point but she was still good in other subject. Her combined scores was around 700 points in the last two exams.

This result made her in top 100 students in Zhejiang and now the teachers were planning to cultivate her for the remaining two year and push her into the top 50 to gain prestige and honor!

One should know that for the entrance examination, the top 50 spots were mostly taken by the three renowned schools or the five golden flowers. Those second rate or third rate schools weren’t amongst them.

Now there was such a good seedling, it was natural for them to cultivate it well.

It was said that Tang Ziyan not only received a scholarship, but also all her tuition fee was waived, not to mention that the school also gave her several thousand yuan in subsidies every month.

Chen Huan started to envy her who was able achieve to that step.

In fact, he also had his tuition fee waived but it was because he was an orphan and not by his own ability.

“Come, you will take another test papers today.” He Qiang asked Chen Huan to sit at the opposite of Tang Ziyan before taking out two papers, “This test contain at least half the knowledge the second years studies, okay?”

Both students nodded.

“Alright, you guys can start. You don’t have to worry about the time and I can ask for leave for your next class.” He Qiang said.

Class 4’s next class was biology and although it was a college entrance exams subject, it didn’t have the same status as mathematics.

The two of them buried their head into the test while He Qiang was reading a book next to them while taking a look at them from time to time.

The speed the two of them completed the questions weren’t slow but He Qiang clearly saw that Tang Ziyan sometime frowned and pondered but Chen Huan was calm since the start.

He Qiang sat back to his desk when the two students gave their papers and left. He didn’t go through the answers yet and just compared the two test.

After looking at everything, he found that there was only 1 multiple choices question, 1 quiz question and 1 word problem that were different.

After grading the paper, Chen Huan was wrong on the multiple choices question and quiz question.

And Tang Ziyan was the one who was wrong about the word problem.

Chen Huan’s wrong answers were about high school level question while Tang Ziyan’s wrong answer was at the level of university freshman.

If they calculated that way, their scores were actually the same, 135 points!

It was normal for Tang Ziyun to fail as it was a trap set by He Qiang.

But it was weird for Chen Huan answer it right.


How did Chen Huan already know university level knowledge?

Did he really have an epiphany?

He Qiang couldn’t help but fall into deep thoughts.

There shouldn’t any epiphany about mathematics, right?

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