I Know Everything chapter 76

Chapter 76: Abs! School grass!

The afternoon’s first class on the third day of school.

In second of high school, this was the most anticipated class.

In elementary school, everyone had fun while playing in sports.

In junior high school, P.E was still very interesting.

But in high school, P.E had changed and normally everybody tried to rest and be lazy whenever they could.

High school curriculum was really too heavy and P.E was a rare opportunity for them to rest as they didn’t have to memorize anything.

Virtuous Middle School had two P.E classes per week and it became three classes in two weeks for the second year. The third year followed the same pattern.

The P.E teacher had to be tactful enough if he wanted to work in this environment.

There were a lot of rich kids in particular in the Virtuous Middle School. A teacher who doesn’t have a subject in the college entrance exams wouldn’t have a good time if they annoyed the students.

In this era, there wasn’t much encouragement to respect the teachers amongst the students.

Both good and bad students would naturally respect a capable teacher but they wouldn’t give any face to a teacher with little to no capability.

Sadly, P.E teachers had been put into categories such as ‘incompetent’, ‘dawdling’ and ‘institution liar’ by the students.

Facing such prejudices, the P.E teacher of year 2 class 4 Zhuang Tao was very resentful.

But the circumstances were more powerful than people.

The education system didn’t pay attention to sports and he obviously couldn’t turn things around by himself.

Therefore, he took P.E classes as a stage for him to show himself.

Zhuang Tao was into fitness and it was reported he would go to the gym as a consultant when he was free. His workout gave him plenty of muscle and could be called a muscular man.

Whenever the weather was hot, he would appear in front of the students with a tight fitted t-shirt.

“Look, kids! Workout seriously, having a good body means having a good foundation! You will realize this later!” Zhuang Tao shouted while doing push-ups with the students.

Zhuang Tao really gave his all.

The students did it below while he did it alone at the platform above in the spacious sports field. He would switch his speed from time to time and do it with one hand.

The students who didn’t like to study looked in admiration and cheered at the sight.

But if somebody asked to learn from Zhuang Tao and workout, they would be unwilling.

With a sigh, Zhuang Tao was about to give up again but he saw a student workout seriously amongst all those lazy students.

“Huh, this is… Chen Huan!?”

Zhuang Tao was surprised as he even stopped his push-up to look carefully.

Sure enough, he didn’t make a mistake and it was really Chen Huan!

But wasn’t Chen Huan a fragile school grass with weak body?

How could he do so many of them and they were all steady and all the way.


Zhuang Tao hurriedly shouted and waited for everybody to stand up. He noticed that Chen Huan wasn’t out of breath and seemed even to be at ease.


“Chen Huan, did you go to the gym during the summer?” Zhuang Tao raised his voice and asked, “You push-ups were pretty good.”

Chen Huan didn’t answer yet before someone said while laughing, “Teacher, Chen Huan was addicted to study during the summer and couldn’t extricate himself, maybe it was also the case for fitness!”

It was Su Xiaofei who said it, one of Chen Huan’s plastic friends.

When he said yesterday’s meme, many people suddenly started to burst out in laugh.

Zhuang Tao ignored him and waited for Chen Huan to answer.

“I jog every morning.” Chen Huan replied, “My fitness naturally got better with that.”

“Exactly!” Zhuang Tao clapped once, “Students, see? Chen Huan is someone smart! Listen to teacher, take P.E classes seriously and workout more. Your wives will thank me and your husband too will also thank me because I made you robust!”

The students glanced at each other.

Teacher, why does it feel like you were making dirty jokes?

Looking at everybody expression, the excited Zhuang Tao didn’t realize the problems in his sentences.

For anyone in the Virtuous Middle School, Chen Huan was existence that couldn’t be ignored and he was even the most dazzling person!

The principal even said during a meeting that they absolutely shouldn’t let Chen Huan be bullied and that he could do whatever he wanted as long he didn’t cause trouble.

When Chen Huan just enrolled to high school, the 6 school flowers fought crazily for him and shocked the teachers as well as the principal.

But they didn’t dare to do anything.

Because the 6 school flowers were extremely wealthy.

So they didn’t dare to punish those crazy girls or Chen Huan who caused them to go on a tear. Otherwise if they blow up and unite against a common foe, even the angry principal wouldn’t be able to do anything to them.

Zhuang Tao knew this and saw Chen Huan could become the role model. He immediately got excited at the thought.

“Come, student Chen Huan, come up to the stand.” Zhuang Tao led Chen Huan next to him, “Do you dare to have a little competition with me and see which one of us can do more pushups?”

“Teacher, don’t joke around. How can Chen Huan be compared to a muscular man like you?” Long Yuqing suddenly got angry, “Do you want to cripple our Chen Huan?”


He’s yours.

You got money, you are awesome.

Zhuang Tao said with a sheepish smile, “I didn’t mean it like that… how about this, Chen Huan, you do a 100 pushups with teacher and it’ll be counted as your victory, okay?”

“I can give it a try!” Chen Huan nodded.

Exercising was more than jogging as he would do 50 pushups after every jog, so 100 pushups wasn’t impossible.

Long Yuqing wanted to say something but after seeing Chen Huan getting down, she could only remain silent.

“Okay, ready… start!”

Zhang Tao was very satisfied as he got into the same position as Chen Huan before starting to do his pushups.

The world record for pushups in one minute was 199 pushups, 2354 in half an hour and 3877 in an hour.

Zhuang Tao wasn’t world class but he could do 100 pushups in one minutes with ease after working out for such a long time.

So he did it quickly since the beginning.

However, Chen Huan didn’t follow his rhythm and slowly did his pushups one by one.

Push Ups were a very physical exercise that trained chest and abdominal muscles.

The student generally didn’t do it very well as they were too inclined and barely moved their body.

But Chen Huan wasn’t the same as from Zhuang Tao’s perspective, Chen Huan’s body was very straight from head to the soles and his movements were very standard.


Zhuang Tao forgot how many he did but the students counted all the pushups Chen Huan did.

At this time, it was the season right after summer and at the beginning of autumn. Chen Huan only did 60 pushups and his clothes were already soaked in sweats.

While counting, the girls started to get a bit crazy.

Especially Long Yuqing as she stared at Chen Huan with shining eyes.

But the boys felt bitter.

The reason was simple.

Because Chen Huan was wearing clothes, they couldn’t see the outline of his body very well.

But his clothes now were drenched in sweats and clinging to his body. Everyone could now see his developed abdominal and pectoral muscles.

There was no trace of fat!

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