I Know Everything chapter 75

Chapter 75: Addicted to study.

The first class in the afternoon was still mathematics.

He Qiang deliberately observed Chen Huan while he was giving his lecture.

He found out that Chen Huan listened attentively and took some note from time to time.

He would also occasionally ask him to answer questions but Chen Huan answered cleanly, concisely and correctly.

Near the end of the class, He Qiang posted the results of this morning’s papers.

“The first in class 4 and 6 this time is student Chen Huan! I’m very happy he worked hard during the summer to improve himself! If Chen Huan could do it, I’m sure everybody can do it if they work hard! College is two years’ time, don’t wait until is too late!”

After saying this, He Qiang left and ignored the class that started to buzz up.

Chen Huan sat at the first row and felt hot gaze started to concentrate around his back.

“Damn, brother Huan, you were secretly a learned man!” Zhu Bo rushed over said excitedly, “Tell me, tell me, how did you do it? It’s so amazing!”

Hearing Zhu Bo’s question, the class stopped chatting and turned silence

Everyone was awaiting Chen Huan’s answer.

“As long you become like me and get addicted to study and cannot stop, then you’ll be able to do it.” Chen Huan replied solemnly.


A female student at a table next to Chen Huan couldn’t help but start laughing.

Addicted to study and cannot stop?

Since when the school grass became so wacky?

It wasn’t only her, but most of the classmates also laughed along.

Long Yuqing was included and her laugh showed all of her charm.

Only Zhu Bo’s face was red as he was embarrassed beyond words.

He came over to tease Chen Huan but didn’t expect to be teased in return.

That’s right.

Nobody believed what Chen Huan said to be the true.

They all knew that Chen Huan was joking.

There must be some people who loved to study in the world but there was probably not many people who were actually addicted to studies.

Amongst those few people, Chen Huan was obviously not one of them.

“Don’t joke around, how did you do it? Tell me!” Zhu Bo bite the bullet and continued to ask, “Do you have some secret technique to study?”

“Okay, I won’t tease you anymore.” Chen Huan said, “I studied very hard this summer and learned a lot from it so I naturally improve my grades! Or maybe I just got lucky.”

Zhu Bo nodded and thought his reply was reasonable.

But we were supposed to be the dregs of the class and yet you abandoned us to become one of the top students. Where is the team spirit?

At this moment, a man with thick beard and messy hair came from behind.

He was Hu Bin, the best student in mathematics at class 4.

“Chen Huan, you did great this time!” Hu Bin gave a glance to Chen Huan, “I hope you can keep it up and this isn’t a one time thing. Otherwise it’s really too lonely in this class!”


The first girl who laughed just rolled her eyes at him, “Why are you saying such haughty words? What does your loneliness have to do with Chen Huan? Be careful because if those words spread out, you might get taught a lesson when you step out of the gate!”

Hu Bin’s expression changed as he remembered clearly when he was in first year, a few male students tried to find trouble with Chen Huan but ended up being beat up and even expelled.

So he didn’t dare to speak again and only left with a snort.

Chen Huan didn’t care.

Hu Bin wasn’t a bad person. He was just a bit block-headed and lacked social skills.

This time he was robbed of the first place in class by some random junior, it was reasonable for him to be unconvinced.

Chen Huan’s surpising sentences spread quickly in the school and basically everybody knew what he said at the end of the day.

“I didn’t think that log head would understand humor. Maybe he was XX by some girl during the summer and opened his mind?”

This bold statement was said by a miss in year 3 and it something that was on every school flowers’ mind.

When school was over, including Long Yuqing and Xu Qiao, the few school flowers all gathered together and asked Chen Huan if he had a girlfriend.

Of course he didn’t.

In order to avoid more troublesome matters, Chen Huan swore he didn’t and denied it.

He didn’t have a choice against such a group of misses. If he didn’t answer with conviction, they would annoy him to death.

Those girls all knew that Chen Huan didn’t know how to lie.

With this guarantee, their mind relaxed as they gave Chen Huan a bunch of gift and accompanied him to Mingde Alley before leaving.

After seeing a convoy of luxury cars drive away, Chen Huan also found out there were two girls who wore schools uniform from Virtuous Middle School on the other side of the street waving their hands at him.

It was a beauty with a smooth face that showed her mixed heritage along with typical legs and was at least 165cm.

The girl next to her had a cute and pure face with a bit of baby fat. Her smile could sweeten other people’s hearts.

Chen Huan also waved back at them before going into the alley.

According Chen Huan’s many years of experiences, those girls should be high school students.

He didn’t expect High Schooler’s charm and attractiveness to be so great. If Chen Huan changed back to his past self, maybe even him would be jealous.

Back at his home, Chen Huan cleaned around before starting to do some test exams.

Test exams weren’t only answering questions or skip those you don’t know.

The process of doing test exams was actually a process to reviewing and learning knowledge.

If he encountered something that he didn’t understand, he would go search and learn more about it through continuous search and questioning.

Many questions of the exams paper usually gave him such an effect.

It was the ultimate goal to make continuous progress by solving hard questions step by step.

Of course, there was nothing fun in doing test exams as another question waited for you after you completed one.

Humanity had hundreds years of modern knowledge and thousands years of cultural knowledge, it would be a joke if all that knowledge would be on a few papers.

It was just the teachers from the college entrance exams had the same mindset and the exams would be similar unless there was a strange teacher amongst them.

If they encountered a ‘mathematical emperor’ like Lord Ge, they could only consider themselves as being unlucky.

But it wasn’t so bad in fact, the difficulty was about the same but everybody would be stunned like they were hit by a bat apart for a few top students.

According to that principle, Chen Huan hoped to encounter that Lord Ge during the college entrance exam.

Cough, although it wasn’t a kind thought, Chen Huan with the Advanced Mathematics (Beginner), he wasn’t afraid of any high school or college entrance math!

The province average was 70 points and he could get 150 points! How awesome was that!

But how much he could get in total points?

Chen Huan wondered in his mind.

It was useless for him to thought about it and pin his hope on other people.

The efforts spent to improve oneself was the only guarantee of success.

Hey, Good Lord, did you hear that?

These words means I’m against you!

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