I Know Everything chapter 74

Chapter 74: It’s a bit different.

Entering the second year, the first year’s relaxed vibe was completely gone.

Even if Virtuous Middle School wasn’t a first rate high school, but in order to achieve good result during the college entrance exams, those professors would start to teach seriously and start to choose promising prospect to focus on.

In fact, whether a person studied or learned from their study, they could be discerned after the first two years of high schools.

Some people would wise up late but those people mostly wouldn’t go further than high school.

Virtuous Middle School was also an old school that existed for multiple decades, they also had their own selection methods.

One of the most effective one was the exam.

If one exam wasn’t didn’t count or two or three exam, but after eight or ten times, the top students would naturally stand out and the hopeless student would obviously show themselves.

Depending on year 2’s grade and year 1’s studying, the good students would be gathered together to give it all on year 3 so they success rate would be better.

Over the years, one of the school’s best students ranked 37 amongst the entire province in the sciences subject.

Their liberal arts were much worse as their best student was barely in the top 100.

But Virtuous Middle School had an advantage. The students here were average and the teacher here were also average. So those average students in this school didn’t have much pressure on them.

The school focused on this point but the management was still very formal and the teachers took their duties seriously. That was why some rich parents liked to send their children here to study so they don’t exhaust themselves as they studied.

For example that year 3 senior sister Di Xiaoling was a rich young miss and it was the same for Long Yuqin and Xu Qiao.

Zhu Bo had really a point when he said that Chen Huan would have a relaxed and comfortable life if he married them.

Let’s get back to the topic.

Today was the true first day of second year. The first classes of the day was mathematics and the math teacher took out a set of papers before giving them out.

“At every class, everyone will briefly do this paper.” He instructed, “It doesn’t matter if you can’t finish, as long you answer well the question you did.”

He Qiang was the best math teacher in Virtuous Middle School and was also one of the rare teachers in Zhejiang who was rated as a high level teacher.

There were only five of such teachers in Virtuous Middle School.

And He Qiang was the youngest amongst them. He was only 40 years old and could be say to have a promising future.

The school had already recruited his wife from a factory into the logistic department before he was considered a high grade teacher and she even became a comfortable small department chief.

With such a connection, He Qiang was a high grade teacher but couldn’t get poached with high salary by other school.

It would only be natural that with such a teacher, year 2 class 4’s math scores should be really good.

But in fact, the mathematics scores of year 2 class 4 was much worse than those from class 6 that shared the same teacher.

Their class only averaged a score of 105 points during their first year while class 6’s average was 122 points!

Chen Huan belonged to the category who lagged behind and dragged the average scores down.

His math score was only 90 points and just passed the test.

But now it was different.

Chen Huan had now Advanced Mathematics (Beginner) with him and it was time for him to shine!

He wasn’t stupid and made a full score right at the beginning.

Step by step increase was a good way to make the teacher less surprised, otherwise it would be hard to explain.

It wasn’t a difficult paper and he scored 127 points for it, which was much better than his scores before.

Chen Huan’s prediction wasn’t bad as He Qiang called him to his office during the lunch break.

There were four people in the office and there were even some other teachers amongst them.

Seeing him coming into the room, He Qiang handed him the paper and asked, “How did you do it?”

His voice was very even, no confusion or questioning, it was the same bland tone.

He Qiang never scolded loudly and was a learned person. The students respected him whether they liked math or not.

It was the same case for the previous High Schooler. He admired He Qiang as a capable teacher but lamented more than once why couldn’t he learn.

After hearing He Qiang’s question, Chen Huan said, “I did math exercise every day during the summer vacation and started to learn the more I did. I started to feel that mathematics wasn’t so difficult at all and even became interesting.”

“Interesting?” He Qiang couldn’t help but laugh, “Are you lying to me or to yourself? With you talent, it shouldn’t be fun.”

He Qiang had a good memory and knew his students well.

If it was what Tang Ziyuan from class 6 said, he would be encouraged.

Even if it was from Hu Bin who was from the same class as Chen Huan, he would be pleased.

Tang Ziyuan was at the first place in mathematics amongst Virtuous Middle School and won many school’s awards since junior high school. Her math score could be ranked top 100 thorough LA city.

This result shouldn’t be underestimated.

Because there was more than forty high schools in LA city.

However, Second High, Monarch School, Senior High School, those three super high schools, occupied at least 60 of the 100 spots!

In addition, Hu Bin, who was in the same class as Chen Huan, was ranked second in term of mathematics in Virtuous Middle School. He and Tang Ziyan were even better than those year 3 seniors and were He Qiang’s proud students.

“Seeing teacher’s confused expression, is it maybe because Hu Bin’s result isn’t as good as mine this time?” Chen Huan asked without answering the question.

He Qiang blanked before he nodded as he said, “It wasn’t only Hu Bin as even Tang Ziyan wasn’t as good as you. She only got 125 points, two points less than you.”

“If that’s the case, why my words can’t be believed?” Chen Huan started to smile, “Teacher, don’t you think I might have happened to see similar questions before so even a blind cat was able to catch a rat?” (It means getting lucky.)

He Qiang couldn’t help but laugh internally when he heard his reply.

He thought too much.

He only thought Chen Huan couldn’t possibly get such a high score but didn’t think he was at the first place and there was nobody he could copy from!

He waved his hand and indicated Chen Huan could leave. He Qiang was in thought and wondered if there was really a thing such as enlightenment.

“Xiao He, don’t you think that our School Grass is a bit different?” The math teacher from class 2 asked with a smile.

“How he is different?” He Qiang felt surprised, “Do you all feel he improved?”

“Not that.” Class 2 math teacher said, “He used to be like a meek little wife, quiet and soft…… but look at him today, he wasn’t afraid of you at all. He controlled the direction of the conversation and his replies were vague! In the end, you never got answer you wanted!”

“Right!” Another math teacher from class 5 said with a laugh, “Chen Huan right now is much more confident and didn’t avoid eye contact with you. This confident attitude certainly doesn’t come from someone who cheated!”

“So you guys were all secretly peeping earlier!” He Qiang jokingly scolded them.


The room burst with laughter.

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