I Know Everything chapter 73

Chapter 73: Slander.

With Chen Huan’s 28 years old adult personality, it was quite interesting for him when he watched this bunch of cute girls getting jealous.

If he was reincarnated into a body of a wealthy child such as the son of Zhou Runfa or Alibaba’s, he wouldn’t mind starting to cultivate a better relationship with them right now and until they were in the marriable age before capturing them all with one net.

Too bad that his future wasn’t assured yet. How could he have the time to go gain the affection of those little girls?

So after he separated with the two beauties when he arrived at Mingde Alley, he didn’t think about them again.

Well, a little tidbit.

After waving goodbye to Chen Huan, they directly went back by taking their own cars home. One was a Bentley while the other was a Roll-Royce.

Back at home, Chen Huan turned on his phone.

The school was very strict and generally didn’t allow people to turn on their phones during school so even if they took the phone, it could only be used before and after school.

Chen Huan who didn’t have anyone he needed especially to contact, so he didn’t take it with him to school.

The first thing was there was a message from Zhu Mei. They finished filming ‘Love Letter’. She and the team returned to Huajin to begin the stressing post production.

The end of September was when the Busan international Film Festival was held. They had to hurry up so they could make it in time.

On one hand, Zhu Mei used her contacts and sent an application to the Busan international Film Festival.

On the other hand, Zhu Mei also prepared for the public release of ‘Love Letter’ and find a company to distribute the film so they wouldn’t have the pressure to go to Busan.

Fortunately, ‘Love Letter’ was a literary film and Chen Huan’s script was also very detailed. The editing wasn’t very difficult and all they had to do was smoothly connect them.

There was another message sent by Ning Wu.

After so many spent practicing the song, Guan Yili finally thoroughly understood the song.

All they had to do right now was to go back to Minzhou and carefully polish and produce the studio version of the song.

Ning Wu hadn’t decided yet whether they would release the single directly, through a radio station to get into the charts or sing it in a variety show.

It should be said that Ning Wu had to be cautious since it was a song worth 2 million and it was his last attempt at at his dream.

Chen Huan couldn’t give him any advice because he didn’t understand anything about those operations.

But Chen Huan could give him a boost in confidence.

After thinking about it, Chen Huan sent him a message.

“With the effort given by Mr. Ning and Mr. Guan, I’m sure Tolerance won’t disappoint us.”

Ning Wu’s Wechat replied back after a bit.

“Thank you.”

After reading the message, Chen Huan went back to his practice.

He basically didn’t have to work at mathematics now as he was quite sure that his math knowledge surpassed the high school scope. At most, he would brush over a hundred exams paper during year 3 in high school and it would be enough for him to ensure near close to full mark during the college entrance exam.

So Chen Huan now focused on English, physics and chemistry.

He had to catch up on these three subjects first before working of the easier language and biology. This method was more suitable to learn.

When Shui Qianyu came over to ask Chen Huan to eat dinner, she was surprised to see him so concentrated.

“I didn’t expect you would one day study seriously! That’s how it should be! At such a young age, you shouldn’t indulge in those old women!” She exclaimed in mischief.

Shui Qianyu was a school prodigy and was admitted into Lin’an top 3 schools ‘Lin’an Senior High School’ due to her grades. She was basically amongst the top five in junior high school and was her school icon.

But Chen Huan was different as his grades were only average.

Before, Shui Qianyu thought that Chen Huan had poor academic performance before he was getting entangled with those school’s flowers. She felt angry by that so she was very indifferent Chen Huan for two years and didn’t care about him at all.

After Grandpa Chen died, Chen Huan showed his unexpected talents so Shui Qianyu, who originally liked him anyways, didn’t continue to ignore him.

Shui Qianyu was very satisfied with Chen Huan careful work in the film and his current action.

When she went back to the small noodle shop, she told this to Shui Qingshan and Xia He, which made them praise Chen Huan profusely.

The current small noodle schop’s business had stabilized and the daily profit was around 30k.

With this, Shui Qingshan hired a total of three chefs with the previous aunties who also stayed and also hired other people for different shift.

Although it cost more money like this, everyone could have at least two days of rest per week and wouldn’t be as tired as back in July.

Xia He now checked the raw ingredient delivered by trader every morning and then come back at night to check account every night while collecting the money. It was really simple.

As for Shui Qingshan, he was still drifting outside and generally wasn’t home.

But since ‘Paper Kite’ was already released, his popularity would slowly subside.

He would at most to wait for a month or two to stop hiding if the movie’s performance didn’t go crazy.

“I was chatting with my friends and drinking tea these last few days when I was out and learned some bad news.” Shui Qingshan said to Chen Huan when they had dinner, “Xiao Yan from Yuanhang Record was badmouthing you everywhere and said you were arrogant and greedy. Many people are believing what he said.”

“Tsk!” Shui Qianyu was immediately unhappy, “It was clearly him who was putting on airs and being arrogant! And he thought Chen Huan’s 2 million for a song expensive? ‘Mama Do You Remember’ wouldn’t be sold even if it was 10 million! ‘Deskmate’ is at least worth 2 million too! And there’s also Uncle Ning’s ‘Tolerance’, Brother Guan sang it very well and it would definitely be a hit!”

Unless it was the matter concerning the Good Lord, Chen Huan generally told everything to the Shui Family so Shui Qianyu knew the matter quite clearly.

Shui Qingshan and Xia He gave each other a smile.

A woman’s heart was really with her husband!

It wasn’t a big deal, this little darling flared up like a hedgehog, it was so cute!

“But Xiao Yan’s status in the music industry is very high and powerful. He making a fuss like this is very troublesome.” Shui Qingshan said, “Xian Huang, before ‘Tolerance’ get a good result, don’t hear out those people who come to ask for song, okay?”


Chen Huan nodded.

He thought, I didn’t have many songs to begin with and I’m already satisfied with this 2 million, how can I sell more?

“This is such a shame. Xiao Huan is so talented but he has been slandered by a villain.” Xiao He said with indignation, “Humph, I’ll wait to see how that guy is going to get his face slapped!”


Shui Qianyu also waved her hand in agreement.

Seeing how happy and sweet she smiled, it seemed that she was confident that ‘Tolerance’ was going to succeed.

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  1. This girl is such a gold digger, she literally said that when MC was mediocre, she didn’t care about him but when he showed talent, she suddenly started to care about him showing that she’s nothing but a gold digger

    1. I think you got confused. She liked him before but was mad because she thought he was bad with his studies because he was playing around with girls. She isn’t a gold either because her family is rich and it was mentioned they owned several homes in high value area due to his father being a rockstar before. Meaning she’s richer than MC right now even thought it isn’t her own money.

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