I Know Everything chapter 72

Chapter 72: The super popular and handsome high schooler!

As a regular public school, Virtuous Lin’an Middle School didn’t have any late classes.

In this world’s China, all public schools didn’t have classes for self-study in the evening. There was only one in the morning but it only lasted for 30 minutes.

Those private schools had two more classes in the evening especially when the student live on campus.

However, the exam’s result from all provinces and cities were dominated by public schools. Those private schools had some talents but they only accounted 10% of it compared to the public schools.

So seeing those facts, the parents from public schools didn’t demand them to open classes in the evening for self-study.

Of course, many of the students would go to cram schools after their classes, which is pretty normal.

Educational resources were like other resources, people with money naturally enjoyed better things.

On the other hand, it was precisely because of these inequality that motivated people to struggle and try harder.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, Year 2 Class 4 finished their classes for the day.

Carrying his schoolbag along with the snacks he got in the morning, Chen Huan tried to leave the classroom.

“Chen Huan, wait for me!” A clear voice was heard behind him.

Chen Huan didn’t need  to look back to know that it was Long Yuqing.

Among all the school beauties that were chasing after Chen Huan, she was the only who shared the same class as him.

Her face neither too round nor sharp, she had a typical Chinese’s girls face along with big eyes and straight nose. All her facial features were beautiful.

Adding her 162 cm height while wearing several matching international branded clothes, her aura was different from an ordinary girl from the same sage and it was a given that she was one of the school beauties.

In school, if we take the literal meaning, there should be only one school flower. (The word used is School Flower which meant the school’s most beautiful girl but I translate it to beauty most of the time.)

But under normal circumstance, there was more than one school flower.

For example, some people in year two would think the beauty in their class was the school flower but year 3 would refute and think their beauty was better than yours.

Year 2 could said that the aunty from year 3 was too old and year 3 could say that the girl from year 1 still smell of mother’s milk. (Immature and inexperienced)

To be short, there would be multiple school flowers unless someone convinced everyone.

This was one of the explanations for last year when the six school flowers fought for Chen Huan.

But in Virtuous Lin’an Middle School, there was only one recognized school grass. (Male version of school flower)

It didn’t matter if the male didn’t want to admit it but all the girls voted for it, the school grass could only be student Chen Huan!

Coming back to present matter.

Long Yuqing was carrying her schoolbag as she came up to Chen Huan before she said with a grin, “Let’s go, we’re on the same way!”

Chen Huan felt helpless.

Young miss, where you live is 7 or 8 kilometers away from my house, how can it be called same way?

But last year, Long Yuqing was like this as long she was free. Chen Huan couldn’t find any reason to refuse.

However, the problem wasn’t that simple either.

Chen Huan and her walked out the door and saw a pretty figure standing at the door.

“Chen Huan, your class is also over~” The girl was dressed in a red dress and looked very pretty with a beautiful smile that showed her two dimples.

This and Shui Qianyu’s smile were different, if Xiao Shuishui smiled, her smile would be very sweet and cute.

“No shit Sherlock!” Long Yuqing gave her an impatient look, “Stop sending electric discharge to my Chen Huan, with so much electricity, why don’t you send some electricity to those people at the west mountains?” (Sending electric discharge is a slang to say seducing/making a pass at someone)

“I like it and I’m happy~~” The girl smiled happily, “Long Yuqing, don’t be jealous that Chen Huan like to see me smile. You can also smile if you can, but with that zombie face, it’ll be too hard for you!”

“Xu Qiao!!”

Long Yuqing got angry, “Do you want to fight?”

“You think I’m afraid of you?” The girl said stubbornly.

This was Long Yuqing’s ultimate nemesis, Xu Qiao. She was also a school flower from year 2 and a female that could rival her.

They both had a good family background and were said to be classmates from elementary school to junior high school but they got separated at high school and became rivals due to Chen Huan. The two of them fought crazily.

They would go on a showdown everyday as long they were with Chen Huan.

If Chen Huan wasn’t there, they would just pass by each other and not even give a glance.

Luckily, Chen Huan received the experience from High Schooler so he ignored them and just walked downstairs.


The two girl rolled their eyes at each other before they followed Chen Huan and went downstairs.

Zhu Bo, who was watching the scene in the hallway, sighed sorrowfully, “Why women are such shallow animals? This Brother Bo is a talented man, if it wasn’t for that little playboy Chen Huan, how could no school flowers like me?”

“You’re thinking to much.” Su Xiaofei beside him said, “It’s not only the school flowers who don’t like you, even normal girls doesn’t like you.”

Straight to the heart!

Zhu Bo’s swelled and turned red. It gave the impression that he was going to explode in anger.

Su Xiaofei felt really happy when he saw it.

You deserve it!

Who told you to say I didn’t go visit Chen Huan!

As for that gigolo who steals all the limelight, I wish him to have bad luck for his entire life, how could I go visit and comfort him?

Outside of the school, the two girls walked beside Chen Huan.

The three of them obviously attracted a lot of attention with a man that was unparalleled in looks and the women who were also beautiful and unique.

Before they could walk a few steps outside,  a not very tall girl rushed out from the side and greeted Chen Huan with a sweet voice.

“Chen Huan~~”

Chen Huan glanced over and saw it was year 3 class 7’s school flower, Di Xiaoling.

Di Xiaoling’s oval face was very attractive with white and delicate skin and it was radiant and enchanting beauty.

But this wasn’t her greatest quality.

Amongst all the high school students he saw, she had the best figure. Her puberty and growth was quite exaggerated. She could be compared to those fully mature women.

Those many high school students that never even saw a female’s room would have their throat dry by just seeing Di Xiaoling.

At the same time, Di Xiaoling was also one of the school’s flowers and a very serious contender.

Who didn’t know that those young and ignorant high school students were easily attracted to those big cow milk.

“Look, those are the sneakers I chose for you when I was on vacation. You should try them on, it should match your size.” Di Xiaoling regarded the two women as nothing and directly gave a big Nike box to Chen Huan.

This world also had Nike, including Adidas, Puma or Xtep but the founders weren’t the one Chen Huan knew.

Just looking at the logo, Chen Huan knew that those shoes weren’t cheap and should at least cost two or three thousands.

“Thank you but I don’t need it. I already have shoes.” Chen Huan already studied High Schooler mannerism, so he responded in an embarrassed tone with a flushed face.

“Take it, take it.” Di Xiaoling grabbed Chen Huan’s hand and put the box in his hand. “Remember to wear it! I’m leaving~~”

When she said goodbye, she took the opportunity to touch Chen Huan some more and that made Long Yiqing and Xu Qiao’s eyebrows twitch.

“Hey, this is too much!”


The two girls immediately scolded her.

But Di Xiaoling wasn’t afraid of them as she only gave them a smile before walking away while deliberately swaying seductively.

Just looking at her back was enough to make any ordinary men drool.

The two girls obviously knew she did it intentionally.



The girls said in unison.

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