I Know Everything chapter 71

Chapter 71: Plastic Friend.

Chen Huan came a little earlier and the class didn’t start yet.

Looking at table filled with things, he thought about it before he took out a bag from his schoolbag and put everything in it and then placed it into the empty desk next to him.

At that time, somebody suddenly sat on the empty seat.

Chen Huan lifted his head and saw a boy about the same age as him who was slightly fat with a honest face but his eyes shone with an inexplicable light.

“Brother Huan.” The little fatty grinned, “How did you grow even taller and prettier after summer vacation?”


Chen Huan frowned slightly when he heard this.

Chen Huan found this little fatty information amongst the memory of the High Schooler.

His name was Zhu Bo and was a classmate of Chen Huan since junior high. They also shared the same classes in high school. He was also one of the students that sold out Chen Huan’s information and pass on the letter to him.

Zhu Bo’s face was thick and Chen Huan’s personality didn’t like trouble so when he shouted so intimately, Chen Huan didn’t get rude.

When Chen Huan’s grandfather died, many female students came to Chen Huan’s house to give their condolences but only Zhu Mo came amongst the male students and Chen Huan thought he was still okay with this point alone.

But seeing his frivolous tone just now, Chen Huan felt that little fatty was quite disrespectful.

“Oh, I’ve been exercising recently.” Chen Huan kept his thought to himself and casually said, “You seem to have lost weight.”


Zhu Bo happily touched his fat face and said, “I also think so! Brother Huan, I’m not asking to be super handsome, I’ll be satisfied if I can get 1/3 of your peerless look when I get to 60kg!”

Chen Huan just smiled and didn’t say anything else.

“Cough, cough, Brother Huan, this is the first day of school, shouldn’t we celebrate?” Zhu Bo mysteriously said, “Tonight, Young Miss Long is treating people to a meal, how about we go?”

“There’s no need.” Chen Huan shook his head, “I and Shui Qianyu are starting school at the same day, Uncle Shui told me go back for dinner.”

“Tsk, Uncle Shui sings really well but his cooking is really bad! How can he compared to the chefs from Qingluyuan?” Zhu Bo said disapprovingly, “Let’s go, if you don’t go to Young Miss Long’s meal, I won’t able to eat it!”

Chen Huan knew he was paid to ask him.

But he still underestimated Zhu Bo.

Chen Huan’s grandfather was gone and now he was alone.

There was no need to mention breakfast and there was passionate female classmate that provided lunch every day. Only dinner had rooms for operation.

If Chen Huan agreed to go out for dinner, he couldn’t just accept Young Miss Long invitation, right? What about Young Miss Xu? What about Young Miss Di?

 But High Schooler’s personality wasn’t good at rejecting girls.

Then Zhu Bo would take the dinner and auction it off for money every day, this was playboy level of impressive!

“Not going.” Chen Huan still shook his head, “I have to finish the meal quickly and go back home to study. With my current result, if i don’t work hard right now, I’ll have to move bricks in the future.”

Zhu Bo’s grades were equally as bad and when he heard that, he disdainfully said, “I mean my Lord Chen Huan, you still have to worry about your future path? Moving bricks? Do you believe that the day you got to a construction site, that exact construction will be bought by another person the next day and then fire you? You have so many young miss waiting for you to choose them, what are you afraid of?”

Chen Huan looked at him and said, “Classmate Zhu, a man should rely on his skills to eat and not his face.”


Three black lines floated around Zhu Bo’s forehead.

He thought, did I saw a ghost today?

Since when Chen Huan was so confident in studying?

He wanted to say a few more words but the bell rang so he hurried back to his seat.

Year two classes became more numerous and hard.

In the morning, there were four classes arranged, Chinese, English, Biology, Mathematics. The classes didn’t end until it was 12 o’clock.

The meal time only last for half an hour and another half an hour to take a short break such as going to toilet before classes start again at 1 o’clock.

Chen Huan prepared himself for the first day of school but because he still didn’t recover his foundation knowledge, he could only keep up in mathematics and could barely follow in the other classes.

This also made him aware of his weakness and made him realize he had to try harder.

Because of how nervous he was, he was absent minded during lunch time even when a beautiful female student came over and gave him lunch.

However, this boxed lunch was quite good. Once you ate it, you would know it didn’t come from some small shop and was definitely a boxed lunch worth at least 50 yuan.

“Look! You’ve already entered the stage of a happy in advance now.” Zhu Bo came to sit in front of him with his own food from the cafeteria. “Brother Huan, let me tell you, I thought about it all morning but you said this morning didn’t exist at all! If you give children to those Young Miss or more, how would they dare to shout or treat you badly?”

This time it was Chen Huan who was dumbfounded, “I can sponge off from multiple people?”

“Why not?” Zhu Bo said in a rightful manner, “The laws stipulate that you must contribute half your family fortune but you don’t have a family fortune! All the money comes from the women! You don’t need to pay anything ,how good it that? This is the most coveted situation for us poor people!”


Chen Huan just remembered that it was possible to marry multiple wives in this world’s China.

A man that sponge off and marries multiple rich girls…. It was such a beautiful image that Chen Huan didn’t dare to think about it.

If he really did so, there would be a murder case in his home sooner or later.

“What are you guys talking about?” Another person came sat down with them.

This male student had thick eyebrows with big eyes. He looked to be an upright person with an imposing face.

Zhu Bo looked at him and couldn’t help roll his eyes, “Su Xiaofeng, I’m talking to Brother Huan, what are you doing here?”

“Don’t joke, you’re Chen Huan’s friend and so I am.” Su Xiaofei said, “Why can’t I come?”

“Oh, you’re still Brother Huan’s friend?” Zhu Bo said with fake realization, “Where did you go when Grandpa Chen passed away?”

Su Xiaofeng smiled embarrassedly and said to Chen Huan, “Chen Huan, I’m sorry. I was sent into a summer camp at Huajin by my mother as soon the holiday started. I only came back yesterday. My condolences.”


Zhu Bo only laughed and started to eat his meal.

After Zhu Bo’s provocation, Chen Huan understood at that time.

Su Xiaofeng didn’t come from the same junior high and the two of them only met last year. That time, he took Zhu Bo’s place and sat next to Chen Huan.

He ended up like Zhu Bo as the result. Within a few days, he got tempted and coerced by the school’s beauties and started to the traitor’s job.

The high spirit him couldn’t even enjoy for a month before the teacher couldn’t bear with him anymore and kicked him away.

But he still got along well with High Schooler and became his friend during that month.

After Chen Huan took a look at him, he wasn’t anything good either.

The only relative of a friend passed away, even if you couldn’t be there in person, you could at least give a call right?

But he didn’t.

This showed his person had some problems.

However, when he looked at the little fatty next to him, it seemed that the fatty wasn’t anything good either.

High Schooler… what kind of judgment you had?

How could you feel comfortable with two plastic friends with you?

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