I Know Everything chapter 70

Chapter 70: The start of school.

Time always moved forward step by step.

Unconsciously, it was September and school started.

Regarding going back to school, Chen Huan felt somewhat forward to and also some complicated feelings.

The complicated feelings came because the High Schooler Chen Huan was too popular with the girls. It would cause a commotion every time he went to school. This not only troubled High Schooler but also gave Chen Huan a headache.

He went to school to study and definitely not to make the female students squabble amongst themselves due to jealousy or make the collective of male students hate him due to it.

But he was looking forward to his second chance to go to school.

In a person life, there were a lot of good moments during schools.

Whether it was good or bad, it would always give people plenty of memory.

Therefore, with those contradicting mood, Chen Huan entered Virtuous Lin’an Middle School. (It’s called middle school but it is a high school.)

The name of the school was flashy but in fact was only a second-rate school in Lin’an.

Chen Huan didn’t know how much gape it had compared to Shui Qianyu’s ‘LA City Senior High School’.

But because Virtuous Lin’an Middle School was situated in the urban area, there were a lot of students and rich children so the school building wasn’t bad.

Virtuous Lin’an Middle School was about 1km from Mingde Alley. Previously, High Schooler went to school in foot and now Chen Huan did the same.

“Hi, Chen Huan, good morning!”

“Chen Huan, what a coincidence!”

“Classmate Chen Huan, I haven’t seen for such a long time, did you miss me?”

“Classmate Chen Huan, let us go to school together!”

“Here Chen Huan, this is the gift I brought back from my summer vacation, please accept it!”

Along the way, there were at least 20 girls who greeted Chen Huan and three who accompanied him to the school.

This group of girls all had very good looks amongst other aspect. Those ordinary girls didn’t have to courage to walk with Chen Huan.

The weird thing was they never mentioned Chen Huan’s grandfather death. It was a matter that left quite a big impression to those high school students.

At that time, more than 100 girls came for the grandpa funeral and Shui Qianyu gave him a vicious stare when she saw this.

It could be said that the girls didn’t want him to think of sad things.

Those girls, when it was time to be considerate to the boy they liked, they would give enough love and kindness.

But the male students on the contrary, weren’t so friendly.

On the way, many male students passed by him on bicycle and they all looked at Chen Huan with a face filled with envy and jealousy.

They humphed and gave a cold glance to him that showed their contempt.

“A man surrounding by woman all day long, what does it long like?” This was their surface thought.

“Mom, I really want to replace Chen Huan and be surrounding by the school beauties left and right, it will be so wonderful!” This was what the most of them really thought deep down.

Chen Huan came from another world and knew very well what these rascals thought.

He didn’t care about those things and he also didn’t plan to do anything with the girls either.

The few girlfriends Chen Huan had in his previous could be considered as beauties but they were at most 70 points out of 100.

Since he got another chance in this life, he would not let it go. He planned to take the most beautiful woman as his wife.

After Shui Qianyu grows up, Chen Huan would dig out his own eyes if she wasn’t at least 95 points.

But she was too young right now to talk about it.

Chen Huan saw many great beauties so far, such as the small flower Bu Yiyi or the small empress Han Dong’er who were worth 95 points or more and were amongst the most beautiful in the world.

After seeing them and getting to know them, Chen Huan naturally didn’t held much interest to these little beauties.

Moreover, he knew a simple truth.

If he indulged with the girls right now, he would definitely cry when he goes to college.

Amongst the girls at this school, many of them were from rich families with hundreds of millions in wealth. They fought for him and told him that he could have everything but Chen Huan didn’t feel assured.

Not matter how handsome a man was, the moment he accepted to be kept, he wouldn’t be able to control his future anymore.

Even if his wife loved him crazily and had a good personality, how could a man accept being pursued like that?

Especially Chen Huan who was someone who had transmigrated from another world. He would definitely have a bright future. Why would he do something like that?

A man should drink the best alcohol and sleep with the most beautiful untamed girl! That was how life should be enjoyed!

That was why Chen Huan put so much importance into a good foundation such as going into a good university.

And he wanted to be admitted into a good university, he shouldn’t rely on anybody and shouldn’t completely rely on the Good Lord.

He could only start by working hard to get a good foundation. Then with the help of the Good Lord’s various rewards, he would be able to succeed in life.

Therefore, the most important thing for Chen Huan was to study and reach a good level in these two years instead of having fun with those girls.

Even if he could easily rely on the girls naivety and sleep with dozen of different beauties in the school, it still wasn’t something to be proud of.

Wouldn’t it more joyous to get those world class beauties and empresses after he became a dragon?

With that mentality, Chen Huan maintained his usual habit of not talking with those girls and directly went to year 2 class 4’s classroom and sat on his usual place.

It was quite funny.

Chen Huan estimated that the teacher never saw a boy that could make the girls go crazy so to avoid further headache, he placed him at the first row next to the podium and could see with just a glance without being blocked by anything else.

Moreover, Chen Huan sat alone on the table with no male or female students next to him.

The reason was simple. If a female was there, she would be the target of jealousy of countless people and more fight would happen.

If it was a male student, he would receive countless favor and benefit from the female students that would ask him to pass on notes in class and other thing outside of class. It was bad influence too.

So the teacher decided to let him seat alone for the remaining half of the school year so there would be less trouble.

As for when the class ended…

How could they deal with so much? Even the teachers were jealous of Chen Huan.

According to his experience in the previous year, the first thing Chen Huan did wasn’t to stuff his school materiel into the desk box but constantly take what was inside.

Fruits, chocolate, beef jerky, school supplies…

Chen Huan also couldn’t help but sigh when he saw all the things on the table.

As a fellow man, he also felt like beating himself!

How could someone be so popular!

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