I Know Everything chapter 69

I don’t know how to convert authors Korean’s name which is pinyin to Korean sounding name in English, so when I translate them in pinyin, they all sound very Chinese.

Chapter 69: Divided Opinion.

Two days later, He Kangxian, a 64 years old actor and South Korea national treasure, posted a text on his social media platform.

“I’ve never cried since my 50th birthday. I thought there was nothing in this world that could make me cry but after reading ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ last night, I cried until it was morning and the book was almost soaked.”

“Thank you Mr. Chu Liuxiang, a literary master that I’ve never heard before, for bringing us ordinary people such a good story. In this world, there will always be those true feelings that can move us and make us feel that life still has meaning.”

“Apart from feeling moved, I also feel deeply regretful. If I was 30 years ago, no, even if it was 20 years younger, even if it had to kneel and beg, I will still do it to play the role of Li Chenglong. My juniors, no matter whom one of you receives the role, please promise me that you will not let down Mr. Chu Liuxiang’s masterpiece!”

As South Korea national treasure and film emperor who acted for more than 40 years, He Kangxian was definitely a huge figure in South Korea’s film industry.

And this old man was a very helpful person as there were countless people that received his favor and help in the South Korea’s film industry.

South Korea was one of the countries that paid the most attention to a relationship between a senior and junior. It would be a big deal if those people disobeyed He Kangxian constantly and those people would be spurned by the people inside and outside of the industry.

But there was a peculiar thing in South Korea, those singers may be very popular and prosperous but their status were definitely the lowest.

The people at the top were from the film industry and their status was entirely a whole another tier.

Therefore, it was possible for He Kangxian’s post to have an effect on the entirety of the entertainment industry.

It was like a landslide and tsunami!

Following He Kangxian, another South Korea’s national treasure actor and also longtime friend of He Kangixan, Jiang Shiyu, @ him on social media.

“Brother Xian, I think at my age, I can still play a naive guy, what do you think?”

Jiang Shiyu was 40 years old and was famous for his crazy and fascinating acting. He went too deep into a role 3 times but fortunately recovered from it.

Of course, those three performances earned him the title of South Korea’s film emperor.

He was also an actor known as the ‘King of Acting’.

There was a saying in the South Korean’s film industry, ‘if you can’t find an actor for you role, you can look for Jiang Shiyu and he will be able perform very well at the role’.

The saying was true but in recent years, Jiang Shiyu only filmed a movie per year as he spent the rest of his times with his wife and children.

His appearance at the social media was very rare and attracted a lot of attention and repost.

It wasn’t only Jiang Shiyu as many famous actors from South Korea commented on it.

It wasn’t some idols posting their opinion, they were all actors and people with good reputation were naturally more credible when they spoke.

South Korea was a country where celebrities reign supreme and those celebrities spoke out one after another, the fans below them obviously showed their support.

No need to mention anything else, just the 200k copies of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ that was urgently printed in three days was swept away by those fans and more orders were asked from the bookstores.

Several major TV station in South Korea also learned about the popular topic.

They dedicated multiple episodes of their shows focusing on ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’. The group of host and guest seemed to have entered into a crying competition to see which one of them would cry the loudest and saddest.

Normally, they would think they weren’t sincere due to those exaggerated reaction.

But anyone who had read ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ knew their reaction was normal and it wasn’t strange for them to cry.

The sadder the program cried, the higher the rating was, which also made the people know what kind of face they should give.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was very popular on reality TV or news and especially on the internet.

“I didn’t expect our country to produce another nation-level writer. I read it five times and cried every time I read it. It was really touching!”

“Teacher Chu wrote it so well! I’m so proud of our South Korea’s writer! Look at our neighbor Japan, they writers only knows how to write retarded stories all day long. This is so funny!”

“I agree wholeheartedly with the post above! We deserve our position as the powerhouse in literatures and films!”

“Do you guys think that there are really such things happening like Teacher Chu’s wrote?”

“Who knows? Anyways, I was deeply immersed into the story. I love Li Chenglong, I love Li Yiyuan! I don’t wish these things to happen in reality, absolutely not!”

“I absolutely agree! My heart is already heartbroken by such a sad story from a book, it must not happen in real life!”


As everybody knew, the internet now was global.

The trending discussion on the internet by the South Korean was soon known to the people at China.

After all, the entertainment industry in South Korea had developed very well over the years and they had a lot of fans in China.

At first, everyone was just curious and wondered what kind of novel was ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

But after more and more information was revealed, the Chinese people were also interested.

 “Tsk! This is too much! We also have a Teacher Chu Liuxiang in China! Why you Korean has to take the same pen name!”

“Are you sure it’s the same name? They can’t be that lame, right?”

“It really is. This Korean writer directly signed his name in Chinese and you also know that those Korean words are the same as ours!”

“But I heard that this author’s novel is very good, they wouldn’t step that low to find fault with our Teacher Chu, right?”

“Hey, do you think they are the same person?”

“Haha, are you joking? If our Teacher Chu Liuxiang wants to write a novel, he will definitely publish it in our country first. Why would go somewhere far such as South Korea to publish it?”

“Yeah, the poster 2 post above should pay a IQ tax!”


Chen Huan just watched the people from the two countries commenting and found it very interesting.

But he also knew that when the Busan International Film Festival starts in October and Qiantang Evening News published ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, he would be scolded.

But this all because of the Good Lord!

If he didn’t give out such a mission, would he go to publish a novel in South Korea?

Wealth could move people, so was the rewards for the missions!

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