I Know Everything chapter 68

Chapter 68: Two happy even came one after another.

These recent days, Chen Huan spent most of his time reviewing his homework and exercising.

He had done 50 different sets of college entrance mathematics that was issued in the last five years.

The more he was exposed to the exercise, the more he felt the entrance exam were easy.

Chen Huan even went to do a university’s calculus level exercise to try it and saw he still got a high score.

But he wouldn’t be using them anytime soon and Chen Huan didn’t have that much free time to further study it.

Having enlightenment was really different.

Well, the quality was guaranteed when if it was given by the Good Lord.

The progress of the other subject wasn’t so rapid compared to the mathematics.

Chen Huan had lost ten years of knowledge and definitely wouldn’t work if he didn’t study seriously.

English was better as what Chen Huan needed to do was to give everything to memorize some words and do some paper.

English, Chinese and Biology were all subject that needed memorization. This was all about effort and nothing else mattered.

In physics, with his superb mathematical skills as the foundation, Chen Huan did some physics colleges’ exams and scored around 60 points.

Don’t look down on the failed score, Chen Huan only transmigrated into here 3 months ago and he only studied for 2 month in total. The fact he could pick up from the foundation and do a college entrance exam was already a great process.

Moreover, he wasn’t a senior student and was only in his second year of high school next month. He still had two years to study and it wouldn’t be weird if he could polish his score to around 100 points.

The same was true for chemistry. The score of 50 points prompted Chen Huan to work harder.

If one wanted an optimistic estimation, Chen Huan would get 150 points in mathematics, 140 points in English, 120 points in Chinese, 100 points in physics, 80 points in chemistry and 70 points in biology with a total points of around 660 points, he could attend a good university from 985 program.

This was enough for him.

Chen Huan wasn’t some school prodigy and didn’t plan to swim in the science’s ocean all his life. A good degree was enough for him to use later in his life.

Moreover, Chen Huan had the help of the Good Lord. If the Good Lord keep issuing mission and constantly rewarded Chen Huan, maybe he would get English, physic or other subject.

At that time, Chen Huan may even be able to enter on of the three major universities.

Chen Huan would also work out every morning along with reviewing his homework.

He never stopped this routine even when he was filming.

The most importing thing for a person was the body. They couldn’t do anything well if they didn’t have a healthy body.

Chen Huan didn’t really like to exercise in his previous life and was mentally tired before he was 30. He always seemed to have barely energy to do anything.

And this body was only 16 years old but High Schooler suddenly died because he was too sad, which meant that his health was obviously very bad.

Chen Huan naturally spared no effort to better his fitness in order to live at least until his 100s.

After several months of exercise, Chen Huan’s body was significantly much stronger and even grew 2 cm to reach 174cm.

But this High Schooler’s body was really good. Even if Chen Huan only weighted 60kg now but when he had his clothes on, he was still handsome and delicate, and didn’t look brawny.

 Shui Qianyu’s look was also surprising.

She was 14 years old and her height was only around 160 cm and if we used Xia He as an example, it would be very difficult for her to grow up to 170cm.

But Chen Huan preferred her sweet and beautiful look, she wouldn’t have the same charm if she was too tall.

The only beauties that needed to be tall to look good were Bu Yiyi and Hao Dong’er’s type of beauties.

Due to being in a different world, Chen Huan would go to the internet and collect information every night.

After recently returning from the mountainous area of Shuchuan, the thing Chen Huan was the most concerned was obviously his ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

Shao Dong’s classmate in Xinghua New Agency was really good.

They published ‘Miracle In Cell No.7’ as early as the end of July.

Because it was in a hurry, the publishing house was naturally not a famous one but the company called Bright Sparkle Publishing House didn’t expect that they would become popular because of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

They only printed 5k copies of the book at first but it suddenly became popular in South Korea on the third day after its release.

For a small country where a weather forecast could boldly declare ‘There’s rain all over the country’, if there was anything happening, it would spread quickly throughout the country.

South Koreans loved to read.

Although there was no advertisement for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ but because it was a new novel, many people would still check it out.

At the beginning, it was just the owners of small bookstores that checked the quality of the new books so they could recommend it to their regular customers.

The result of their checking was that they cried and frightened other readers and family member who wondered what happened.

Since then, they placed ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ in the most prominent place in their checkout counter.

Every time a customer came, they would say, “Would you like to read this book? This is the most touching story I’ve ever read!”

The bookstore owners from South Korea generally do business with the people they were acquainted nearby and it was impossible for them to do random recommendation that could damage their reputation.

The customers obviously also knew this.

So when those owners recommended it, they became curious about it and directly bought it.

After reading it at home, they shared it with their relatives and friend under the mentality of ‘I can’t be so only one that got emotional from this’.

From that, in a few days’ time, everybody who read book in South Korea knew about ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

The phones in the publishing house went crazy with the incoming calls.

On the afternoon of that, the president of Bright Sparkle Publishing House entered the printing room with a futon.

Even when the printing house worked the machine at full blast for 24 hours straight, it still couldn’t satisfy the demand. A car went in every time a car went out and the car was emptied most of the time before it could get out of Seoul.

The buyers started to even shout that the printing house could print another million copies and that they wouldn’t return it even if their shop couldn’t sell them.

Both the publishing house and the printing house were about to go crazy.

Considering the current popularity of it in South Korea, printing more copies was akin to more money!

If one was doing business, would they feel sorry to make more money?

They weren’t stupid!

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