I Know Everything chapter 67

Chapter 67: This is it!

After sending the two away, Chen Huan went back to his house to think about it.

He wasn’t a very karaoke person in his previous life but his girlfriend was.

After watching a movie in the weekends, she would drag Chen Huan to sing a few songs.

Amongst her favorite singers, Xinzhe happened to be one of them. So after listening to it hundreds of time, Chen Huan finally memorized two of Xinzhe’s songs and could both with his eyes closed.

One was ‘White Moonlight’ and the other was ‘Tolerance’.

‘White Moonlight’ was a song made by a Japanese composer, it was elegant and ethereal along with Xinzhe who was in his 40s, he gave out the perfect mood for the song.

However, it wasn’t a love song that expressed enthusiasm but a kind of lament sigh and was completely different from the style he sung when he was in his 20s.

Guan Yili hadn’t made his debut yet and it didn’t matter if he could sing ‘White Moonlight’ well or not, his age wasn’t suitable for the song.

Therefore, Chen Huan chose ‘Tolerance’ without hesitation.

‘Tolerance’ wasn’t an easy song to sing as the treble part were very high and it also lasted for a long time in the chorus, adding the fact that it also need to be well pronounced, the difficulty was doubled.

This would push the singer’s vocal zone and breathe to the limit, it wouldn’t be easy to do if their vocals weren’t as talented as Xinzhe.

It was also known as one of most difficult songs to cover from Xinzhe.

At the age of 28, Xinzhe’s voice was at its peak and he could easily sing this song.

Guan Yili current state and singing skills were obviously much worse.

But if the difficulty was low, how could he shoot straight to stardom?

If he couldn’t shock the world, wasn’t it a waste of Ning Wu’s effort and determination?

After selecting the song and signing the contract, Chen Huan received a message from his bank in the afternoon.

“Your bank account with the ending numbers of xx has received a transfer of 1 million yuan.”


Chen Huan was surprised at this.

What was originally agreed with Ning Wu was an initial payment of 500k and the rest could be paid in the remaining three years.

It also meant that, it wouldn’t be a contract break if he gave the remaining 1.5 million at the last day of the three years given.

He didn’t expect Ning Wu to give 500k more which showed his generosity.

According to Chen Huan’s understanding of his fund, 1 million was probably the most funds he could get.

For the remaining money, he had to save it for Guan Yili to record song and practice along with the advertisement. The cost for everything wasn’t small.

Let’s not thought that the advertisements were made by word to mouth or the people discovered the song and spread the word on the internet. People who thought like that were mostly stupid retards.

Whether it was publicity in Weibo, radio, recommendation by other singers or singing it in TV shows and etc… it took a lot of money and contacts to be done.

Unless it was a song like ‘Mama Do You Remember’ that went against the heaven and a song filled with the most sincere emotion for human being, only those could spread its fame and name by only word to mouth.

Although ‘Tolerance’ was a classic love song, it still couldn’t reach the level of ‘Mama Do You Remember’.

Everyone said that ‘Mama Do You Remember’ was worth millions but only Chen Huan knew that if he had 10 million in his pocket, he would use it all to buy the song.

It was a super classic song and generational song that could feed a person for a lifetime.

Back to the subject.

After Ning Wu got the song, the first thing he did was to register the copyright as soon as possible. Then he relied on Shui Qingshan contacts to find a recording studio in Lin’an to practice.

Practicing the song one time was definitely not enough sing the music score.

Even a talented singer needed to polish it repeatedly so he could comprehend every details on the song and sing the best version of it.

To put it simply, Alan Tam/ Tan Yongli, Jacky Cheung/Zhang Xueyin (Not the Jackie Chan), Eason Chan/Chen Yixun and other singer gods were Hong Konger but they couldn’t talk mandarin fluently and yet why they sang mandarin songs so well with clear and well pronounced words?

Because they practiced the song’s words one by one.

They didn’t only repeatedly practice every word but also every sentence so they could understand the lyrics.

They needed to polish how they pronounced and the tone of each sentences when they sing.

In addition to the singers, there was also a production team that helped detect the problems and provide to solution to them.

Then when the final version came out, a large portion to the credit goes to the production directors.

If one took a closer look to the singers’ albums, the producers of those famous singers were all powerful and famous.

Guan Yili producer was Ning Wu and Ning Wu only had himself.

The two of them couldn’t be considered top talents, at least for now.

During this time, the two came to visit a few times and asked Chen Huan to advise Guan Yili on how to handle his voice. Every time, Guan Yili would bet a lot of insight.

That was why Ning Wu decided to stay in Lin’an to practice and spend a lot of money to rent a recording studio. He would have his own studio if he was in Minzhou.

Ning Wu just wanted Teacher Lu to further guide Guan Yili.

This time, the song given by Teacher Lu Xiaofeng was definitely a classic song, he knew it by just humming it.

If they couldn’t do it in the end, the reason wouldn’t be Teacher Lu Xiaofeng but only that he and Guan Yili were too incompetent.

Ning Wu also felt happy he directly paid half of the fee so it wouldn’t feel so embarrassing to frequently ask Teacher Lu for advices.

After spending so much money, Teacher Lu could certainly understand their hurry.

In fact, Chen Huan was even more eager than Ning Wu.

Because it concerned the mission given by the Good Lord.

The better Guan Yili could sing ‘Tolerance’, the better he could complete the mission and the sooner Chen Huan would get the reward.

Whether it was mathematics, songs, movies or spices, it was all very useful to Chen Huan.

Walking into an unfamiliar world, Chen Huan wouldn’t feel at ease if he didn’t have special skills.

After Chen Huan observation, he found that Guan Yili gave people goosebumps.

Because he spent 16 hours on practicing ‘Tolerance’.

Of course, it was impossible to sing it at every moment or the vocal cords would be damaged.

In addition of practicing in the studio for 8 hours, he would hum the song the rest of the time with the music sheets in hand and he would inexplicably walk around in the by himself and sometime even do a few dance moves.

Chen Huan didn’t know what he was doing.

But Ning Wu knew.

Guan Yili immersed himself in the story told by ‘Tolerance’.

His movements were not only done to express his emotion but also the emotion of the non-existent female in the story.

“When he thoroughly understands the story, the emotion of the song will be extremely abundant and the best version of ‘Tolerance’ will come out!”

Ning Wu explained to Chen Huan over the phone.

Chen Huan could also hear that he was relieved but also a bit worried.

If Guan Yili couldn’t break out and collapsed under the pressure, Guan Yili would become a huge joke.

But he could only rely on himself for what would happen next.

Now, they had to see if Guan Yili had the determination to succeed or die trying.

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