I Know Everything chapter 66

Chapter 66: There’s a story, there’s a good song.

“In my view, it’s a very classic song.” After thinking for a bit, Chen Huan said as he looked at Guan Yili, “And it is a song that is very suitable for Mr. Guan.”


Ning Wu said, “Can Teacher Lu further elaborates?”

“Mr. Guan’s voice is very suitable for love song but it needs to be a suitable one.” Chen Huan said, “It just happens that I have one.”

Guan Yili’s mouth moved but in the end didn’t dare to ask Chen Huan for a try.

How could a song priced at 2 million and created by Chen Huan be so easily revealed?

Ning Wu didn’t thought about that and wasn’t that naïve.

Since he already said so, the next step would be the negotiation for the price.

Ning Wu had been in the industry for more than 10 years but he had always hovered between the second-tier and third-tier. He had trained many people but didn’t make much money.

If he added his own house and company, his net worth was only about 20 million.

It wasn’t a problem for him to become a carefree person that didn’t need to worry about foods and clothes.

But if he wanted to get a song for 2 million, he really needed to be determined.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he would need to pour in a lot of effort to buy it.

Chen Huan just sat and patiently watched the two men.

Compared to Ning Wu who was in deep thought, Guan Yili seemed to be struggling with something,

He glanced at Ning Wu several times but just bowed his head and said nothing.

The price of 2 million was quoted by Chen Huan without thinking after he was dissatisfied with Xiao Yan’s ‘I can do anything because I have money’ attitude.

At that time, Chen Huan didn’t thought about Ning Wu who sat nearby and now it would absolutely be impossible lower about the price.

Otherwise, when Ning Wu went back with the song and people asked how much it was, Xiao Yan would be furious when he learned it was lower than his price and would thought it was on purpose.

Chen Huan was certainly not afraid of Xiao Yan but it was better to offend people as little as possible.

Even if there was a reason behind the Good Lord mission and Chen Huan would earn a lot of money by completed this mission alone, he still wouldn’t do it.

Rules were rules and it was better to not try to break them.

After pondering for ten minutes, Ning Wu’s sweat flowing down and he reached to the tea before drinking it all with one gulp.

While putting down the cup, he let out a long sigh and said, “Teacher Lu, can you guarantee that this song will be successful?”

Chen Huan shook his head and said, “I’m not a god, how can I guarantee it? But if Mr. Guan can’t popular after singing this song, you should just stop wasting your time.”

Ning Wu felt that Chen Huan was more sincere after hearing that he didn’t boast and guarantee it.

He immediately made up his mind and said to Chen Huan, “Teacher Lu, I want to buy this song! The price will be as you said!”


Chen Huan gave him a thumb up and said, “Mr. Ning, I thought that you wouldn’t able to make up your mind. Mr. Guan next to you wanted to tell you to give up but couldn’t bear to do so.”

Guan Yili’s face turned red but he didn’t deny Chen Huan’s words, because Chen Huan said was true.

“It was very difficult for me to decide.” Ning Wu also smiled bitterly, “This is my last attempt. If I fail, I’ll give up the idea of development in this industry and sell the studio to other people. I already own a house and have some saving, I can live comfortably by just opening a small business.”

Chen Huan could see that he wasn’t someone rich so he asked curiously, “Why are you still willing to try when the risk is so high?”

“Because I’m not resigned!” Ning Wu replied with a bit of melancholy, “I graduated from Huhai Opera and entered this profession to become a music producer but for so many year, I only made popular a few second-tier singer but never a first-tier or emperor and empress! I’m really not resigned!”

“I’m nearly in my 40s where when people lose motivation. If I still don’t work hard this time, I’m afraid I will my passion in the future! Everyone dismisses Xiao Guan but I’m sure he can make it! So I’m paying for my life’s dream! Isn’t alright to be impulsive once in a person’s life?”

Guan Yili felt moved when he heard him and his eyes reddened as he said, “Brother Wu, don’t worry! I’ll definitely work hard! If I don’t become famous, I’ll go get a job with you and pay you back! If I become successful, I definitely won’t become like those ungrateful guys and make you my boss forever!”

“What kind of nonsense are you saying?” Ning Wu smiled as he patted his shoulder, “This is gamble I entered and whether I’m winning or losing is on the heaven, not on you! If you want to repay me, just work hard after we buy the song and sing it well, let those people that looked down you that you’re not someone that could only sing women’s songs!”

“En, I will!” Guan Yili clenched his fists as tears appeared in his eyes. It seemed that he endured many suffering.

Oh? It seems to have a story here.

Chen Huan thought as he shook his head and smiled. He didn’t try to pry more.

Who had no secret in their life?

A hedge between keeps friendship green and he shouldn’t ask too many things. Chen Huan wouldn’t ask because what the other party wanted to tell him was already told.

“Mr. Ning, I want to make things clear.” Chen Huan coughed lightly, “Actually, since you’re an acquaintance from Uncle Shui and Aunty Mei, we are not strangers and the price don’t have to be so high, it’s all because of that fellow…”

“Teacher Lu, you don’t have to say more, I understand.” Ning Wu stopped him, “The price is already quoted and cannot be changed.”

“Okay, then I won’t say anything more.” Chen Huan said with a nod, he really liked sensible people, “But this 2 million is flexible, you can pay in installment or prolong it for 3 years before you give everything to me. Don’t shake your head, we’re all friends here and this is least I can do.”

Ning Wu laughed helplessly.

Then he nodded as he said, “Alright. With that, I can put more focus in this single and be more generous with the budget! We can also spend more for the promotion!”

Hearing his arrangement, Chen Huan felt that this boss really was throwing everything into the lot and die if it didn’t succeed.

Then Ning Wu took out a contract from his briefcase he was carrying, “Teacher Lu, take a look. You can ask Brother Shui to check it out! We’ll be staying in Lin’an for two days and can sign the contract if there’s no problem!”


Chen Huan didn’t act haughty, much less said words such as the kind of ‘I believe you’.

In this world, only the three members of the Shui family were worthy of his unconditional trust.

Blind trust wasn’t only irresponsible for himself but also for the countless classic oeuvres in his previous world.

Whether if he would forgive the Good Lord or not…

He doesn’t give a shit!

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