I Know Everything chapter 65

Chapter 65: A steal or overvalued? 

 In fact, the songwriters of this world and era were already very satisfied.

Ten years ago, they couldn’t support themselves and had a very difficult time finding works.

If there was work, it was only around 30k to 50k. They earning depended on the number.

Even during the golden age at the 90s, the most popular songwriter at that time only got around 100k per song and would already be happy if they got around 30k.

The prices in the 90s were much lower than now as the 30k then became 200k now.

Now in 2014, the country’s copyright protection had greatly improved.

To put it simply, if you wanted to download a song and the copyright party wanted to charge a fee, it would be basically impossible to find a place to download for free and the major music websites wouldn’t dare to try.

Even if it was a pirate website, they would be hugely fined if they were discovered and wouldn’t be able to escape it.

Moreover, those pirate website were forbidden to access in the operating systems of several major mobile phones and most could be only viewed in a computer.

How many young people were still using computers now?

So if they wanted to listen or download musics, they could only go to a regular music website to download it.

There were also the karaoke. It wasn’t like before where they could buy a few disks themselves and let the people sing.

Today was the internet age and all the karaoke systems were on the network and it was impossible to cheat.

They could only pay for the copyright and let the guests sing it.

Of course, the fees for that type of copyrights were very low. It should only 1 cent or 2 cent for each song.

Otherwise, they would lose money as the average karaoke charged 68 yuan for five hours of playing time.

However, the income was definitely a lot when they all accumulated together.

A large music company with the copyrights of thousands of old songs could make hundreds of millions in a single year with just this alone.

This was pure profit!

With so many source of profit, the life of the music company got better, the singer’s life got better as well as the song writer’s life.

Therefore, the songwriters could sell their song for 300k to 500k or even up to 1 million.

Their enthusiasm was naturally stimulated with such a great amount of money. So good songs continued to kept being produce in recent years.

Han Dong’er’s first album was also obtained in that way.

But Chen Huan didn’t feel that those 1 million songs were that good.

“That’s because their songs aren’t good enough or they don’t pay enough attention to their lyrics so their songs aren’t classic song that could be handed down, generation to generation.” Chen Huan said, 

“Not to mention that a good song can immediately make someone popular. With a song like that alone, the singer could make commercial and participate in various activity throughout the country in next year or so. If we lower the level and only go to those tier 3 or 4 cities, if they take out the expenditure, they could at least earn 3 to 5 million, right?”

“Then this song could be downloaded for the years to come and although it doesn’t look much on the surface, but if it is good, would 2 million be a lot after two years?”

“Not to mention that the singer could find other good songs and put together an album. Let’s not say it will resemble Su Mo’s album ‘Blind Love Arrow’ that sold 32,5 million copies, it should be possible to sell 10 million copies after three or five years, right?”

“Moreover, if the singer become popular, won’t everybody’s be more confident on the company? Won’t this better brand effect worth at least 2 to 3 million or even more? In this case, you tell me, it is really expensive for me to ask him for 2 million? It is really expensive beyond proportion?”

Ning Wu nodded again and again when he heard that.

Chen Huan might be young but what he said was reasonable.

After such a careful analysis, 2 million really didn’t seem expensive.

After all, the company could earn more than 5 million with the song in the long run.

But there was one and very important prerequisite, it was that the quality of the song must be very good or otherwise you would lose money.

But Ning Wu felt something strange, “Teacher Lu, weren’t indifferent to fame and fortune? If took fee for ‘Mama Do You Remember’, it would be possible for you to get 2 million within a few years. But you saint’s path and gave it up!”

“That song is different…” Chen Huan sighed, “You don’t know the story behind it or what it means. It couldn’t be used to make money!”

After a pause, he spoke again, “But if I take out a song for selling, it won’t be the same. I don’t wish to sell my song that easily and if they think it’s not worth it, then let them think so!”

What a joke!

The few classic songs in his hands were the guaranteed for Chen Huan’s life and fame. How could he casually sell it?

It wasn’t like he was begging them, why should he sell it at a low price? Just because of Xiao Yan’s reputation?

Would it be a huge insult to the people who wrote songs back at this earth?

He had to win glory for them!

Didn’t the more expansive he sold his song, the more it represented his talent?

Ning Wu understood Chen Huan now. He also understood his other meaning.

If he wanted to get Chen Huan’s song, he couldn’t said those hollow things but take out a worthwhile proposition to the talks.

He pondered for a while before he asked, “If I give you 2 million, what kind of song can I get?”

Chen Huan was slightly surprised, “You want to buy a song? 2 million for one?”

“Yes.” Ning Wu replied seriously.

*Ding Dong!*

Good Lord really never misses a good opportunity.

“The extremely compassionate system sensed that Ning Wu, that staked everything, and the unnoticed Guan Yili had both a heart yearning for success. The progressing mankind cannot waste people with such a strong hope.”

“To encourage them, the system deliberately issued a new mission.”

“I request the incompetent plagiarist host to provide Guan Yili with a suitable song and make him famous. The system would give out a reward after the mission is completed.”

Sure enough!

Chen Huan no longer complained in his mind. The Good Lord’s face was so thick that there was very few people like it. It wouldn’t respond no matter how he insulted it.

But the mission it gave out was also expected by Chen Huan.

Chen Huan originally never considered selling a 2 million song to Ning Wu.

He was an alumnus of Uncle Shui and Aunty Mei. He definitely hadn’t the habit of drying people he knew.

But now that the Good Lord had issued a mission, Chen Huan really didn’t want to refuse.

This system may be really cheap and traitorous but at least his rewards were genuine.

He just happen to have a good song and it would a be pity if he didn’t earn some money with it!

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