I Know Everything chapter 64

Chapter 64: What? I’m not allowed to sell at high prices?

“Look, his singing is like a woman’s voice.” When Guan Yili finished singing, Ning Wu let out a sigh and said, “So nobody thinks he will succeed in singing and he would attract even more ridicule if he started to sing women’s songs. Although this kid has suffered a lot of mocking and bullying, he has never given up. So I wondered if I could push him up.”

Chen Huan nodded without commenting on it, “Mr. Ning, you are a producer from a company or are you the boss?”

“I own a small music studio.” Ning Wu said, “But we didn’t achieve anything yet, just enough for food and clothing.”

“Mr. Guan’s voice is indeed unsuitable for most songs.” Chen Huan truthfully said, “If he keeps singing like mimicking a woman, he won’t be able to succeed in his life.”

“But where can I find a song that suits him? Would anyone even buy it if a song comes out?” Ning Wu said, “To be honest, I went to multiple songwriters before, they either refused or made songs that he couldn’t sing, I used many favors for nothing. If it weren’t for listening to Brother Shui’s ‘Mama Do You Remember’ and hoping you could help, I wouldn’t know what to do!”

Guan Yili lowered his head when he heard Ning Wu’s words. A trace of sadness and unwillingness appeared in his eyes.

Chen Huan just smiled.

Xinzhe, who had about the same voice as Guan Yili, was recognized by everyone as the prince of love songs. (Found the name, Jeff Chang/ Zhang Xinzhe)

And what started Xinzhe’s fame wasn’t his singing but his unique voice that attracted people attention.

With Li Zongsheng’s subtlety and unmatched song, Xinzhe became very popular since them.

“A unique voice isn’t necessarily a shortcoming and if it used well, it can become an advantage.” Chen Huan said, “But apart from the voice, he would still rely on how hard he work and singing skills.”

“You can rest assured about this. He’s the most persistent and serious singer I’ve ever seen in my life.” Ning Wu said, “Before, he sang in the bar for three years while going to school and would have kept singing if that bar didn’t close down. Now in another bar, he’s being booed all the time but he still persists! This kid is something else!”

Ning Wu subconsciously put Chen Huan at the same level as him and totally forgot that Chen Huan was several years younger than Guan Yili.

“So it means that you want me to write song for him, right?” Chen Huan simply asked.

“If Teacher Lu can write a song for him, it would his honor.” Ning Wu replied seriously, “As for the fee, you can assured that whatever it is, I…”

*Ring- Ding*

At this moment, Chen Huan’s phone rang.

He made an apologetic gesture and took out his mobile phone and looked at the number but he couldn’t recognize the number that came from the Huajin.

After thinking for a bit, Chen Huan pointed at the phone again and Ning Wu made a ‘please’ gesture.

Over the phone, a bold voice was heard, “It this Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.”

“I am.” Chen Huan replied.

“Hello, I’m Xiao Yan a music producer from Yanhuang Record. I called Teacher Lu to invite you to write a few songs. I wanted to know when you can come to Huajin to discuss it more in details.”

Yanhuang Record?

Invitation to make songs?

Chen Huan’s heart was moved and it was an opportunity to make money.

But he didn’t have any works on him. He could only hum some songs and those couldn’t be sold.

After all, it was impossible to rely on the Good Lord. He had to be confident and rely on himself to deal with difficult time.

What a shame!

Tinking of this, Chen Huan practically squeezed the next few words from his teeth, “I’m sorry, I currently don’t have any song.”

“No song?” Xiao Yan laughed exaggeratedly over the phone, “Really? Lu Xiaofeng, I know that you recently made ‘Deskmate’ which the theme song for ‘Love Letter’, right? Look, it’s not a good habit to hide things. You can rest assured that you can name any price you want.”

“2 million for a song.”

“Huh!?” Xiao Yan thought he heard it wrong, “What did you say?”

“If you want a classic song, then give me 2 million.” 

Chen Huan also thought about it, charging people 2 million for a song was already considered a sacrifice but with that money, he could buy a building and collect rent. Wouldn’t his future tuition and living expanse taken care of?

Xiao Yan stood silence over the phone for at least a minute before he spoke again, “Teacher Lu, don’t you have too much of a lion’s appetite? Do you know the current songs market?”

“I don’t know about that but I know about my song, and if you want it, then give me 2 million.” Chen Huan was very truthful with him, “If you can’t pay the money, then forget about it.”

“Okay, Okay!” Xiao Yan was angered, “I hope you can sell this song for 2 million!”

Then a bang sound ensued before the line hung up.

It could be noticed that the man was very angry.

Chen Huan shrugged and knew that Xiao Yan thought he was just randomly asking a price but he didn’t think that Chen Huan was serious about the price.

When he put his phone back into his pocket and looked at back at Ning wu and Guan Yili, he saw they were completely dumbfounded.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Huan asked.

“Tea- Teacher Lu, was it Xiao Yan that just called?” Ning Wu stammered.

“Yeah, he claimed to be Xiao Yan from Yanhuang Record. What, is he famous?”

“Xiao Yan is the best producer from Yanhuang Record, he was the one who discovered Fu Bufan, one of the three little emperors.” Ning Wu said, “Don’t look at how the fatty speak boldly, he’s very vengeful. It was indeed a bit inappropriate how you played with him.”

“Played? Chen Huan was confused, “What playing?”

“2 million.” Ning Wu’s answer was concise and to the point.

Chen Huan understood now, “You thought I was playing him and wasn’t serious when I asked for this price?”

Ning Wu was shocked again when he saw Chen Huan’s serious look, “You… you were serious?”

“Obviously.” Chen Huan nodded, “I have just a few good songs in my hand currently. How can I be worthy if I don’t sell it at a high price?”

“But 2 million… nobody would ever want it!” Ning Wu said with a bitter smile, “Even those famous masters, their price are around 500k to 800k if the songs are sold individually. If it’s an album, the songs are generally between 300k to 500k each, which is already very remarkable!”

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