I Know Everything chapter 63

Chapter 63: Asking for songs.

While Chen Huan was checking on the news leisurely, he heard his door’s ringing bell.

Chen Huan didn’t like how people knocked on his door while yelling his name so loud that the whole street can hear it although most people in Mingde Alley were like this.

So he bought a doorbell and installed it. So he could know by just people ringing the bell.

It was a pity he didn’t have money or he would have installed a smart door with a remote access that let him see the person at the door and decide whether to open it or not.

Chen Huan put on his shoes before opening a slight gap and saw two men at the door.

One was in a well-trimmed suit and the other one was in a white shirt and jean.

The man in suit was in his late 30s while the man in jean was in his 20s.

“Who are you looking for?” Chen Huan opened the door and asked in confusion.

Mingde Alley wasn’t afraid of thieves even at night, much less at day. Because dozen of people would rush out to help as long someone yelled.

And there was a police station a 100 meters away from Mingde Alley. If a thief came, he probably wouldn’t be able to run far.

The man in jean was stunned when he saw Chen Huan.

The man in suit had his wide open and showed desire in his eyes.

Chen Huan frowned and thought, I didn’t encounter a Lord Rabbit, right? (Lord Rabbit was the Chinese version of Pedobear)

But the man in suite quickly controlled himself as he smiled and said, “Are you Mr. Chen Huan?”

“I am.” Chen Huan smiled and said, “No need to sell in insurance to me. Nobody in the house need any financial product. The house is not for sale even if you put a lot of money.”

The man in a suit couldn’t help but smile as he said, “You misunderstood us. My name is Ning Wu and I graduated from Huhai Opera. I’m brother Shui and Zhu Mei junior brother. I got your address from Brother Shui.”

“Oh, you should have told me earlier!” Chen Huan invited them in, “Please come inside.”

There was only a small wooden table in the living room with a rudimentary bench that Chen Huan’s grandfather made with woods.

Ning Wu sat with the young man and couldn’t properly stretch out his knees.

“I don’t have any good tea in my home except those Longjiang teas that my grandfather used to drink. The taste should still be okay.” Chen Huan took out two cups and brewed two cups of teas before putting it in front of them.

“Thank you, Teacher Lu.” Ning Wu nodded in thanks.

The man young man next to him also nodded but didn’t say anything.

Chen Huan could see that he wasn’t arrogant or dismissive and it was just his introvert personality.

The young man looked quite refined but also introvert and shy.

“Mr. Ning’s accent isn’t from Lin’an, you must have come to me from far away, you must want something.” Chen Huan sat at their opposite and said, “Since you know Uncle Shui and Aunty Mei, we aren’t strangers anymore. I will not say no if I can help you but I will just refuse it if I can’t do it.”

Shui Qingshan told Ning Wu his address, which meant that he recognized Ning Wu as a trustworthy person. With just this point alone, Chen Huan had nothing to hide from them.

Ning Wu didn’t expect Chen Huan to be so frank and couldn’t help but laugh in his mind, “Alright, Teacher Lu is outspoken man who speaks his mind, so I won’t drag it out either. This young man is called Guan Yili and he’s my client from Minnan. He used to sing in a bar Minzhou before I signed him. I always thought he has a good voice but I had a hard time finding a song suitable for him. So I wanted Teacher Lu Xiaofeng to give us some advices.”

Chen Huan looked at Gu Yili and saw he was embarrassed when talking about him as he looked down to the ground.

“How about we let Mr. Guan sing one of his best song before we discuss it?” Chen Huan suggested with a smile.


Ning Wu naturally agreed and patted Guan Yili’s shoulder, “Xiaoli, sing you best song! This is a rare opportunity with Teacher Lu Xiaofeng present!”

“I’ll sing ‘West Mountain Rain’ by Zhou Jing.” Guan Yili finally spoke and stood up before bowing to Chen Huan, “Teacher Lu please review me.”

Then he started to prepare his voice with some ‘ahs’ before starting to sing.

“The hills in the west are raining, I don’t know how far it was, I look forward to the far away poetry in the rain…”

‘West Mountain Rain’ was one of Zhou Jing masterpieces. Although it was made ten years ago, it could still touch people emotion and put them into a misty and rainy mood.

From this song, it could be seen that Guan Yili didn’t usually sing in bars that young people liked to go but the one that middle aged people went.

Chen Huan was shocked as soon he heard him.

Holy shit!

Isn’t this too similar to love song Prince Zhang’s voice? . (Found the guy, Jeff Chang/ Zhang Xinzhe)

There was a longing softness like a woman’s softness in his voice but every word was clear and well pronounced.

Although ‘West Mountain Rain’ didn’t have any high pitch part, his high pitch was definitely good by just listening to his prolonged breath.

But it was such a waste for Prince Zhang’s voice to sing Zhou Jing’s song.

He should go straight to those high pitches and fast paced tender love songs.

Of course, if there were no good songs or songs especially made for him, it would definitely not work and it would be like a blind imitation with ludicrous result.

Guan Yili looked nervously at Chen Huan after finishing the song and hoped he would say something.

Guan Yili wasn’t courageous at all and very shy without a hint of arrogance. He was bullied and laughed at because his voice was like a woman and constantly receiving blows to his self-esteem.

Therefore, he didn’t feel any doubt toward Chen Huan, only awe.

Songs like ‘Mama Do You Remember’ couldn’t be written by anybody. A songwriter that could write a song like that could live comfortably for the rest of his life.

Chen Huan didn’t comment on his singing and said, “Can you sing Meng Yang’s ‘Will Not Leave’?”

“I can!” Guan Yili immediately agreed but then embarrassingly added, “Teacher Lu, I can’t sing this song very well…”

“It’s alright, just sing.” Chen Huan waved his hand.


Guan Yili was more relaxed after already singing a song as he sang the second one.

Meng Yang’s songs were like a test of singing skills as the intensive high pitch was quite unique.

But Guan Yili didn’t do very well in the high pitch part and was a bit sharp instead of clear. He couldn’t bring Meng Yang’s song charm out.

In Chen Huan’s opinion, it was like female singing ‘I Will Not Leave’. Although there was not sharp break and it was that bad, the mood it brought out was completely different.

This was like asking a chef specialize in Cantonese cuisine to make spicy Sichuan food.


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