I Know Everything chapter 62

Chapter 62: Sister Xiaofeng!

After returning from filming in the mountain, Chen Huan took a rare prolonged sleep and didn’t go to the small noodle shop until it was noon.

Having a professional chef was so good. He made three dishes and a soup at noon for Xia He, Shui Qianyu and Chen Huan to eat, and it was much better than those made by Shui Qingshan.

It seemed that he still didn’t return to his original state as Chen Huan went back to his to rest after the meal.

But it was difficult to sleep without air conditioning at noon in summer, moreover Chen Huan had a lot of thoughts on his mind and couldn’t but keep tossing around in his bed. Then he simply got up and surfed online with his phone.

In order to have a smoother internet access and easier to get in touch, Chen Huan got himself a high performance Xiaomai phone before he went to Shuchuan. The phone was about 3k yuan but it was Xiaomai best phone.

Generally speaking, phones produced by Shanhai Group were generally more than 5k yuan and better but it wasn’t a price Chen Huan could afford.

Unless ‘Love Letter’ explode in the box office since he had invested in it, he would need some guts to pay a 5k yuan phone when he had only 20k in saving.

Xiaomai phones were Xiaomai Holding prime product.

Xiaomai Holding was a private and listed company that was the fifth most valuable company in the country. They were worth 1.4 trillion yuan but it was only a half of Shanhai Group’s value.

However, they had been aiming on the young customers since the beginning and were very popular amongst the young. In recent years, they hadn’t been only chasing after Shanhai Group’s smartphones but also developed very well in smart home sectors.

Xiaomai Holding had established a complete product chain around the smart home such as smart TV, smart air conditioning, smart cleaning robot, smart rice cooker… and so on. It was widely used in younger generation households.

They are also hailed as the company most likely to challenge Shanhai Group.

When Chen Huan saw Xiaomai Holding information, he lamented that the world was indeed different but some things couldn’t be changed.

Wasn’t this 38 years old founder of Xiaomai Holding Zhang Jun, another Lei Jung?

The Xiaomai phone Chen Huan bought had a fast internet connection as he also bought a data package of a 100 yuan per month. He could surf the news, video and music without hesitation.

In this moment, as long there was internet and you looked at the music news, you would see something about ‘Mama Do You Remember’, Shui Qingshan and Lu Xiaofeng. 

Chen Huan didn’t want to see any news about Lu Xiaofeng at all.


The reason was very simple, let’s look at a few online reviews as an example.

“I thought of something when I was listening to ‘Mama Do You Remember’, it was how gentle a woman can be to be able to write such a tender maternal love song. I’ve never heard of Lu Xiaofeng but some people are born with good foundation! I became one of her fans and look forward to her next song!”

“Do you know the total number of view on ‘Mama Do You Remember’ had already exceeded 70 million? The original version with Lord Shui also exceeded 20 million! This is the first time in our Chinese music industry that a song has such good achievements! With no advertisement or bad rumors and a score like this, our Sister Xiaofeng is already amongst the best!”

“Sister Xiaofeng, do you have any other song? I went crazy tonight and keep looping ‘Mama Do You Remember’, it’s so good! So touching! Even my mom told me to download it so she could listen to it! Oh, I can’t help but admire Sister Xiaofeng! She took the initiative to wave the copyright fee. She really isn’t an ordinary person!”

“Let’s think about it, according to the current download, how much Sister Xiaofeng could get? If we calculate it, she should get at least 10 million from the music websites! This is without counting people who sing it at bars, concerts or commercials! The ancestors had noble who regarded money as dung, now our Sister Xiaofeng isn’t any inferior to those ancestors!”


Now this was the reasons why Chen Huan didn’t want to see any news about Lu Xiaofeng online.

Because everybody thought Lu Xiaofeng as a woman!

Sister Xiaofeng!?


Gu Longda, your famous character was misunderstood by the people!

Sister Xiaofeng, Sister Xiaofeng your sister!

I, Lu Xiaofeng, is a man!

In fact, it wasn’t if there was no way for Chen Huan in the internet but Zhu Mei was filming at the moment and didn’t have the time to respond.

Shui Qingshan would absolutely not let Chen Huan be chased by reporters days and nights, so he wouldn’t talk about Lu Xiaofeng.

After ignoring the issues of gender, everybody appreciated Lu Xiaofeng’s talent.

Tangyuan mentioned it more than once in interviews and thought his voice was very suitable for Teacher Lu Xiaofeng’s songs. So he was hoping for an opportunity to work together.

Although Lu Xiaofeng became famous due to ‘Mama do You Remember’, it was still far behind from the emperor Tangyuan who had been famous for 20 years.

Many people regarded this as Tangyuan supporting Lu Xiaofeng.

Because any song could become hit song from Tangyuan’s mouth due to his highly skilled singing.

If Lu Xiaofeng’s second song could feature Tangyuan, it would have great benefit for him to consolidate his reputation and position in the music scene.

Zhou Jing, who had a more delicate voice, also expressed his hope to have Lu Xiaofeng write songs for him.

There were a lot of talents online and if one didn’t understand those famous people attitude, they could look at those online comments.

Among Weibo’s music bloggers, the most famous was The King of Karaoke and he analyzed the thought of the two emperor and queen.

With Zhou Jing and Tangyuan’s status, ordinary songs didn’t interest them anymore and what they liked to do now was to try new things.

They didn’t seek to get some breakthrough songs. At their status, it was impossible to have any earth breaking change at all.

Teacher Lu Xiaofeng was out and coming newcomer and they wondered if they could get some inspiration when working with a new outstanding newcomer.

But would it work?

The King of Karaoke thought that Lu Xiaofeng would give everybody a good surprise as people could see his immense talent by just looking at ‘Mama Do You Remember’.

After all, masters working with each other were easier to have inspiration.


Those praises feel so good!

This much more insightful and better than that Sister Xiaofeng nonsense!

Chen Huan felt much better, he should get to know this guy better in the future!

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