I Know Everything chapter 61

Chapter 61: After completion.

They came at the foot of the snowy mountains in the north of Shuchuan for Chen Huan and Han Dong’er’s scene. In fact it was their last scene.

It was in front of female Fang Shu’s house and her last meeting with male Fang Shu.

It was a sad parting scene but it also contained a sincere friendship between female and male Fang Shu.

In fact, male Fang Shu was probably looking forward to it. If Female saw the portrait he painted for her, maybe they would have a future together.

It’s a pity that female Fang Shu at that time didn’t turn over the library card so she never found it.

At the end of the movie, a group of female students handed to card to her with grins and asked her to turn over the card to see it. All her emotion poured out at that moment as she cried.

But now, it was a scene filled with subtle friendship.

The male Fang Shu hoped the female Fang Shu to see the portrait and the female Fang Shu didn’t know that male Fang Shu was about to leave. She was even quite glad that he was paying her a visit.

All those little ambiguities were what constituted this movie.

Han Dong’er and him were more familiar after spending so many with each other.

The relationship had never developed more than friendship but fortunately everybody could be called friend.

The main reason was Chen Huan was very sticky as he would pull Han Dong’er away to talk whenever he was free. She would listen to him talk about his understanding of the script and various methods to improve her acting even if she didn’t like to talk. That was why she was displeased with him.

She knew that her weakness in acting was great, even more than Chen Huan.

Therefore, Chen Huan was helping her.

The most important part was although Chen Huan was very friendly with her, he was never frivolous or had perverted meaning behind it.

The little boy’s eyes were always pure just like his person, clean and likable.

Of course, the kind of like wasn’t the one between a man and a woman, it was simple appreciation.

They only took two days to shoot the scene. The two were in the right state of mind as they finished the scene.

With the female Fang Shu holding a book as she saw male Fang Shu ride away on his bicycle. This was the end scene between the male and female protagonist!

The ‘Love Letter’ crew wasn’t something big but Zhu Mei wasn’t someone stingy either.

In the evening, Zhu Mei gathered the cast and the crew for a four table banquet at a friend’s house that could be considered as a farewell for the two of them.

Chen Huan felt a little strange at the end of his first acting job.

He couldn’t hold his liquor and got drunk. He was groggy when he took the plane on the next day.

He was picked up by Shui Qianyu when he returned to Lin’an.

Shui Qianyu had a disgusted expression when she saw his wasted look and was confused why two beautiful stewardesses chatted as well as laughed while they accompanied him on his way out.

How lonely were these older sister?

Chen Huan was forced to take a shower by Shui Qianyu before he went at the backyard of the small noodle shop to eat a bowl of simmering beef noodles.

This was the super luxurious version of it that chef specially made for him with half a catty of beef with spices made from Qianzhou that made him sweat in this warm day. It was very comfortable!

“Xiao Shuishui, why couldn’t I see uncle Shui?” Chen Huan asked while eating noodles.

“He is very popular now. Reporters and fans are looking everywhere for him. So he dare not to come home until night.” Shui Qianyu said boringly, “If it weren’t for those business men that keep asking my dad to sing, it wouldn’t be so annoying!”

Chen Huan laughed at that.

‘Paper Kite’ had been released for 4 weeks now and generated 45 million in box office. It became Zhu Mei’s highest box office gross movie.

According to the 43% shares, the producer Xuanwu Film received 19.35 million.

The total cost of the movie and advertisement was less than 7 million, which meant that Xuanwu Film earned 12 million!

The investment return ratio was nearly 200%. It wasn’t a big production but it was definitely impressive.

Zhu Mei got a reputation boost as she became better known in literary and artistic film.

But even so, ‘Love Letter’ attention or companies that wanted to invest in still weren’t there. There weren’t even companies that wanted to discuss.

Was it strange?

This was reality!

Artistic films were artistic films. Even if you made money this time, there was no guaranteed that the next one would make money.

Artistic films were different from commercial films.

But if the five biggest directors bombed a movie or two, those film companies’ trust would still not diminish.

Because of their success had rewarded them with a total box office score of over 2 billion, 5 billion or even more than 10 billion! 

There were only five director as strong as them in China, weren’t they awesome?

Coming back to the subject.

Even if the movie wasn’t on the cinema anymore, ‘Mama Do You Remember’ popularity didn’t weaken.

There were several reasons for that.

The first reason was that ‘Mama Do You Remember’ was indeed a classic song amongst the classic songs.

The second reason was of course because the song was free and everybody could listen to it and download it without any restriction.

The third reason was that there were many singers covering the song. Tangyuan, Su Mo, Zhu Shengyu, Zhou Jing, Xu Ping and other heavenly kings all sung it. Let alone the other singers.

Hundreds of versions of the songs were uploaded on the internet. It was like blooming flowers competing for who was the most beautiful. Obviously more discussion about it ensued.\

Therefore, ‘Mama Do You Remember’ was ranked in the top spot in several music or video streaming website and major radio stations.

It was really frenzied and tyrannical news!

It didn’t any money on marketing but it still directly ranked first on multiple major music charts!

It had dominated the charts for more than 3 weeks and made countless singers that wanted to breakthrough in the chart helpless.

There was no way to win!

The other party strategy of making the song free and not earning any money could repel anybody.

They couldn’t use their previous methods to discredit Shui Qingshan and Lu Xiaofeng.

Because the other party created a song for everyone to listen to and sing for free, it couldn’t be a bad thing, right?

This was the high ground of morality!

Moreover, there were so many heavenly emperors and empresses that praised the song. Would they fight against the emperors and empresses just to discredit them? Would they still have a future in that case?

So in this situation, Shui Qingshan’s popularity, who retired for many years, was growing again and more people started to know about him and worship him, which was quite reasonable.

It was said that the price for his appearance and sing ‘Mama Do You Remember’was 500k, which was about the same as the heavenly emperors and empresses!

But Shui Qingshan wasn’t willing to ‘show his head again’. With his wife and daughter next to him and living comfortably in retirement, why would he still trouble himself?

So he went away these few days and was unwilling to have any contacts with those people.

Speaking of this, Uncle Shui’s cool and casual personality was really good!

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