I Know Everything chapter 59

Chapter 59: The things inside the circle.

Ding Lun and Shi Liyou looked at each other.

Chen Huan’s words were so reasonable and noble that they didn’t know how to persuade him anymore.

A writer’s status was definitely more influential and respected than an entertainment celebrity.

Although entertainment celebrities were more profitable, they were not valued in real high society.

On the contrary, if you were proficient in poetry or sciences, those people from high society would worship you even if you had no money.

Therefore, they couldn’t say that Chen Huan’s goals were wrong.

“Cough, cough.”

The two started to eat and sort out their thoughts before Ding Lun said, “Listen to me, Xiao Huan! I’m not saying that your studying are useless but your talent in entertainment is a 100 time more than your studying! If you think about it, you wrote ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’, ‘Love Letter’, ‘Mama Do You Remember’ and also wrote ‘Deskmate’!

How can an ordinary people have this much talent at 16 years old? You have so much talent there, you should focus on this aspect instead of saying that you cannot achieve great things without studying mathematics or physics! You can just wait until the day you are famous and without pressure, wouldn’t it be nice to go to study at that time?”

“He’s right. Xiao Huan, you made the copyrights for the song free and we admired you for it but also thought you were stupid.” Shi Liyou continued right after, “The era right now is much better than ten years ago and copyright are well protected on the internet. You could drink and eat for the rest of your days with these two songs alone! Isn’t it better than going to university and work for the rest of your life?”

“It’s not the same.” Chen Huan shook his head, “I don’t like the entertainment industry.”

“You idiot, god gives you foods to eat but you dismiss it. How much people would like to have the talents and ability you have?” Ding Lun said helplessly, “You just wait and see. You’ll come to this path sooner or later.”

“In fact, it’s quite appropriate for me to be the writer and screenwriter behind the screen.” Chen Huan said after some thoughts, “After ‘Love Letter’ release, I won’t be poor anymore!”

Shi Liyou laughed suddenly, “Honestly Xiao Huan, I think you should write two more good songs before you can guarantee your relaxed life.”

Chen Huan’s script didn’t get the script fee and was discounted from the movie’s budget. Shui Qingshan and Zhu Mei estimated his script as 500k which was less than the original 1 million worth. His script value was the same as Han Dong’er and Chen Qian’s salary.

Not only Han Dong’er agreed to invest her salary and receive dividend but Chen Qian also didn’t hesitate to do it when she heard about it.

This woman’s EQ was quite high and knew why ‘Love Letter’ faced such difficulties. She was determined to prove herself and help out the crews.

Chen Huan still had the 100k for being the male lead and he used it for the dividend too.

As for Guo Hang who had the same pay as him, he also decided to invest for the dividend although he had little money.

The money wasn’t much but everybody could see his intention.

After seven years of sharpening, he wanted to show his acting skill in ‘Love Letter’. The time he appeared on screen was about the same as the male lead and maybe it was even more than male Fang Shu.

With so many time on screen, he was preparing himself for the role.

That was why he and Chen Qian were practicing their roles.

Coming back to the three men.

After what Shi Liyou said, it seemed he wasn’t very optimistic about ‘Love Letter’ box office.

Chen Huan didn’t try to change his opinion.

Whether it was good or not, they would discuss it after the movie came out. It would be pointless to talk about it now.

Ding Lun and Shi Liyou found that Chen Huan had no interest in acting or writing songs, they didn’t keep persuading him.

But they didn’t give up as they slowly led the topic back to the entertainment circle while they were drinking and eating.

When Chen Huan was writing ‘Love Letter’ script, he researched a bit about it but it wasn’t as detailed and broad as they explained, especially about the powerful figure. So it was interesting to listen to them.

China’s entertainment industry was very well developed and the film industry was the most influential amongst them.

One of the biggest giants was naturally the Weibao Film and TV from the Southern Province.

It didn’t only made movie but also TV series, variety shows and it even had its own record label.

They basically got involved in everything they could in the entertainment industry.

The six emperors of that times, Chen Hao and Sun Dage, who ranked in the top two, basically only worked with Weibao Film and TV, which brought them a great amount of reputation.

Zhou Dou, the 55 years old board chairman, had been in the industry for more than 40 years. From a small doorman to one of the richest man that was worth of 20 billion yuan and the most influential man in China’s Film and TV industry. The difficulties and hardship he encountered on his path wasn’t something an ordinary person could imagine.

“Although Zhou Dou is very successful, his shortcomings are also very prominent. He’s too localized.” Ding Lun commented on the person, “He is a big boss in the Southern Provinces so his movies, TV shows, variety shows and records are all from people from the Southern Provinces. If other companies or people want to work with them, the conditions are extremely harsh.”

“But the people from the Southern Province would cover his faults and buy his ticket in abundances.” Shi Liyou explained, “There have been a lot of talents in these past two decades in the Southern Provinces, so it helped him ride the wave and become the boss of Weibao Film and TV.”

What the two of them said was true.

Southern Provinces was made of three provinces, Yuedong, Yuexi and Minnan, and they had really produced a lot of talents in recent years.

The top two of the movie emperors were on their side along with Gong  Sibo, one of the five best directors in China, who was also an influential figure in the Southern Provinces.

Although they don’t have any of the three majors’ university there, all the celebrities were homegrown and all had their own charms.

First example, the number one Chen Hao, he had only elementary school education but his kung fu comedy films were very popular and would definitely buy a ticket to see the movie as long it was his movies.

In addition, they had countless first rate directors, except for the top ones that they couldn’t be compared to the Northwestern Provinces. The rest were all over the industry.

The feeling it gave Chen Huan was that the Southern Provinces were like Xiangjiang (Hong Kong) when they were at the top. 

It just that there was no Xiangjiang in this world as they were integrated into the Southern Provinces.

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