I Know Everything chapter 58

Chapter 58: Transition.

After ‘Deskmate’ was created, Chen Huan went to record the official song the next day.

With last night experience, he deliberately asked to record at night and the song was indeed very good, which surprised the people in the studio.

After the recording, he didn’t pay attention to it anymore.

The song arrangement and etc… weren’t things that Chen Huan was good at and need to be done by professional.

Regarding ‘Deskmate’ copyright, it was still the same as before and everyone could use it free of charge but the copyright was still reserved.

Han Dong’er secretly nodded at this.

She already knew that Chen Huan was an orphan that didn’t have much money.

The two songs, ‘Mama Do You Remember’ and ‘Deskmate’, could at least a few millions of worth to Chen Huan. In the future, those songs would be sung at concerts or commercial and there would be copyright fees for more or less dozen of thousands each time.

 But Chen Huan didn’t take a cent, it seemed that he was very pure about music, which was great.

Nobody knew but Chen Huan didn’t have other choices.

Both ‘Mama Do You Remember’ and ‘Deskmate’ promoted deep love, if he sold such songs for money, it would look too vulgar and not artistic.

On the contrary, if he straight up took it out and free for everybody to sing, wouldn’t be more and more people who would like Lu Xiaofeng when more people started to sing it? Wouldn’t they start admiring a person like Lu Xiaofeng?

With a foundation like this, what could the other say if in the future he started to write songs for money?

You couldn’t get a huge amount of money without using a small amount of money! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


After recording ‘Deskmate’, the shooting became smoother and smoother. They finished the summer scenes after 14 days.

Next, the staff all went to the mountainous area in the north of Shuchuan. Some crews were already there and prepared for them to come.

Chen Huan gave Xia He the spice formula before leaving Lin’an and let her and uncle Shui mix it. He had one less thing to do with that done.

In fact, Shui Qianyu also knew the formula but she wouldn’t give it to anybody, even her parents, without Chen Huan consent.

Xia He happily accepted it. Half the store’s income was Chen Huan’s and everybody was a family. There was no need to be polite.

After arriving at the filming location, Chen Huan heard the crew member in the reception party say that Chen Qian and Guo Hang had already acted all of their scenes during this period of time.

Was this called the silent acting?

That meant that the two people performed their act without the camera filming them.

Without a camera, a director, makeup or lightning, they went to each shooting location and performed their act.


Chen Huan was impressed by them.

They were similar to that move emperor who performed his role in front of a mirror every morning before going out.

Chen Qian was second-tier actress, Guo Hang wasn’t even third-tier but the two people showed such an initiative. It seems that he and Zhu Mei really didn’t choose the wrong people!

Chen Huan and Han Dong’er rested on the first day and watched how Chen Qian and Guo Hang were acting.

Zhu Mei was like a tiger as she directed a big scene for the first take. It was right after Chen Qian got up from the snow and went to the funeral of her husband Fang Shu!

This scene was very difficult to film.

There were a dozen of different characters.

Although the parents of male Fang Shu appeared only once or twice, they were both very interesting characters and were completely different to their boring son.

To this end, Zhu Mei intentionally hired two famous supporting actors. They were named Li Zixu and Jia Lei.

They were both old senior that graduated from Huhai Opera and were in their 50s now. They had great skills for supporting roles.

 Because they were familiar people and because old people liked to help the next generation, the fee to hire them was low. Each of them would receive 50k for three days of acting.

This was definitely only a price given to friends.

With their experiences on the screen, 100k was not much for them.

As the result, this scenes was led by the group of good actors and particularly well shot.

Even if the scene was noisy and the atmosphere was sad, it gave a certain charm under their excellent acting.

Especially male Fang Shu’s mother played by Jia Lei. The cold air that escaped her mouth as the mother tried to stay strong to speak but couldn’t help but show and express her sadness. The acting was deep and alive.

What was more impressive was Jia Lei’s freestyle acting was caught on by Chen Qian.

She didn’t barely caught on but naturally did it without any traces of awkwardness on the take.

Later in the evening, Ding Lun and Shi Liyou asked Chen Huan to drink together and discussed about it.

“There aren’t many new generation actresses that can surpass Chen Qian in China.” Ding Lun took a sip of alcohol and said, 

“Amongst the five small beauties of the movie industry, only Cao Sisi could rival her. The most famous, Xu Rui, has a beautiful face like a goddess but hearing from my classmates, her acting is only average.”

“The young people now, as long they are beautiful and get some hype and popularity, the people from Weibo or social media will start declaring her as a good actress. It’s really absurd!” Shi Liyou said lazily as he smoked.

“But Buyiyi is an exception, her acting is quite good and she is an easy going person. It quite reasonable for her to have 30 million fans in Weibo.”

Chen Huan remembered his previous encounter with Buyiyi and couldn’t but nod as he said with a smile, “That’s right. Bu Yiyi’s personality is very good. Although we chose Han Dong’er in the end, she could still hold back her disappointment and speak for Aunty Mei.”

“She made her debut when she was 8 years old. Do you think she has experience or not?” Ding Lun said with a smile. 

“She’s an old face! There are many people jealous of her in the entertainment industry but all the big names admire her or at least don’t hate her. Being able to reach this step, Bu Yiyi’s future is limitless.”

“Fortunately, I don’t need to become a celebrity.” Chen Huan said while eating, “Otherwise how would I be able to live in the future after offending the beauty even before I debuted?”


They couldn’t help but laugh.

“Xiao Huan, if you continued to write good script, especially a commercial movie one, Bu Yiyi then would not only not make it difficult for you but also will want to become your friend!” Shi Liyou patted Chen Huan’s shoulder and said, “I’m not exaggerating, half of the women in the entertainment industry will want to sleep with you if an unparalleled handsome young man like you enters the entertainment industry.”

He wanted to say that men and women would want to sleep with him but those words seemed bad tasted so he didn’t tell it to Chen Huan.

“Me and the entertainment industry are far away from each other and the people in it have mental problems. No way I’m getting close to it.” Chen Huan said in a solemn tone. “After shooting the filim, I’m going back to classes. My grades aren’t good enough, where do I have the time to waste? I have to study hard every day! Otherwise, how could I succeed in the future?”

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