I Know Everything chapter 57

Chapter 57: The road of conquering school opened!

In fact, Chen Huan had another choice for the song.

That was history most classical male duet, ‘The Sound of Silence’. (Hello darkness, my old friend! 🙂 Super Known song.)

It was also the theme song for an American Movie.

This melodious and popular song actually fitted the latter half of ‘Love Letter’.

That was to leave without obtaining love.

But Chen Huan still wanted ‘Love Letter’ to give out a hopeful tone and that was why he chose ‘Deskmate’.

Although male and female Fang Shu had never been on the same desk, the metaphor of the girl from the same desk was just a general reference. She could be extended to a classmate that you had secretly a crush on or other type.

That was why everybody would feel touched by the song.

But now he looked at it, it didn’t seem to be that good.

But Chen Huan decided not to change it as the suitability between ‘Love Letter’ and ‘Deskmate’ was definitely higher than the average song.

Chen Huan took the subway all the way back to Mingde Alley and went into a bookstore to buy a set of mathematics exercise for college entrance these past few years.

In bookstore today, various books fallen into a state of stagnant pond but this kind of books about college entrance exams, civil exams or other exams were sold more and more as it fed a bunch of publishing houses.

 When passing by the small noodle shop, he saw Shui Qingshan explaining something to a customer at the entrance before he greeted him along the way.

Back at his home, Chen Huan took a shower before he started to tackles the math problems for the college entrance exams and took it seriously.

Mmh, this question is easy.

The choice is obvious.

Hehe, this simple trap, how could I not see it?

This question had five kinds of equation needed to solve it, in order…

Unconsciously, Chen Huan completed the mathematics exams for Shuchuan five years ago.

Only 50 minutes had passed.

He quickly turned eagerly toward the answers page to compare the notes.

Except a few multiple choices question he got wrong due to being too eager,

He got everything right!

The total scores was 142 points!

Oh my god!

Even if you put this life and his previous life’s score together, the score wouldn’t be as high as 142!

Chen Huan remembered his college entrance exams and he had around 107 points in math which was 35 points worse than now!

If he had those 35 points that years, he wouldn’t dare to get into the 985 colleges but he would at least be in the 211 colleges. (Those number colleges are project numbers that represent some reputable chinese colleges. 985 had better university such as the famous Peking and Tsinghua. 211 much less famous.) 

In this age where the poor could change their life by studying, whether they could go or not into a good university was the key of a good life for ordinary people in the second half of their life.

High Schooler’s final grades for the first two years of high school were 337 points and 355 points according to the college entrance exams scoring methods. 

Don’t laugh. 

There was really this kind of scores.

It wasn’t easy to get into colleges, much less famous university.

That was why High Schooler was distressed.

But he had already studied very hard for this grade. Otherwise his second years wouldn’t be able to progress.

Of course, maybe he would be able to increase by twenty to thirty points if he drove away all those girls around him.


Hard work alone couldn’t succeed if intelligence wasn’t there.

This was a sad story after all.

But it was different now!

Chen Huan took over the body with the system and was destined to change High Schooler’s life!

Although the system was quite mysterious, the rewards he gave out were quite reliable.

This time was mathematics, maybe next time would be English and the next after that would be physics and the next after that would be chemistry…

If it was really the case, wouldn’t it mean that the sciences champion of Zhejiang would be him, Chen Huan?

He thought of getting the top spot of college entrance exams and get into a renowned academic institution. Then embark on the path to get the pinnacle of life after getting out of school.

“Oh, did the sun rise from the west today? Chen Huan, how did you get the courage to go solve math problems?”

He didn’t to turn his head to know that it was Shui Qianyu.

Not only because of her voice, but also because he smelled a fragrance that belonged to her alone.

Shui Qianyu didn’t like makeup and didn’t like to put perfume either but she had a hint of fragrance from her body that was different from Han Dong’er.

During this time, Chen Huan went out early and came back late, so he gave a key to the little girl so that she could help out tidy out the place when she was free.

She heard just now from her father that Chen Huan came back home early so she slipped in.

She saw Chen Huan staring at some things at the table in a daze and decided to take a closer look but found it was some math exercise.

It was just that Shui Qianyu didn’t look carefully and didn’t notice that it was the college entrance exams.

She thought it was some high school exercise.

Chen Huan academic ability was well-known.

When Shui Qianyu was young, she didn’t know about the importance of intelligence and always thought that Chen Huan was just playing around with girls in schools and didn’t study. 

That was also one of the biggest reasons she was so unhappy with him.

“After Grandpa left, I realized that I needed to be more sensible and work harder.” Chen Huan turned toward her and said, “After all, I’m alone now. How am I going to survive if I don’t work hard?”

“En, it’s good that you think like that.” Shui Qianyu was very pleased that this stinky boy grew up, “But you can’t be too impatient. You’ll be able to catch up as long you work hard.”

Shui Qianyu herself was a school boss. Although she wasn’t a super genius, she was still ranked amongst the top 20 in Lin’an and in addition she had a sweet and cute appearance. She was a well-known school treasure in her middle school!

Shui Qianyu was in a good mood when she saw him studying so hard. She sat down next to Chen Huan and asked, “I haven’t asked you yet, how do you feel about filming a movie? Is Han Dong’er like the rumored ‘Facial paralysis fairy’ and ‘Dorky’?”

“Filming is acting and it’s definitely difficult to play another person’s life. After all, I’m very experienced.” Chen Huan said and laughed, “But this small empress Han Dong’er is indeed like the rumors, not only she doesn’t have much expression, she doesn’t care about practically anything.”

“How about her musical talents? Did you hear her sing?” Shui Qianyu continued to ask in a cheerful tone.

Shui Qingshan was originally a rock singer and he trained his daughter to the zither and guitar since she was small so she was obviously interested in music.

The self-conscious and cold Han Dong’er was liked by many people and Shui Qianyu was no exception.

“I didn’t.”

Chen Huan shook his head. “But Xiao Shuishui, today I wrote a theme song for ‘Love Letter’ called ‘Deskmate’, do you want to listen to it?”

“Okay!” Shui Qianyu immediately went to bring a guitar and sat next to him.

“Tomorrow will you still remember…”

Chen Huan sung ‘Deskmate’ again.

Because the night was quiet and particularly peaceful, Chen Huan’s sang particularly well.

Shui Qianyu listened to it and felt stunned as she blankly stared at Chen Huan for a long time before she could regain her senses.

“So good~~”

She exclaimed with a clear voice.

At the same time, her beautiful eyes blinked as her face showed shyness. it was unclear what she was thinking about.

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