I Know Everything chapter 56

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Chapter 56: What happened?

The guitar stopped during Chen Huan’s shallow singing.

The song was over.

“The name is ‘Deskmate’ and it’s written for people to reminisce about their schools days.” Chen Huan declared to everybody, “I hope everyone likes it!”

*Clap, clap!*

A warm applause was heard.

“Good song!”

“I was reminded of my time in school, I miss it so much!”

“Xiao Huan really is a genius! This school-like sound is really suitable for our script!”

“Wasn’t he the person that created ‘Mama Do You Remember’? Of course he is!”


The group of people started to discuss it and praised him.

The newly joined crew was told the secret that Chen Huan was Lu Xiaofeng and now held no doubt about it.

Zhu Mei was also smiling as she nodded again and again.

This song gave off an innocent mood and made people think back to their beautiful school days.

The most beautiful part of ‘Love Letter’ were the school days of male and female Fang Shu.

This kind of story and songs were not only loved by the young people but also by the young adults that just entered their work fields.

With this, ‘Love Letter’s targeted audience group would be already built up.

Unlike ‘Mama Do You Remember’, ‘Deskmate’ could be released when advertising for the movie. There would definitely be more people that would come to watch the movie after the song attracted plenty of attention!

Speaking of which, the advertising department of Xuanwu Film made a big mistake. They thought a song written by a newcomer and sung by a second-tier singer wasn’t worth taking seriously.

Therefore, they didn’t mention ‘Mama Do You Remember’ at all during their publicity campaign and just used Zhu Mei’s name to attract her base of audience.

It wasn’t until ‘Mama Do You Remember’ became popular that they used that as advertising material.

But it was already too late and at least around 10 million was lost on the box office.

‘Love Letter’ didn’t receive any investments from film companies but instead it was Zhu Mei and Shui Qingshan that funded the movie with their own money. They had no restrictions and could implement their own ideas.

The director was only responsible for shooting the movie and couldn’t be involved with the rest of the matters. It was really a shame!

From this point alone, the masses didn’t have an optimistic view of ‘Love Letter’ but Zhu Mei got an unexpected gain.

She wasn’t the only one who gained something, Chen Huan also gained something.

*Ding Dong!*

“The song made by the weak chick host has been acknowledged by Zhu Mei and the crew. The system specially rewards ‘Advanced Mathematics (Beginner)’ skill for the weak chick host to grow further.”

After the ‘Good Lord’ was heard, a lot of mathematical knowledge was stuffed into Chen Huan’s mind.

At this moment, he had gained an understanding of a lot of difficult mathematical formula. He could suddenly understand many things he couldn’t before.

To put it simply, he felt that his ability in mathematics suddenly changed from garbage to a peerless master.

He would have rushed out and found a high school math book to check if he was hallucinating but it wasn’t the time for that.

He would feel safe if the Good Lord’s reward was real!

Chen Huan was still worried that he couldn’t improve his grade much when school started.

Especially mathematics, mathematics was a simple subject that didn’t compromise. There was only right or wrong and no third option.

Therefore, mathematics was also one of the most important subjects for college entrance examinations. As long he could improve his mathematical skills by 30 points along with his inevitable improvement in Chinese and English, he would surely pass the exam.

Chen Huan opened his eyes and looked at the surrounding people.

Everybody exclaimed their praise and didn’t notice that he was acting strange.

Or they had their eyes closed in tiredness as they listened to the music.

But he still found someone’s expression that didn’t have much of a reaction.

“Dong’er, is my song good?” Chen Huan sat in front of Han Dong’er and quietly asked.

Chen Huan felt very confident in ‘Deskmate’.

Because it was a classic song for young people and people fewer than 40 years old would get emotional.

The song and the lyrics were simple but it would give people a profound feeling.

People may not remember many songs but as long one liked art and music, they would remember ‘Deskmate’.

Most of the people born after the 70s would be able to sing a few sentences and should be able to hum to the song even if they were tone deaf.

That was why Chen Huan didn’t to try too hard to remember it clearly and he also sang the song when he was practicing guitar.

The lyrics were a bit blurry at first but he remembered it all again after a few more tries.

“It’s alright.” Han Dong’er simply said.

“Uh…” Chen Huan scratched his head, “Just alright?”

“I think it’s good, it’s a good song and very suitable and compatible with ‘Love Letter’!” Sun Yan gave rare praise to Chen Huan, “Now, I believe that Chen Huan is Teacher Liu Xiaofeng!”

“But it isn’t as good ‘Mama Do You Remember’, rather it’s far worse.” Han Dong’er wasn’t considerate at all.

“The two songs concepts, feelings and targeted audiences are completely different and shouldn’t be compared like this.” Sun Yan instantly followed while sneakily poking Han Dong’er to tell her to not speak anymore.

Sun Yan’s meaning was clear.

Teacher Lu Xiaofeng was so skilled and Han Dong’er’s popularity was declining now, couldn’t they ask him to write songs for her?

Maybe he would be able to write another one like ‘Mama Do You Remember’. Then wouldn’t he make a fortune?

Unfortunately, although Han Dong’er understood Sun Yan, her stance didn’t change at all.

The little empress’s world was very simple. Right was right, wrong was wrong, good was good, bad was bad and these things shouldn’t be confused.

If she felt touched by the song and she definitely would not lie about it.

This confused Chen Huan a little.

Of course, he wasn’t angry with Han Dong’er.

But he also noticed that ‘Deskmate’ didn’t cause a sensation like ‘Mama Do You Remember’.

At that time, almost everyone who listened to ‘Mama Do You Remember’ shed tears, which meant that it touched them deeply.

Although ‘Deskmate’ had received many good responses as well as was praised by everybody and nobody was against it, the feeling of people being moved by it was much weaker.

To say it simply, they didn’t feel it deeply.

What happened?!

Did it meant that his understanding was biased and that ‘Deskmate’ was much worse than ‘Mama Do You Remember’?

That shouldn’t be the case, right?

‘Deskmate’ was hailed as the no.1 campus ballad and it wasn’t only Chen Huan’s opinion but a lot of people agreed with him!

Am I right… Good Lord?

You already said that I completed the mission and even received the reward but why can’t I feel happy right now!?

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