I Know Everything chapter 55

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Chapter 55: The always yearning youth and her.

There was a song in his previous world.

Since its creation in the 1990s, it had been with the students ever since.

It was one of the most widely sung songs, even if there were millions of folk songs and campus songs.

 In 2013 there was once a group of Chinese people who sung this song at Time Squares in New York.

Although they were all actors from the movie that had the same name as the song, they were probably wishing to have the opportunity to sing it again.

Chen Huan remembered that he saw many people commenting under the video that they were crying after watching it.


Everyone who had graduated would cry if they listened to this song and sung it.

Most people wouldn’t feel sadness but rather yearning. They would miss the years of youth that would never come back.

Chen Huan didn’t tell Zhu Mei what song it was and chose to sing it himself instead.

The excited Shi Liyou immediately went to find a guitar after hearing that Chen Huan was about to sing again.

Because the shooting had ended, it was only the staff, Chen Huan, Han Dong’er and Sun Yan that remained.

There was no need to doubt it.

There were about only twenty people here.

Chen Qian and Guo Hang had already flown to the mountainous region in Shuchuan to adapt to the environment and try to get the feels to better their acting.

A group of actors who acted as the supporting cast also went there with them.

This part of the movie was just a two man show by Chen Huan and Han Dong’er. There was nothing else except maybe a part with Xiao Qiao.

And the actress that played Xiao Qiao was the head of the middle school’s drama club. She was more than good enough to play the small supporting role with her acting experience.

Now, even Xiao Qiao went back home and the crowd should have finished work already.

But Zhu Mei’s sudden interruption delayed everyone’s final minutes.

Most of the people from this group were from Zhu Mei’s normal team and the rest were people that she worked with often. That was why the team could be formed so quickly.

Most of the people here were present during the party at the small noodle shop that time.

So they were all the first people that listened to ‘Mama Do You Remember’.

Now, that they heard that Chen Huan would write another song and it was for ‘Love Letter’. They were excited and immediately came into the room.

After a while, it was full of people.

Including the few crew members who had never heard Chen Huan sing before. They were also attracted to the hype.

Han Dong’er, who was listening to ‘Mama Do You Remember, saw many people rushing into the room but she didn’t react at all.

She even wanted to leave so she couldn’t be bothered.

But Sun Yan pulled her and took off her headphones before she said with some anger, “My little miss, Chen Huan is about to write a song again! Get ready and listen!”

Han Dong’er then turned her gaze toward the boy who just got a guitar in his hand.

There was no doubt that Chen Huan was very good looking. Han Dong’er basically regarded everyone except her parents as strangers but she had to admit that this stranger was definitely the most handsome, even more handsome than her idol Su Mo.

Generally, it was easier for good looking men to earn favors rather than ordinary people.

This also caused them to be unwilling to study hard and only rely on their looks to earn their living.

From outside, Chen Huan seemed to be one of those.

According to Su Mo’s 40 years old look, Chen Huan could be handsome even when he reached 50 years old.

It was unknown how many rich young misses would crazily chase after him and as long he marries them, he would enjoy a lifetime of glory and wealth.

Some people were born winners in life. This sentence was extremely accurate when it concerned Chen Huan.

Even if Han Dong’er knew that Chen Huan was an orphan, did he ever really suffer since childhood?

As long she was a woman, no matter how old she was, she would never be willing to let Chen Huan suffer.

Therefore, Han Dong’er would feel skeptical if someone said that Chen Huan was talented.

She wouldn’t believe that ‘Mama Do You Remember’ was written by him if so many people didn’t confirm it.

Now, Chen Huan was about to compose a song right in front of her and it was supposed to be one suited for ‘Love Letter’. Han Dong’er started to take it seriously.

She put down her phone and stared at the boy who was seriously tuning the guitar.

Chen Huan wasn’t that skilled with a guitar. Han Dong’er who had more than 12 years of experience with guitars could tell.

Was it really possible for a songwriter that wasn’t skilled with a guitar to be able to create a superb classic like ‘Mama Do You Remember’?

Then he subsequently wanted to create another one?

Is he crazy?

While Han Dong’er was in her thoughts, Chen Huan began to play the instrument.

Chen Huan already started to sing before she heard the intro.

“Tomorrow will you still remember, the diary you wrote yesterday.”

“Tomorrow will you still miss, the you that loved to cry.”

“The teachers already forgot, the you that couldn’t answers question.”

“I too had to flip through photos, to find we were once deskmates.”

The first few sentences were very light as if he was muttering to himself. The tone was very suitable, beautiful and elegant, it sounded very pleasant.

The lyrics represented the school days and everyone smiled subconsciously at that.

Han Dong’er thought it was pretty good but it was nowhere near as good as ‘Mama Do You Remember’.

The singing stopped as the guitar continued playing.

Everyone that had some music knowledge knew that the chorus of the song was about to come.

“Who married the sentimental you, who read your diary.”

“Who braided your long hair, who made your wedding dress.”

But nobody thought that the chorus would be so short and would only encompass these two sentences.

The song was still super light and it sounded good but it didn’t give out as big of a emotional sure as it had previously.

Then Chen Huan started to sing the second paragraph,

“You used to be very shy, as you asked for half of my rubber.”

“You also inadvertently said, that you liked being with me.”

“Back then the skies was always blue, the days went by too slowly.”

“You always said that graduation was far away, we then suddenly split apart.”

“Who married the sentimental you, who comforted you who loved to cry.”

“Who read the letters I wrote to you, who threw away to them to wind.”

“Those days are long gone, I also have a wife now.”

“I’ll show her some pictures, and tell her about you my desk mate.”

“Who married the sentimental you, who comforted you who loved to cry.”

“Who braided your long hair, who made your wedding dress.”

“La, la, la, la, la, la…”

“La, la, la, la, la, la…”

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  2. Link to 同桌的你 . Previous comment @exqalph03 is accurate, it’s a popular song referenced in many transmigration novels (I Really Am a Superstar might’ve been the first). But for first timers it might be worth listening to.

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