I Know Everything chapter 54

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Chapter 54: Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.

Han Dong’er listened to Sun Yan’s exalted praise of ‘Mama Do You Remember’ and then looked at Chen Huan with a calm gaze. She felt the same as Sun Yan and didn’t find him reliable.

Chen Huan was just a 16-year-old boy.

How could such a young boy write such an emotional song?

She was a headstrong girl, hence choosing to directly ask him,

“Chen Huan!” Han Dong’er called his name for the first time, “Sing ‘Mama Do You Remember’, I want to hear it!”


Chen Huan softly and happily agreed.

Although Han Dong’er accepted to be his friend, except while acting, she almost never took the initiative to speak to him.

Now that she spoke up, it was a good opportunity for him to improve their relationship.

Han Dong’er’s personality was very unique and very rarely asked anything of people.

Since the ‘Good Lord’ gave out such a mission, he could only get closer to her and hope that if she ever needed help, she would think of him first.

But this mission was too hard and Chen Huan didn’t expect anything from it.

The little empress didn’t lack fame or money, in what way would he be able to assist her?

If asking him to sing a song counts as asking for help, would it mean that he was going to clear the mission?


But after singing ‘Mama Do You Remember’, he didn’t hear the familiar sound from the system and the ‘Good Lord’ was pretending to be a dead dog once again.

The mission wasn’t complete. He could only wait for the next opportunity.

“Your singing is not good at all.” There was no unexpected applause after the singing as the small empress said to Chen Huan in a solemn tone, “Your voice isn’t good enough and is too soft. You can’t sing such an emotional song!”

Chen Huan couldn’t say anything off the top his mind even after seeing Han Dong’er’s serious expression.

Sun Yan was already dissatisfied with Chen Huan so she poured more oil onto the fire. “Come Dong’er, let’s listen to the original version of Teacher Shui and also the version of Teacher Tangyuan. Those two versions are what you call stunning!”

Then Chen Huan listened from Sun Yan’s phone as she played the versions of Shui Qingshan and Tangyuan.

Shui Qingshan’s hoarse voice and the feeling of somebody that went through a lot as well as the context in ‘Paper Kite’, it combined into a perfect match.

But Tangyuan’s version was also very good.

His voice was powerful and strong. His version was less sad than Shui Qingshans but gave a bigger feeling of yearning.


After listening to the songs, Han Dong’er complimented them in a straightforward manner, “The two versions are good!”


Chen Huan went up and laughed.

He was the songwriter and was of course qualified to get a share of the credit.

But Han Dong’er didn’t even glance at him but instead took the headphones before playing back the song.

Ding Lun also saw that Han Dong’er was dissatisfied with Chen Huan’s singing skills. He hesitated before he chose to help Chen Huan a bit.

“When Boss Liao called a moment ago, he said he will get you and senior brother a big red packet to thank you profusely!” Zhu Mei smiled and helped Chen Huan clear the misunderstanding, “But senior brother said that you are a generous person and don’t want money for this song, so he asked Boss Liao to donate it to charity! How about it? Are you happy that senior brother thinks like you?”


I’m happy my ass!

Chen Huan smiled but that was what he was thinking.

I didn’t sell ‘Mama Do You Remember’ because it wasn’t suitable to sell it for money.

But why can’t I get a red packet?

You ask an orphan that has no more 20k in his bank to donate money, aren’t you too cruel?

But there were so many people here and Miss Han Dong’er was also here, one glance was enough to tell him that she was a vain person and if he behaved greedily, the friendship boat would sail away.

Moreover, the red packet had already been donated away by Shui Qingshan, what could Chen Huan do now?

Nobody needed to hit his face for him to look like a fatty. 

“Actually, I’m still wishing for something.” Zhu Mei said to Chen Huan. “Although Teacher Chu Liuxiang wrote an amazing script, a flower still needs its leaves. If Teacher Lu Xiaofeng get inspired again and give us another song that fits the theme, it would be great! What do you think?”

*Ding Dong*


I knew this garbage system would come out!

“The host that lives on plagiarism has finally acquired another opportunity to gain admiration and fame by plagiarism! The system has issued another mission.”

“In the fastest time possible, give director Zhu Mei a decisive answer and copy a song that is the most suitable for ‘Love Letter’.”

“If you complete the task on time and with good quality, the great system will reward you. Let’s go plagiarism!” 

You’ve become too much ‘Good Lord’!

It used to be a weak chick host but now you keep emphasizing on plagiarism again and again!

Can studying be called plagiarism?

If I can’t spread the precious wealth of that world with me here due to the two worlds being different, it will be waste!

I’m just spreading wisdom to people!

Do you understand?

Chen Huan suddenly felt refreshed again after venting for a while.

Then he began to ponder with a sigh.

Zhu Mei didn’t bother him when she saw him deep in thought.

She knew how creative Chen Huan was.

About the song ‘Mama Do You Remember’, she, Ding Lun and Shi Liyou had previously discussed whether the song was created before or if the inspiration came on the spot as he improvised.

The meaning behind the two was completely different.

If it was the former, it meant that Chen Huan was an excellent song writer.

If it was the latter, it meant that Chen Huan was without a doubt a master of music.

Everyone had their own opinion.

For example, Shi Liyou believed it was created on the spot.

The most convincing points were the fact that the lady was grieving about her mother and that there was a hat on her table.

How could it suit so well if it wasn’t created on the spot?

But Ding Lun thought differently as he felt it was practiced.

Because a song like ‘Mama Do You Remember’, was hard to sing without errors on the first try unless it was practiced numerously times before.

Both of them thought they were right and none of them could convince the other.

But no matter the truth, with the song ‘Mama Do You Remember’ alone, Chen Huan had become a famous songwriter and sat firmly on the first-tier.

This point was without doubt true.

Therefore, Zhu Mei didn’t worry about the theme for ‘Love Letter’ and just decided to propose for Chen Huan to compose it.

She didn’t dare to hope that he would be able to produce a song on the level of ‘Mama Do You Remember’ but it was enough as long it was close to 70% of its quality.

While Zhu Mei was in thought, Chen Huan raised his head with a smile,

“I have a song that might fit this movie.”, he said.

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