I Know Everything chapter 53

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Chapter 53: One song moves an entire movie.

The next few days of shooting weren’t very fast but the shots were well taken.

The two Fang Shu’s in ‘Love Letter’ didn’t require much acting skills.

The most important thing was that they were suitable for the roles and that they be able to show pure love through their acting in key scenes.

But it didn’t need to be too intense such “loving someone to death” or “being unable to live without someone”. Chen Huan and Han Dong’er’s acting didn’t need to be that exaggerated.

But one shouldn’t look down on exaggerated acting as not everyone could pull it off.

Even people at the level of Yang Mi and Xu Xiaoming couldn’t pull it off.

They needed to act like Ma Jintao in order to not annoy people. (Those are real actors the author is talking about, I didn’t get it since I don’t watch Chinese drama but Yang Mi is really pretty though.)

While they were shooting, Chen Huan also paid attention to getting more familiar with Han Dong’er.

In the movie, the two people never talked about their feelings but they definitely had some chemistry between them.

Therefore, there must have been at least be some tacit understanding between Chen Huan and Han Dong’er.

That connection was quite simple. As long as people lived together long enough, they would start to develop some form of understanding between each other.

Chen Huan was doing just that. He would chat with Han Dong’er whenever he was free and talk about different topic.

Of course, it was impossible for Han Dong’er to say much to him. Once they started chatting, it was mostly, “Oh.”. “En.”, “Huh?”. That was already considered a lot.

But Chen Huan didn’t get discouraged as he persisted with it.

This made the nearby Sun Yan feel vigilant.

You little gigolo, you want to seduce our family’s Dong’er?

This afternoon after shooting a scene, Chen Huan originally planned to go chat with Han Dong’er but he saw Zhu Mei, Ding Lun and Shi Liyou come back with a grin on their faces.

“You guys won the lottery?” Chen Huan first reaction to them was this.

“Of course not!” Zhu Mei was still more restrained but Ding Lun couldn’t stop his excitement, “Xiao Huan, ‘Paper Kite’s first week box office came first! It’s 15 million!”

“15 million in the first week?” Chen Huan asked with hesitation.

“Xiao Huan, you can’t be too greedy.” Shi Liyou seemed to have understood him as he said, “The box office of literary movies can’t be compared to those commercial films. First of all, the number of theatres screening it was limited. Xuanwu Filming got us onto 200 screens, which is already a very good number.

The ticket price for artsy films was also cheaper as they don’t have 3D or IMAX screens and were usually around 15 yuan. Moreover, we can’t be like those blockbusters and it is already very good for us if we can fill 30% of the seats on prime-time slots and weekends.

If we count it like that, do you think it’s still low for us to get 15 million in a week? You have to know, even if we add the 1 million for advertising, the whole movie didn’t cost more than 7 million! With the box office this week, we already secured back the capital and the next week will be pure profit! If we wait for 3 to 4 weeks, it won’t be a problem for us to earn dozens of millions more!”

“It was all thanks to Chen Huan’s ‘Mama Do You Remember’.” Zhu Mei also immediately praised him.

‘Mama Do You Remember’?

Han Dong’er, who was sitting boringly aside, perked up.


Sun Yan, who was resolutely guarding her little miss, suddenly exclaimed in surprise, “‘Mama Do You Remember’ was written by Chen Huan? Wasn’t Lu Xiaofeng a woman? How can it be him?”


Chu Liuxiang wrote the books and Lu Xiaofeng wrote the song.

Chen Huan was paying homage to Gu Long as he thought his character’s names were poetic and artistic. (Gu Long is the one who wrote the books that featured the two nicknames the MC is using.)

Han Dong’er turned her head towards her agent.

Unless it was related to music, she didn’t go online much, much less reading Weibo news.

Last time when Han Dong’er and Bu Yiyi’s fans quarreled, Han Dong’er only posted that because Sun Yan warned her about it.

While they were filming, Han Dong’er didn’t usually touch her cell phone so she didn’t know anything that happened outside.

Sun Yan was completely different as she had to collect information all around and learn about fashion before she could come back and discuss it with Han Dong’er.

She explained slowly to the small empress after seeing her confusion.

These days, ‘Paper Kite’ was very popular. The reason wasn’t because of its more than one million box offices sales per day, but because of the movies theme song.

The English song written by the newcomer Lu Xiaofeng and sung by the past second-tier rock singer Shui Qingshan were trending on social media since the release of ‘Paper Kite’.

On the first day, more than twenty music or entertainment bloggers rushed to recommend ‘Mama Do You Remember’ to the masses. Numerous people were moved and got emotional when they listened to the song.

Amongst them, the user I Love Mantis Shrimp with 17 million followers was the most excited.

“I’ve never shed tears when watching a movie before but when I heard a friends recommendation to go watch ‘Paper Kite’, and heard ‘Mama Do You Remember’, I couldn’t help but cry! The first thing I did was take the train back to my hometown and eat with my mother! Thank you Teacher Lu Xiaofeng! Thank you Teacher Shui Qingshan!”

Those Weibo celebrities, those professional celebrities in particular, had the most hardcore fans.

With their recommendation, everyone’s reaction was to search for the song.

Since it was the era of copyright in the internet, it didn’t matter if you wanted to listen to it one only needed to pay if they wanted to download it.

But ‘Mama Do You Remember’ gave them a surprise as it was free to download on several major music streaming services.

The explanation given on the page was this,

“Teacher Lu Xiaofeng hopes that this song written for mothers shall not be involved with money thus we are making the song available for free. Everyone is welcome to sing it if they wish to do so! But if it is used for commercial purposes, we hope you donate money to charity and don’t let down the hard work that Teacher Lu Xiaofeng put into it!”

Look at this!

Look at this!!

How cool is that?

How kind and beautiful is the heart of this song writer?

Based on these points alone, many already liked ‘Mama Do You Remember’ and Lu Xiaofeng before they even listened to the songs.

Even more people shed tears after listening to the song.

Hardly anyone wouldn’t feel touched by it when it came to the topic of motherly love.

There was no doubt that ‘Mama Do You Remember’ was very popular.

In just three days’ time, the song soared in the rankings of the major music websites and became the top song.

Of course, this song being the top was a bit lacking.

Because it was a free song, there would obviously be more people listening to and downloading it.

But no one talked bad of it.

The first reason was that ‘Mama Do You Remember’ was just too good as numerous music celebrities had publicly praised it as a classic song. On the first day, Wang Tangyuan recorded his studio version and uploaded it onto the net with a sincere post,

“To my mother, to Teacher Lu Xiaofeng, to my peers and to the next generation!”

The two heavenly kings Su Mo and Zhu Shengyu as well as Zhou Jing and Xu Ping, also sung ‘Mama Do You Remember’ and uploaded it for everyone to see.

The rest of the second and third-tier celebrities along with web celebrities also sung ‘Mama Do You Remember’.

With the support of these heavenly queens and kings, who dared calling ‘Mama Do You Remember’ a bad song? It was going against the mass and them.

The second reason was that ‘Mama Do You Remember’ was obvious a classic song that would make a lot of money without the need of publicity. However, Lu Xiaofeng decided since the beginning to let everybody download and sing it for free. This mindset attracted admiration.

The guy already let millions on millions of profits go, what could they say?

Were they qualified to say anything?

Therefore, ‘Mama Do You Remember’ was very popular these past few days and it was trending highly.

It was because of ‘Mama Do You Remember’ that ‘Paper Kite’ could get such good results.

Shi Liyou wasn’t wrong.

In fact, ‘Paper Kite’s first week was the best box office result from a literary movie this year!

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