I Know Everything chapter 52

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Chapter 52: Progress.

The small empress was surprised too but she endured after remembering Chen Huan’s words.

The next moment, Chen Huan said, “Now, just look into my eyes.”

Han Dong’er did as he said.

So, they just stared at each other.

Chen Huan’s eyes were clear.

Han Dong’er’s gaze was the same.

The two pure hearted people just looked into each other’s eyes like that and attracted the attention of everyone around them.

Zhu Mei subconsciously motioned with her hand toward Ding Lun. He softly nodded to indicate that he was already recording.

Even if this scene couldn’t be used, it could be used as material in the blooper reel.

Chen Huan’s face was obviously thicker as he stared at the small empress with an earnest and serious gaze.

But Han Dong’er was a thin faced person who was not very sociable. One could describe her as a natural dork.

She started to feel uncomfortable after staring at Chen Huan for a few minutes.

However, she also knew that it was an experiment and it was for the movie.

Her acting just now was really bad, the little empress knew that much but she couldn’t change it. At least she couldn’t change it by herself.

Since Chen Huan’s experiment was obviously trying to help her, she must endure it not matter how embarrassing and uncomfortable it is.

But after some time, Han Dong’er’s face naturally broke down and changed expressions after she and Chen Huan kept staring at each other like lovers.

She herself could feel that her face started to turn red and she couldn’t understand whether it was because of embarrassment or irritation. The mood was very awkward.


Then, Chen Huan tightened his grip on her smooth hand, “Dong’er, that’s it! That’s the feeling! You must remember this feeling, this is the emotion you need to show!”

It’s like this?

Han Dong’er was a bit stunned.

A thoughtful expression was revealed by just a slight change on her face.

Then she closed her eyes.

The originally happy surprised Zhu Mei was like a deflating ball as she sighed in resignation after Han Dong’er’s expression reverted.

But Zhu Mei rejoiced again the next moment.

Because the small empress opened her eyes again and stared at Chen Huan with the previous embarrassed and irritated expression.


Zhu Mei knew that what the two needed the most at this moment was encouragement, “Very good! Dong’er, you’re doing great! You’ll perform well if you act just like that!”

Then she turned towards Chen Huan and said, “Chen Huan, can’t you act more naturally? How about we have Dong’er give you some pointers? You just taught her, now let her teach you.”

The group of students started to laugh loudly.

Chen Huan had a headache when they spoke of his problems.

He also found that the small empress had a trace of a smile in her eyes.

“No need, she’s born with that cold expression it’s something I can’t learn.” Chen Huan let go of Han Dong’er’s hand and folded his arms, “Let me try it again!”


Zhu Mei decided to believe in Chen Huan, “Everyone take a three-minute break and we’ll officially start again! Help us a few more times! Then the crew will treat you to a meal this afternoon!”


The group of students cheered.

They could act with the small empress and eat a sumptuous meal; their life was wonderful!

Chen Huan went to sit at his own seat.

He took a deep breath and began to think about Takashi Kashiwabara’s acting again.

Be cold!

Be cold!

But he couldn’t completely imitate him.

While he was training, he once more imagined female Fang Shu’s embarrassed expression.

He kept thinking about the expression and felt that there was also a barely noticeable quickening of his heartbeat.

The three minutes passed quickly.

The teacher started his roll call again after Zhu Mei’s order.

“Fang Shu!”



Two different voices resounded at this moment.

They looked at where the voices came from.

The eyes of the two people caught each other.

Amidst the laughter and discussion of the students, Chen Huan’s face was cold but a light also passed over his eyes.

Han Dong’er put her hands on the table as she looked at Chen Huan with reddened cheeks and a look signifying annoyance and embarrassment.

They looked at each other for two to three seconds but their message was conveyed. Their respective expressions seemed appropriate this time.

“Good! Very good!”

Zhu Mei’s voice loudly resounded, “This scene is done! Chen Huan, Dong’er, you guys finally did it! Everybody worked hard, let’s all go for a meal! We’ll continue in the afternoon!”

Chen Huan and Han Dong’er felt a sense of accomplishment after the successful take.

The next scene was the election of the class representative and the acting of both of them was much better this time.

Because of the teasing of the two people with the same name received, the other students deliberately pranked them and tried to make turn them into a couple. Those shallow pranks were also very popular and common in high school.

But the whole class’s teasing deeply hurt and embarrassed the timid female Fang Shu.

Therefore, when the two of them were selected as ‘librarians’, female Fang Shu wept in tears while everyone else laughed.

The male Fang Shu didn’t have a reaction while he was ridiculed by everyone but he couldn’t bear it this time as he directly went up to the female Fang Shu and kicked down the male students who were mocking her for crying.

The male Fang Shu didn’t even throw a glance at the female Fang Shu as he glared around at his classmates before leaving the classroom.

The expression of this scene was also in line with their acting at the beginning of the school year. The shy and embarrassed look of the female Fang Shu, the expressionless male Fang Shu, it was scene filled with pity.

In fact, there was another layer in that scene.

After the female Fang Shu’s dad died and the male Fang Shu left high school, she went to school only to find out there was a flower pot placed on male Fang Shu’s table.

Then a female student told her that male Fang Shu transferred out of school.

The female Fang Shu planned to get along with the male Fang Shu this semester but didn’t expect to never see him again. With her fellow students’ past pranks and the anger she felt inside, she took the flower pot and threw it to the ground.

Then she turned around and left the classroom under everyone’s gaze.

At that moment, she couldn’t understand how she was feeling.

But it was certain that she must have thought of the time when she and male Fang Shu met for the first time, when school just started and when male Fang Shu knocked down the students that were mocking her.

Returning to the present.

Chen Huan and Han Dong’er couldn’t be said to be familiar with those situations but they still had some experience.

With training and adjusting their state of mind, they successfully shot the scene in five takes.

Zhu Mei thought it could still be polished a bit. Maybe the two of them would get better later.

But she also knew that pushing them too far wasn’t good.

This was just their first day of acting officially. It was already great for them to be at this level.

This should be attributed to Han Dong’er being suitable for the role and Chen Huan being the author of ‘Love Letter’ and knowing the different characters mentalities and behavior. Otherwise they probably wouldn’t have been able to shoot even one successful take that day.

They could afford to take it slow and let them get adjusted to the feeling of ‘Love Letter’ and that would be enough.

Because the critical factor of this movie was youthful and pure love, so their performance was crucial! 

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