I Know Everything chapter 51

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Chapter 51: Initially Unfavorable.

Dongguang Road Middle School, Lin’an suburb.

The place where ‘Love Letter’ was being filmed wasn’t some bustling city.

Otaru, the original shooting place, was also a very small city.

It was through the lack of a bustling environment that the gentleness of the story could be brought out.

If it was in a big city, there would probably some overbearing students disrupting the filming or something equally annoying during the production.

So Shi Liyou chose this suburban school.

There was a hill filled with trees not far from the school.

Through this way, they didn’t need to find another place for the scene where male Fang Shu made a paper bag with two eyeholes before catching up to female Fang Shu with his bicycle and putting the paper bag over her head.

Chen Huan felt that it was a pity.

Because of the season and the people who were currently on vacation, ‘Love Letter’s shooting location was split between two places unlike a single place like the famous Otaru, which Chen Huan felt was a pity.

But he didn’t have time to lament.

On the third day since Han Dong’er arrived, which was Monday the 28th of July, ‘Love Letter’s film crew would officially start filming at Dongguang Road Middle School.

The reason why they were filming in Dongguang Road Middle School wasn’t only because it was in the suburbs but because it had 12 classes spread across three floors. It was relatively small and very suitable for the scripts setting.

During this time, it was still summer vacation and the school was empty, which was convenient for the film crew to work with.

It was just there were a lot of students that came for a chance to appear in a movie. So, the school selected some students, especially those with prior acting experience and sent them to participate in the filming of the movie.

Those students would already be very happy if they appeared on TV, let alone a movie.

They heard that the small empress, Han Dong’er, came and become even more excited. Those who weren’t selected, cried in sadness.

The first scene to be filmed was the start of the new school year when the teacher was during the roll call of the students.

In this part, the most important was when the Teacher called out ‘Fang Shu’, two people called “here” in the same time and the male and female Fang Shu looked at each other.

The teacher was played by a real math teacher.

Anyway, he only appeared once in the movie to do a roll call and didn’t need to have good acting skills. He only needed to do a normal roll call.

“Jia Zhen!”


“Wu Huochun!”


“Chen Tong!”


“Fang Shu!”



The two people that answered at the same time were stunned.

Their classmates were also staring at these two who answered at the same time.

Even the teacher looked in surprise, “The same name!”

“Haha, this is the first time I’ve seen something like this!”

The students looked around before grinning as they started to joke around.

This was a rather embarrassing scene that made the two high schoolers feel embarrassed and unwilling to get along with each other during the three years in high school.

In fact, this also determined the fate of the two people for life.

When filming this scene, Ding Lun arranged a total of five cameras to film every corner of the classroom.

This was definitely more than the original but Chen Huan wouldn’t intervene on this since Ding Lun was the professional.

All he needed to do was to pay attention to his own acting.

But acting was obviously not that easy.


Zhu Mei, who was standing in a corner, shouted again.

The noisy classroom turned quiet.

“Chen Huan, your expression isn’t cold enough! Not cold enough!” Zhu Mei said with a small loudspeaker, “Being cold isn’t only frowning but a natural cold countenance! You’re too nervous, relax!”

After a short pause, she turned her head towards Han Dong’er, “Dong’er, your expression should instead be shy and curious instead of being expressionless, what was that? Who has no expression when there’s a glaring competition?”

The group of students all lowered their heads and laughed.

The first mistakes were made by them but after they got more proficient in performing their role, most of the successive mistakes were made by Chen Huan and Han Dong’er.

This scene shouldn’t be looked down on even if it lasted a minute or so in the movie. This was the first reminiscence of the grown up Fang Shu and it held a lot of meaning for him.

This was also the first appearance of male Fang Shu in the whole movie.

The movie was already more than halfway through and the male lead finally made his first appearance.

If the ‘coward’ didn’t give out much of an impression, ‘Love Letter’ probably would have just been a mediocre movie so this scene has to be shot well.

To this end, Zhu Mei had shot the scene 7 times.

The students were given 10 minutes of rest after every take and were each given drinks and pastries to sooth their tired minds.

But the male and female protagonist weren’t that lucky as they had to listen to Zhu Mei’s comments.

In fact, Zhu Mei’s major concern was still Han Dong’er as Chen Huan’s shortcoming was that he had never acted before so he didn’t have a sense for how to position himself towards the camera.

This made Chen Huan unintentionally face the camera numerous times.

Although Han Dong’er never acted before, she came from the singing industry and knew how to deal with cameras being pointed at her.

Her problem was trying to change her usual indifferent expression into one of a genuinely immature young girl.

With two days of practice, the two of them had their lines mostly memorized but the feelings behind them weren’t there.

After thinking about it, Zhu Mei took them aside again, “You guys, think about how to change yourself! If it still doesn’t work, we will skip this scene and shoot the other scenes first!”

“There’s no need in doing that.”

Chen Huan was also trying to find a way as he said to Han Dong’er, “Dong’er, can you trust in me this one time?”

The two had gotten familiar with each other after acting together.

Even if that little empress was quite cold, Chen Huan could still make jokes that made her happy and speak with her relaxingly.

Han Dong’er’s coldness was just as Sun Yan said, it was against unfamiliar people while not taking the initiative to socialize. It wasn’t the type that looked down on others.

With Chen Huan’s method of getting closer, he must act without shame and continue to make jokes to tease her even if she looks at him with cold eyes. There was no other way with Han Dong’er.

Han Dong’er looked at him as she thought about it before nodding slightly.

She still wasn’t very familiar with Chen Huan but he was very serious whenever he practiced his lines and wasn’t only joking around with her.

He would immediately follow the lead no matter which line of the script she recited. This made her admire Chen Huan a lot.

Based on this alone, Han Dong’er felt that he wanted to break the situation. She might as well listen to what he wanted to do.

As the result, Chen Huan really didn’t hesitate as he directly took Han Dong’er’s hand the moment she agreed.

“Holy shit!”

The few boys who were watching on the sidelines blurted out.

Comrade, aren’t you going too far?

Relying on your good looks, what do you want to do to our idol?

It wasn’t only the boys who were resentful, the female students were also indignant.

 Although Han Dong’er was very beautiful, she was the “Facially Paralyzed Fairy” and “Dorky”, how could she be girlfriend material?

Let’s not talk about acting, if student Chen Huan wants a real girlfriend, it’s better if you choose us youthful girls!

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