I Know Everything chapter 50

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Chapter 50: First meeting.

Han Dong’er obviously didn’t break the contract.

Not only that, her agent, Sun Yan even took the initiative to request coming three days earlier.

Zhu Mei couldn’t have hoped for anything else.

Han Dong’er was originally from Lin’an but went to Rongcheng(Chengdu) when she was signed by Yongren Studio. So she stayed in Rongcheng.

In fact, she had nothing to do except practice vocal exercises every few days. She was usually listening to songs or staying at home.

In general, she wasn’t a very sociable girl and like her appearance, she was quite distant and quiet.

Knowing her personality, the super busy Zhu Mei took Chen Huan with her to receive Han Dong’er when she flew back to Lin’an.

It was weird if one talked about it.

The lead female role, Qiu Lingxin, and the lead male role, Fang Shu, never appeared at the same time in the movie.

The whole filming could be divided into two parts.

The first part was Qiu Lingxin and the grown up female Fang Shu along with Ye Mo who was accompanying Qiu Lingxin.

The second part was male Fang Shu and female Fang Shu. They appeared when the grown up Fang Shu thought about her past and also when Qiu Lingxin narrating.

Although the story of the two Fang Shu’s only appears at the second half of the movie, their ignorant love was undoubtedly the most appreciated and pitiful aspect of the whole movie.

Therefore, although Qiu Lingxin was the lead female role and the actress that played her also played the grown up Fang Shu who shared the same appearance and appeared for most of the movie,the male and female Fang Shu’s in their high school days were the finishing touch that gave the movie its charm.

Since the role of the female Fang Shu was so important, it was normal for Chen Huan to handpick her since he also played the lead male role.

A member from the crew acted as their driver and held a sign with ‘Sun Yan’ written on it to pick them up at the exit.

After a while, Han Dong’er and Sun Yan got into the car.

Chen Huan immediately smelled a faint fragrance. It was definitely not a perfume as it smelled too natural.

This should be the so called fragrance that comes from a girl’s body.

Then he and Han Dong’er crossed eyes.

The first thing Han Dong’er saw was also Chen Huan.

But she was exactly like the rumors as her eyes expressionlessly passed over him as she looked at Zhu Mei with the same expression.

“Hello Director Zhu, I’m Han Dong’er.” She opened her mouth and spoke.

Chen Huan’s eyes lit up when he saw how she spoke.

He realized why she was called the ‘Facially Paralyzed Fairy’ and ‘Dorky’. Her personality was  plain and boring but she still had 20 million Weibo followers and many fans of music bought her works.

The reason lied in her unique voice.

Han Dong’er’s voice was pleasant to listen to, it wasn’t too shrill or thick. It was between the two, as if it was bright and clear.

With such a voice, much less than singing, it would be equally as nice to listen to if she just talked.

It felt like he was eating ice cream on a hot summer day.

*Ding Dong*

“The acute and great ‘Nobody is better than me’ system smells the taste of spring. Considering that the weak chick host has always been single so far and never tasted the joys of life, a missions is being issued.”

“In half a year, the host needs to win Han Donger’s admiration so that she asks the host for help.”

“If the host can successfully help Han Dong’er solve her problem, the system will give out a mysterious gift, look forward to it!”


I knew ‘Good Lord’ would choose this time to pop out.

But can you be a bit more original? It’s mysterious gift every time! Does it make you happy to play with me like that?

Let’s not mention Chen Huan’s inner voice anymore.

Zhu Mei also appreciated her voice but not as much as Chen Huan. She was sitting next to Chen Huan as she asked Han Dong’er and Sun Yuan to sit in front of them.

“Miss Han, I’d like to thank you first!” Zhu Mei said honestly, “Our cast had been declared by people to be carelessly put together, but you haven’t given up on us.”

“You’re too polite.” Han Dong’er said, “I really like ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles’ and I also believe in Teacher Chu Liuxiang.”

She only said she trusted in Chu Liuxiang but not that she trusted Zhu Mei.

The car was moving slowly at this time, Sun Yuan quickly spoke up after hearing Han Dong’er, “Director Zhu, you don’t have to be so polite. You can just call her Dong’er. She doesn’t speak much and isn’t very expressive. Actually, she’s just a shy girl, just like the little brother sitting next to you.”

“You should have guessed who he is, right?” Zhu Mei said while blinking her eyes.

“Male Fang Shu.” Han Dong’er simply replied.

“I thought so too.” Sun Yan added, “I couldn’t even turn my eyes away from him when I first saw him. It’s hard to imagine that someone can compare to Su Mo in terms of appearance.”

“This is just a beautiful bag of skin, this isn’t something to be praised.” Chen Huan said to them with a smile, “I’m Chen Huan and play the part of male Fang Shu. In two days, I will be working together with Miss Han. I hope that us two rookies of the acting circle can support and work with each other to play our roles well. Also lets give the people who talked shit about us what they deserve.”

Sun Yan was dumbfounded by him.

Chen Huan had such an unparalleled appearance but swore as soon she heard him. One couldn’t really judge a person by their appearance!

But Han Dong’er felt very refreshed when he heard this high schooler speak. He didn’t speak in a roundabout manner and just said what he thought.


She nodded and showed her appreciation towards Chen Huan.

“Dong’er, you and Xiao Huan’s part will take around twenty days to film.” Zhu Mei said, “But we need to travel to the northern mountains of Shuchuan, we have a few scenes to film there, is that okay with you?”

“No.” Han Dong’er’s reply was very simple.

“Our schedule is very tight. After settling at the hotel, you will have to start preparing your part with Chen Huan!” Zhu Mei said casually, “Don’t be nervous, your part isn’t difficult.”


Han Dong’er glanced at Chen Huan and asked, “Are you nervous?”

“I’m not.” Chen Huan said, “It’s just that I will need to hide my emotions when we start acting. I hope you can give me pointers.”

Han Dong’er hadn’t completely read the script yet but she thought that a straightforward person like Chen Huan acting with a emotionless face , would be a movie highlight.

“You don’t have to think about much. Just imagine everyone in front of you as air.” The small empress pondered for a bit before giving a few pointers to Chen Huan.

“Not really.” Sun Yan spoke up after Han Dong’er and motioned to her to not speak so crudely before he tried to remedy the situation, “Just keep the mentality and don’t force it. Han Dong’er is just a natural and isn’t deliberately posing.”

Chen Huan inwardly laughed when he heard that.

It probably was hard for Sun Yan to take care of a celebrity like Han Dong’er.

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