I Know Everything chapter 48

Chapter 48: Stepping stone.

“Chen Huan, we’re about to start filming in a few day, you should revise the script but why are you scribbling some shit right there?”

Shui Qianyu said in dissatisfaction in the computer room.

Because Chen Huan went straight to the computer room after Zhu Mei left last night and even slept in the room.

He wasn’t playing games but typing on the keyboard frantically.

Shui Qianyu knew he had talent for writing but his main priority was to prepare to film ‘Love Letter’.

Shui Qianyu thought, wasn’t he getting too arrogant for ignoring his priorities?

Although this guy changed, he shouldn’t change like to this!

“This is not some shit.” Chen Huan got tired of typing so turned around and said to the cute girl beside him, “Xiao Shuishui, I’m doing some extra preparation for the filming.”

“Preparation?” Shui Qianyu pondered before she said, “Do you want to write ‘Love Letter’ as a novel and publish it so it can gain a bit of popularity and more people would watch the film?”

“You’re so smart.” Chen Huan smiled, “Unfortunately, you’re wrong.”

Shui Qianyu smile stiffened.

Then she viciously hit Chen Huan.

“Chen Huan! Are you getting itchy?” This little girl already hit someone but she still ferociously threatened him, “Spit it out! Don’t waste my time!”

“I’m indeed writing a short story to help ‘Love Letter’ have a better visibility in the Busan International Film Festival.” Chen Huan moved the mouse around for a bit before choosing to print and looked at Shui Qianyu, “Take a look at it, I’ve only written a third of it.”

“Miracle in Cell No.7…” (South Korean Film directed by Lee Hwan Kyung.)

When the printing sound was over, Shui Qianyu picked up the paper that was still warm and read the title.

She held the manuscript and slowly read it.

Shui Qianyu threw the manuscript away after reading just a few paragraphs.

“Chen Huan!”

She shouted out loudly and her voice was even trembling.

Chen Huan was staring at the screen with focus when he turned around and saw Shui Qianyu’s reddened eyes.

“What kind of story did you write? Who writes like that? Are you an idiot? Huh?” Shui Qianyu balled her fist like an onion and berated him, “Is there stories like yours? Which country police chief is that bad? Which country’s jurisdiction system is that careless? Why are you so cruel!?”

Chen Huan smiled and reached out to pat her head but Shui Qianyu swatted it away.

“That story just started…” Chen Huan held her hand and looked at her as he said, “You can continued reading without worry. There always will many injustices in this word, but there always will be warm sunshine that can pierce through the dark clouds.”

“I’ll read when you finish it!”

Shui Qianyu’s bad feeling got even stronger after hearing Chen Huan. She quickly got away from him and left the room.

Chen Huan didn’t stop her either and continued to write his story.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was very famous move in South Korea, the 2013 box office champion and a super tear-jerker movie!

When Chen Huan watched it with his girlfriend, not only all the tissues were used by his girlfriend but he also burst out in tears.

It wasn’t only them as only one out of ten people didn’t have red eyes after seeing it, which was still considered as a loss for Chen Huan.

In it, good and evil, joy and sadness, were all intertwined together. The people were completely unprepared when the waves of emotion washed over.

Often, you would smile as you watched it and then suddenly you would cry.

This was also one of the few movies that Chen Huan could remember most of the plots.

With his experience of writing ‘Love Letter’ script, he this time transformed ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ into a simple novel.

It was a bit easier this time.

The most important point was that Chen Huan clearly remembered the important plots in it such as the balloon symbolizing escaping from the prison such as the scene with the father and daughter with those bad uncles in the same cells, such as the scene where the father kept crazily saying ‘I was wrong’ during the execution or the simple words from the daughter.

As long those storyline could be linked, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ could mostly be completed.

Although it was 2015 in this world, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ hadn’t been in filmed in South Korea as Chen Huan checked the top 100 box-office in South Korean but didn’t see a trace of it.

This should have been the fifth masterpiece with crazy box office in South Korea.

He would use it to promote ‘Love Letter’ in Busan International Film Festival at South Korea. As someone who went through transmigration, Chen Huan must not embarrass his fellow seniors.

Although he didn’t have any crazy memory recall or super powers, and his garbage system was little to no use, what he experienced and saw in his original world could still be used.

The one that was the most suitable for the place where the festival was held, was ‘Train to Busan’, but the movie was too complicated and Chen Huan couldn’t express those crazy zombies with his current skills.

He could only write simple and short story for now, simple urban stories, stories that could happen in everyday life.

So Chen Huan chose ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

The first reason was his girlfriend and him went to watch it again for a total of three times and even bought a DVD to watch it at home. So he could remember it vividly.

The second reason was ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was very suited to impress fans who liked artsy movies.

As long they knew that the author of ‘Love Letter’ was actually also the author of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, they would pay more attention to it.

It would be a huge victory as long they were attracted into the festival’s screening room.

With the support of the audience, he shall not speak about the jury award, but they should be at least compete for the audience’s favorite movie.

What Chen Huan had to do now was to carefully polish the story.

Then he had to publish it in South Korea as soon as possible so they could catch the attention of the people in Busan International Film Festival in September.

He had around two months to exploit it. ‘Miracle in Cell N.7’ would definitely live up to its frenzy that I set off back in his original world’s South Korea.

With that, ‘Love Letter’ would have better guarantee to success!

As for the distribution channel, Chen Huan naturally had a solution.

Qiantang Evening News was the biggest name and the largest media group in Zhejiang, they certainly had a large network in the publishing industry.

Over the years, due to the various countries starting to deepen their exchanges, they should be connected to South Korea.

Chen Huan didn’t care about the size of the publishing house.

No matter which publishing house, as long it could be published, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was predestined to succeed!

Chen Huan was absolutely confident about that.

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