I Know Everything chapter 47

Chapter 47: Breakthrough is very simple.

Shui Qianyu saw their appearance and started to get anxious too.

She poked at Chen Huan with her hand and said, “Do you have an idea?”

“I have.” Chen Huan said with a smile.

Everyone looked up and saw his grinning face before shaking their heads in disappointment.

No one could come up with anything, what idea could a little boy come up with?

Chen Huan didn’t mind them as he asked, “When is the nearest international film festival? Where is it?”

“Of course it’s the Busan International Film Festival in September, you…” Shi Liyou stopped at halfway, “You… Xiao Huan, are you planning to have ‘Love Letter’ participate?”

“Can’t we?” Chen Huan asked back.

“We can! Of course we can!” Ding Lun immediately reacted as he exclaimed while slamming the table, “’Lover Letter’ is such a good script and we participate in this literacy film heavy festival, we will be able to get a lot of benefit!”

“As long we get a good reputation at the Busan International Film Festival, the domestic film companies and theaters will surely be willing to release our movie! The audience would also look forward to watch it!” Shi Liyou also gave his opinion, “Xiao Huan, you’re really bold and confident!”

Everybody knew the potential after hearing his words.

Chen Huan must have a lot confidence in ‘Love Letter’ if he dared to have the movie participate in the Busan International Film Festival.

But Zhu Mei, who had read the script a dozen of times, was also very confident about it. “Okay! That’s how we do it! If we can’t find anyone to help us release the movie after finishing filming, we’ll go to Busan!”

She was also ready for two options.

After the film was finished, they could get the film companies to watch.

It would be great if they were willing to arrange but if they weren’t willing, the Busan International Film Festival was a great place to gain fame.

“Then we will get it done as soon as possible!” Shui Qingshan said, “Mei, quickly get the estimated budget and I will prepare the funds. It’s alright if it’s a bit more, your senior brother has a lot of old savings.”

“I can’t let you pay.” Zhu Mei shook her head, “I also have a house in Huajing and I brought it three years ago, the price has inflated quite a bit. I think I can get 3 million if I mortgage it.”

“3 million is just an approximate price and in addition to filming, don’t you need to go to South Korea to promote it? The team at least needs money to drink and sleep right?” Shui Qingshan said, “How about this, if you don’t agree, we can split the bill and each one of us put 3 million. We will have a better funding and better production with this.”

“Okay, let’s do that.” Zhu Mei nodded in agreement, “I won’t take any director pay and see if it earns any money.”

People who made movie, even literacy film director, wanted to have more funds so there was more room to make changes.

“Sister Mei, you don’t have to pay me this time. I already got so much money before that it doesn’t matter if I don’t get pay for a movie.” Ding Lun said, “I’ll do like you and Xiao Huan, wait until the movie make a benefice before having a share.”

“Me too.” Shi Liyou said, “Sister Mei, you don’t have say anything else. Me and Old Ding have taken a lot before, we can take the dividend but there are still those old guys who needs to support their families, so they need the normal payment.”

Zhu Mei didn’t say much and patted the both of them. “Old Ding, Old Shi, I won’t say much about how grateful I am. The fact I have you two friends in my life was the greatest luck in my career!”

The few people looked at each other and laughed as they didn’t need to talk to understand each other.

“Sister Mei, you don’t need to be so sentimental.” Shi Liyou said, “A man of the caliber of Chu Liuxiang is confident to take dividend instead, maybe we are going to get more by choosing dividend.”

Zhu Mei smiled and shook her head.

It was known that it was difficult for literacy film to make money. There was no good solution for it even at the world scale.

The market in America was very developed and there were various ways to ensure the movie to make money outside of the box office such as DVD, copyright, etc.

The rest of the world, even if countries like Japan and Korea who like literacy movie, wouldn’t be able to avoid losing money or barely earn anything.

It was already amazing for the occasional movie to earn the double of their investment.

Therefore, when they talk about how much ‘Love Letter’ dividend was going to be, it was mostly just hopeful discussion and nothing realistic.

Her biggest hope was for the movie to win several awards and for the box office to break even, which was enough for her.

Chen Huan didn’t tell about his opinion on it. One, because this world was different than his own. Two, people would think he was shamelessly boasting.

As for winning awards, not only Chen Huan didn’t doubt it, Zhu Mei and the others didn’t doubt it either.

“If we’re participating in the Busan International Film Festival at the end of September, we have to speed up even more.” Zhu Mei returned to her usual countenance, “We are late July, how about we start on Monday 28th?”

She asked Ding Lun and Shi Liyou.

These two were not only responsible for the photography and costume design but also her best assistants that were responsible for a lot the crew’s preparation.

That was why their income was much higher than the other members of the crews.

“Hm, there is no problem for Lin’an as I already found a school and house for the scene.” Shi Liyou said.

“I will take a plan to the mountainous area of Shuchuan to ask the local to coordinate and settle the matter.” Ding Lun also said informatively.

“Aunty Mei.” Chen Huan thought up of a problem, “Xu Dong gave up Ye Mao’s role, who can replace him? His role isn’t to be taken lightly off.”

It wasn’t only not light. Ye Mao’s was basically present thorough the movie.

He would be constantly with the heroine, comforting her and supporting her. He was a very gentle and warm man that played an important role.

“I already thought about it this afternoon. I’ll take someone from Huhai opera.” Zhu Mei said, “His name is Guo Hang. He is a very good actor and has no fault except his lack of fame.”

“Huh?” Ding Lun exclaimed in surprise. “Hang? That’s great! He should have such an opportunity long ago!”

Shi Liyou nodded again and again. It was obvious he appreciated the actor.

Chen Huan didn’t know who he was but Ding Lun told him about Guo Huang.

Guo Hang was 30 years old this year. After graduating from Huahai Opera, he couldn’t find a gig in acting for various reasons and had to go to theatre play all kind of background roles for three years.

Then he got a chance it act on screen but became a background characters for 4 years straight and didn’t even get a supporting role.

Zhu Mei and Guo Hand worked together before. He played for 12 seconds and gave a wonderful performance that impressed Zhu Mei and the crews.

Now that Xu Dong left, the cast wasn’t filled with reputable actress anyways, the film company wasn’t going to invest anyway, nobody would care if they added Guo Hang into the cast!

Chen Huan also thought the same after hearing them.

Fucking Hell!

Now it was basically like relying on the old and the weak to fight the war!

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