I Know Everything chapter 39

Chapter 39: Bu Yiyi.

Chen Huan knew nothing about Zhu Mei’s director capability.

But Chen Huan admired her ability to take care of matters.

It was only the next afternoon and she called Chen Huan to tell him that the audition would be held 9 am tomorrow in Lin’an City, xxBuilding, conference room 801.

Shui Qianyu held no interest in those things and she also had to help the shop at the morning so Chen Huan went there alone.

He arrived at 8:30 am.

Zhu Mei already told him to take the elevator K that could directly reach the conference room no.801 since not much person took it. After Chen Huan asked a guard for the direction, he went around and arrived to a remote place where the elevator K was.

There were five people waiting in the elevator.

Three men and two women.

One of the women was tall and had a typical vase figure. Although she was wearing sunglasses and sun hat, Chen Huan who had seen her resumed and picture before, naturally recognized her.

Bu Yiyi.

The small flower beauty, Buyiyi.

The five people all looked back when they saw someone coming.

Bu Yiyi’s eyes lit up after seeing such a handsome young man.

“Little brother, you came today to audition, right?” Bu Yiyi asked.

Bu Yiyi’s was a bit deep but it wasn’t muddy and it was even a bit magnetic.

This wasn’t in line with her 18 years old but it added a layer of charm.

“I’m not.”

Chen Huan replied casually.

Bu Yiyi felt curious after seeing him replying casually without staring at her and acted in a very indifferent manner.

“Do you know who I am?” Bu Yiyi asked.

“Yes.” Chen Huan nodded his head.

“Then why aren’t you excited? With such a beautiful celebrity in front of you, you should at least sneak a few glances, right?” Bu Yiyi asked curiously.

Her assistant, Wang Xi, couldn’t but facepalm. Okay, this girl with an outgoing personality started to go off again.

“I’ve seen your pictures.” Chen Huan replied briefly again.

“And then? It’s that all?” Bu Yiyi said.

“The elevator is here.” Chen Huan pointed at the door that made a ding sound before walking in.

“I get it!” Bu Yiyi followed right behind and said in realization, “It is because you like men?”

Chen Huan: “…”

This Lord had a fist as big as a sandbag, did you see it?

After seeing he didn’t answer, Bu Yiyi shook her head and said, “Tsk, I knew it, a little boy that have such a unfair handsome appearance is definitely crooked. We women are so unlucky!”

Her northeastern accent made Chen Huan smile.

After all, this girl was the classic Yuzhou gal.

“Miss Bu, I like women and I’m a pure man.” Chen Huan said in a helpless tone as he pushed the 8th floor button. “Don’t you dislike people that rush over and beg for your attention? Don’t you celebrity like that nobody bother you all the time?”

“Eh, what you said made a lot of sense.” Bu Yiyi smiled cheerfully but it broke off the next moment when she spoke again, “But if I walk on the street and there aren’t a few fan like that, I won’t get used to it and feel like I’m out of breath.”

“So celebrities are in fact like normal people. You won’t cherish what you have and constantly think about what you can’t.” Chen Huan said, “Since everybody is no different, why would I freeze up and stare intensely when I saw a female celebrity? Will I be able to see through her clothes if I do that?”


Bu Yiyi laughed loudly as she patted Chen Huan shoulder with one hand, “Little brother, you are not a honest person either!”

Chen Huan’s face couldn’t help but heat up.

It wasn’t his intention to say that. it was this woman who drove his mind into a weird turn.

While the two of them were talking and laughing, a middle aged who didn’t say word since the beginning was observing Chen Huan.

Chen Huan said just now that he didn’t come for the audition.

But why wasn’t he surprised at all when he saw Bu Yiyi here?

And when they got to the elevator, he pressed the 8th floor directly.

The 8th floor was where they held the audition today!

No way he was going to believe if he said he had nothing to do with the audition!

Chen Huan saw many familiar faces as soon he came out of the elevator at the 8th floor.

There was Cao Nihui who wore a professional white outfit. She looked capable and beautiful with these clothes on her and was like a typical white collar beauty.

There was also Zhou Lexiang who wore a white dress with some lightly pink daisies that increased her presence and attract the attention of young people.

At least the three 18-19 years old students often sneaked a peek at her.

Sitting in another corner was Chen Qian. She wasn’t like the previous two that had three to five assistant as she sat by her lonesome.

She wore with white shirt and trousers and was like the receptionist that Chen Huan saw downstairs.

Hum, the lady downstairs was even more beautiful than her.

The room 801 was still closed and there were people walking in and out of the surrounding rooms. They naturally recognized the celebrity and wanted to take the opportunity to have a closer look.

But these celebrities didn’t accept the request for signature due to coming for an audition.

After some probing, those white collar workers learned why they were here and didn’t bother them.

It just that they may have sneakily took some pictures and posted them on their Weibo.

Several people stared at Chen Huan when he came up.

Most of the people retracted their gaze after they saw it was a young man but the three students from the Huhai Opera gave him a few more wary glances.

But their gazes immediately focused on the tall girl behind him.

Bu Yiyi!

Bu Yiyi, one of the five small beauties of the movie industry.

Although Bu Yiyi was 20 years old, her fame and power wasn’t any lower than Cao Nihui who was on the same tier.

Moreover, Bu Yiyi graduated from Huajin Film and TV, one of the three biggest film schools in the country. She was also a child celebrity and was only 18 years old this year. Her future was limitless.


Cao Nihui immediately stood up and greeted her.

Lin Ting, Chu Qian and Zhou Lexiang all did the same.

Zhou Lexiang who competed with Bu Yiyi was the friendliest as she pulled her to sit together.

Bu Yiyi and her wasn’t very familiar but the both of them knew how things worked as they had to kept it good on the surface so she smiled as she sat beside Zhou Lexiang.

But while she was looking around casually as she talked, she remarked that Chen Huan was gone.

The funny guy was gone? 

Bu Yiyi smiled as she thought back earlier before putting Chen Huan at the back of her mind.

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