I Know Everything chapter 38

Chapter 38: New Critique.

Zhu Mei didn’t say who wrote her newly written script on Weibo but she naturally used Mr. Chu Liuxiang name when she went to recruit actors.

But the Weibo user Modern Holmes that had 30 million followers disclosed the news.

“Ms. Zhu Mei, a well-known literary film director, is holding a script written by Teacher Chu Liuxiang! I have to say Director Zhu is really awesome, the whole country want to see the second work of Teacher Chu Liuxiang and she got it, and it’s even a script! That whatever Firmiana is indeed inferior compared to Teacher Chu Liuxiang.”

All the bustling people that were watching it from aside suddenly understood it.

No wonder this woman dared to shot back. It was because she held a trump card in hand.

The people in the entertainment industry were all shocked.

As insiders, they understood the meaning of the name Chu Liuxiang.

Not to mention that as long it was written ‘Chu Liuxiang screenwriter’ on the poster, the box office could probably increase by 10 million for just the first week.

Because ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles’ had conquered the heart of many people that many literacy people read and discussed each words of the work.

They were very curious about this mysterious writer that came out of nowhere.

They would obviously go and see the mysteriousness when they encountered a script written by Chu Liuxiang.

In the end, many actors called Zhu Mei one after another to ask what roles were available.

Fimiania, who scolded Zhu Mei before, was called on Weibo multiple times but he didn’t answer.

Smart people knew what the reason was.

Chu Liuxiang was a person that was endorsed by Renmin Daily. If he dare to go up and hate on it without seeing the script, didn’t it mean that he was dissatisfied with Renmin Daily and objected to their report?

This couldn’t happen and Firmiana wasn’t that stupid to dare to offend Renmin Daily.

While it was tempest on the net, Zhu Mei ran back to the small noodle shop with a bunch of actors resume with her.

“Look at this, the actors weren’t chosen by me this time, they came by themselves.” Zhu Mei handed the stack of resumed and felt satisfied with herself, “There are also five film companies that contacted me and amongst them was Yunxing Entertainment! We could discuss about the details as long we chose the actors.”

She didn’t expect to attract so much attention after replying back and using Chu Liuxiang’s name.

Chen Huan spread out the stack of resume.

There were three candidates for the main female role, Qiu Lingxin.

The most famous amongst them was Cao Nihui who was amongst the top tier celebrity.

This 30 years old Cao Nihui wasn’t as high as the four empresses because she played idol drama for the last few years. High school beauty to college beauty for a full seven to eight years.

It was only in these last two years that Cao Nihui slowly appeared in some virtuous and white collar worker.

The second one was called Lin Ting and was 27 years old. She belonged in the second tier female celebrity.

She was really pretty but her kind beauty was the coquettish type and she had a temptress aura. The roles she usually got were generally the villain girl.

This was also the reason why she wasn’t in the five small beauties of the movie industry.

The third was the third class actress and 28 years old Chen Qian. Her look could be described as pure and pretty. Simply said, she was just an ordinary flower and couldn’t reach the higher classed flower.

But this actress had great performance. After graduating from the department of film and TV of an ordinary college, she won the best newcomer award two years later.

In the next two years, she didn’t do any commercial film and instead polished her skills in literacy and drama film.

The candidate for male Shu was three students and all of them came from Huhai Opera. Chen Huan unconsciously smiled at this as nepotism was really everywhere.

The female Shu’s candidate weren’t as strong as the lead role.

A second tier female celebrity named Zhou Lexiang submitted her resumed. She was a famous idol and was very beautiful as well as good at socializing but he heard that she had unclear and shady relationship with some big names in the entertainment industry.

The second candidate was the well-known youngest member of the five small beauties, Bu Yiyi.

Bu Yiyi was a child celebrity and was a sophomore in college this year. She looked beautiful and delicate along with elegance that had a hint of heroic spirit. Her eyes had some stubbornness and aggressiveness to them when she stared at them and was full of dignity.

“What do you think?” Zhu Mei couldn’t help but ask after seeing Chen Huan thinking in silence.

“It looks much more realistic this time.” Chen Huan said, “But how did you get both Cao Nihui and Bu Yiyi?”

“Cao Nihui is because she isn’t young anymore and wants to change, so she wanted to take a role in a literacy film to try it out.” Zhu Mei said with some pride. “As for Bu Yiyi, she said that she liked my previous works and wanted an opportunity to work with me. She was very willing to work… her agency didn’t agreed but she still insisted on giving her resume!”

Chen Huan smiled at that.

It seemed that Zhu Mei was still attractive to some actresses as the leader of the literary genre.

“Their asking price isn’t high and my juniors will only 30k to 50k.” Zhu Mei continued and said, “The film budget should be around 6 million and several film company already agreed. Xiao Huan, your script will go for 1 million.”

The 1 million for Chu Liuxiang’s script wasn’t low but it wasn’t high either.

After all, Teacher Chu hadn’t made any script before and no reference. The second tier level pay he received was because the film company gave him face.

“Aunt Mei, what are your choices?” Chen Huan asked her.

“I didn’t held any audition yet before I came here with these.” Zhu Mei honestly said, “How about this, you come help me when I audition them? if it’s alright, you could help me give them a test since you’re the author of ‘Love Letter’.”

“Okay!” Chen Huan nodded.

“Then let’s do this.” Zhu Mei stood up and said, “I’ll make an appointment tomorrow and hope to have an audition with them. Then I can negotiate with the film company.”

Shui Qianyu didn’t say a word during the discussion but when Zhu Mei left, she couldn’t help but ask Chen Huan, “Who do prefer amongst those actors?”

Chen Huan handed the resumed to Shui Qianyu after he read them so she knew who they were.

“I can’t say for sure.” Chen Huan sighed, “If it’s up to me, the three students have probably not problem for the role since students are suited for the role. As for the actresses, I can only know after I see them personally as it will be too careless if I chose based on some pictures and resume.”

“If I was focused on the money, I would definitely go for Cao Nihui and Bu Yiyi.” Chen Huan expressed his opinion, “Because the two of them can boost the box office the most! Today’s film companies value this the most.”

“But sometime, being a big celebrity wasn’t enough.” Chen Huan said with a smile, “Sometimes, it’s the actors who make the movie, but sometime, it’s the movie that makes the actors!”

He declared with confidence.

The film ‘Love Letter’ sent the three actors’ popularity through the roof!

Miho Nakayama directly became a star actress.

The two newcomers, Takashi Kashiwabara and Miki Sakai had since become famous popular idols throughout Asia. From that, people could see how wonderful ‘Love Letter’ was.

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