Medical Martial God chapter 105

Chapter 105: Lofty ambitions.


Scorpio’s body smashed through several walls before coming to a stop and setting the dust around him when he fell.

Blood came out of his mouth like fountain as all strength left his body.

He wouldn’t be able to resist Ye Xuan’s attack even if he was made of metals and was in a severe state of injury.

“Cough, cough…”

Scorpion’s tattered clothes with his body covered in cuts were seen by the two men after the dust settled.

His face was beyond pale as he coughed like a dying dog on the ground while bleeding from his seven orifices and looked absolutely miserable.

“This guy…”

Xia Tiannan felt a bit awed inwardly as his eyes widened after seeing Scorpio’s miserable state before glancing at Ye Xuan who showed no emotion like everything that just happened didn’t have anything to do with him.

Scorpio tried to get up but he couldn’t muster any strength from his body at all and Ye Xuan already came next to him and stepped on chest to prevent him from moving a single inch.

“Tell me, where is your Shadow Snake Gang headquarter?”

Ye Xuan asked him in a nonchalant tone.

“I…I don’t know!”

Scorpion answered as he stared viciously at Ye Xuan.


But just as he said that, a flash of light passed and one of his arms was cut off as his scream of pain was heard.

“Where is headquarter?”

Ye Xuan asked again with his even tone.

“I…I don’t know!”

Scorpio suppressed the pain he felt from his severed arm and growled in angrily, “If…if you kill me, Lord Snake will take revenge for me and would never let you go!”

“Brat, our Shadow Snake Gang isn’t as weak as you think, we’re all over the world! This mere city of Xing Hai is only the tip of the iceberg for our gang! You will definitely incur the anger of Lord Snake if you kill me, you can only wait for us to take revenge!”

“Really? Then I’ll wait!”

Ye Xuan indifferently said.


Another light flashed.

“You… you… you… dare… to kill me…?”

Scorpio said in shock as he looked in disbelief at Ye Xuan while a red line was slowly revealed in his neck.

His body trembled a bit before his last breath left him and died.

Maybe he didn’t expect Ye Xuan to kill him so abruptly without asking him any more questions.

Even Xia Tiannan was dumbfounded by Ye Xuan ruthless action.

Didn’t you want to get information out of Scorpion?

Why did you suddenly killed him like that?

“Brother Ye Xuan, you…”

Xia Tiannan couldn’t help but ask with an helpless smile when he saw the corpse.

“He doesn’t really know where their headquarters is… and I don’t like to waste my breath.”

Ye Xuan replied him with his casual indifference.

Then he went upstairs before coming back downstairs after a while with two heavy black bags.

“One bag for you and one for me.”

Ye Xuan tossed one of the bags into Xia Tiannan’s hands.

He curiously opened the bag and looked inside.

It was filled with cash. There probably a few millions in it.

“I can’t have this money, you basically did everything.”

Xia Tiannan handed the bag back to Ye Xuan.

“Who told you to drive for me?”

Ye Xuan rudely denied him.

He and Xia Tiannan made a few millions without any losses on this trip.

Then he opened barrel with oil and filled the entre villa with some before walking out.

Xia Tiannan smiled helplessly and followed behind him.

Ye Xuan took out his lighter and was about to throw it to start the fire when they got out of the villa but stopped when he thought of something. Then he turned toward Xia Tiannan and said,

“Hum… can I borrow your lighter?”

Xia Tiannan was confused by this but still gave his lighter to him.

Ye Xuan lit the lighter and threw it behind without looking back as the fire engulfed the villa.

“Hey, you have a lighter, why did you use mine?”

Xia Tiannan felt pained and asked in dissatisfaction.

Ye Xuan stiffened a bit as his cool aura disappeared and fake coughed a bit before replying.

“Cough, cough… that’s because my lighter is more expansive.”

His lighter was indeed more expansive as it was brought from Ye Qianwei’s store. It would be a waste if he threw it away thus he borrowed the one from Xia Tiannan.

“Isn’t my lighter also expansive?!”

Xia Tiannan asked again and showed some friendly irritation.

“That’s because is your lighter and not mine, I didn’t spend a single dime on it.”

But Ye Xuan’s answer only made him feel speechless and wanting to puke blood.

“Your uncle! Can’t you not be so shameless?”

“After all, we are still brothers, right?”

Xia Tiannan asked with a pained expression.

“Who did you call shameless?”

“Of course it’s you!”

“I’m sorry but we’re not brothers. I don’t know you at all.”

It was already two or three a.m. when the two men returned to Xing Hai and in order to not disturb Liang Xiaoyi’s rest, they took another hotel rooms.

Ye Xuan was sitting on a couch in a rather comfortable living room while smoking leisurely and stared at the angry Xia Tiannan as he continued to joke with him.

“Hey, didn’t I only throw away a lighter? Can’t you stop putting a green face as if your wife slept with somebody?”

“Ye Xuan, you punk, watch what you’re saying!”

Xia Tiannan felt regret for coming to Xing Hai to look for Ye Xuan at this moment.

Was this guy born to become his nemesis?

He was inhuman to the death and even made him feel chill to the back.

He the lowest kind of bastard and was without shame.

“I’m just trying advising you only. It’s because we’re brothers that I’m kindly reminding you that if you keep making that green face, people may really think that your wife cheated on you and slept with another guy.”

Ye Xuan calmly added while leisurely smoking and puffing out smoke.

“Ye Xuan, I want to cut ties with you!”

Xia Tiannan angrily declared.

“Cut up ties? Sorry but I don’t know you. Why are you talking about cutting up ties in front of me?”

“Also, who the fuck are you? What are you doing in my room in the middle of the night? Please go out!”

Ye Xuan said and acted very relaxed.

“Okay, brother… I was wrong, okay? Let’s discuss something more serious.”

Xia Tiannan couldn’t play anymore and surrendered.

“Talk about something serious? What kind of serious matter?”

Ye Xuan smiled and looked intrigued by Xia Tiannan.

“I wanted to know what Brother Ye Xuan is thinking of Xing Hai.”

Xia Tiannan asked while sipping his wine.

“Just a place not worth mentioning!”

Ye Xuan lightly replied.

Xia Tiannan was a bit stunned by the reply and he said with a bitter smile, “Brother Ye Xuan description of Xing Hai is a bit excessive. After all, Xing Hai not only relies on the sea but also on the three majors rivers and it is also in a very good geographic location as well as the center of a hub. There are many people in Huaxia that eyes this land with greed but for some weird reasons, no one dared to make a move.”

While he was speaking, Xia Tiannan glanced at Ye Xuan’s face but only found his indifferent face as if he really didn’t put Xing Hai in his eyes.

“I have underestimated Brother Ye Xuan’s ambition as Brother Ye Xuan seems to not take Xing Hai seriously at all.”

Xia Tiannan bitterly said.

Ye Xuan only smiled and didn’t say anything.

After all, many people had their eyes on Xing Hai and Xing Hai was just a piece of fat meat even to those super families at the capital but Ye Xuan considered it beneath him and didn’t care about it at all.

It was only natural, he was one three sovereign and five emperors of the Western Shura World and was in charge of dozens of huge megalopolis in the Western Shura World.

He obviously didn’t look twice at a mere Xing Hai.

Xia Tiannan felt a bit overwhelmed after seeing Ye Xuan indifferent smile and hesitated before he asked, 

“Brother Ye Xuan, I didn’t hide it and told you I came from a powerful family but I wasn’t recognized because of my origin and was kicked out of the family. The power of that family is far vaster than the normal people will think so. If I want to get back at my family and make kneel to me, it would take too much and power.”

“I was very optimistic about Brother Ye Xuan and wanted to use you for my own end. But after knowing you better, I realized that I wasn’t qualified to do so. Now I just hope that Brother Ye Xuan could help me when I need help and Brother Ye Xuan call for me when you need my help. I’m willing to follow through fire and rain.”

Xia Tiannan’s words were very sincere and generous. That made Ye Xuan smile slightly.

“We’re friends, there’s no need for such words… you just need to ask when you need help!”

Ye Xuan declared and patted his shoulder.

Ye Xuan particularly liked Xia Tiannan’s characters and was naturally willing to have a friend like him.

“Hehe, I knew you brat wouldn’t let me down!”

Xia Tiannan felt relieved and said with a laugh.

“Come on! Stop calling me Brother Ye Xuan(he’s using laodi, meaning little brother), I should be a bit older than you right? You should call me Xuan Bro!” Ye Xuan smirked.

“Tsk, I’m clearly the one older than you. You should be the one calling me Brother Tiannan!”

Xia Tiannan countered.

“Then are you going to say it or not?”

Ye Xuan tone suddenly turned more serious.

“I… I’ll say it okay?”

“Xuan bro!”

“Aye, little brother Tiannan is such a good boy!”

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