Medical Martial God chapter 104

Chapter 104: Watch me as I kill people.

Following those words, a ferocious figure slowly walked down with two tall and sturdy men and stopped Ye Xuan and Xia Tiannan’s path.

He was a young man with red hair with a thick pair of glasses on his emotionless face as his slender figure was wrapped by a black tuxedo. He gave off a haughty and uncommon feeling.

His name was Scorpio was the head of this branch of Shadow Snake Gang. He was a mysterious figure that possessed extraordinary strength and influence. There were many legends about him in Xing Hai.

The two tall and sturdy men beside him were very muscular and gave off a wild and powerful aura like a two walking mountains.

They were the two confidantes of Scorpio and few people knew their real names. They looked like mountains but they were fast like cranes so they were called the Heshan(Crane Mountains) brothers.

“Scorpio, I didn’t expect the head of this branch would be you.”

Xia Tiannan said with a solemn tone as he stared at Scorpio and the Heshan brothers next to him.

“Haha! Xia Tiannan, there are many things you can’t think of when it concern the Shadow Snake Gang! Our Gang always never provoked you and minded our own business but you break into my place and killed my men, isn’t this a bit too unreasonable?”

“Or maybe you’re standing up for that brat beside you?”

Scorpio said disdainfully as his eyes narrowed like a fine line.


But Ye Xuan’s feet suddenly exerted force as a powerful propelled his body toward Scorpion like a cannonball.

“You’re courting death!”

Scorpion said with a hint of disdain flashing over his eyes.

He didn’t take a trash like Ye Xuan seriously and was only wary of Xia Tiannan.


“You’re overestimating yourself!”

The Heshan brothers stepped forward and stood upright. They clenched their fists before punching out toward Ye Xuan as it carried a powerful force behind it.

Ye Xuan didn’t intend on dodging those powerful fists as he punched back with terrifying force.


A thundering sound broke out when the fists collided.

A force like a raging wave came off from the Heshand brother’s fists and went straight at Ye Xuan.


But a force that was even more terrifying than the one from Heshan brothers came out from Ye Xuan fists and pushed them back before rushing into the brothers without stop.

The brothers realized at this moment that they weren’t mountains at all and that Ye Xuan was the real mountain as they were awed by him.

It would be hard for them to stop Ye Xuan’s punch even if they used all strength.


The Heshan brothers couldn’t hold against Ye Xuan power anymore and were sent flying away under Scorpio stunned and ugly gaze as they smashed against a wall with blood flowing down their mouths.


Ye Xuan killing intent increased after sending the Heshan brother flying away in a single strike as his body cut through the night like lightning and passed by Scorpio before arriving near the brothers in a flash.


The brothers yelled as their eyes flashed with ferociousness when they saw Ye Xuan coming at them. They resisted the pain they felt and stabbed their dagger toward Ye Xuan.


But they were too slow as a light passed and blinded their eyes before their daggers could touch Ye Xuan.

The result was the heads of the Heshan brothers flew up and were cleanly cut away from their bodies.

Their body immediately fell to the ground as blood gushed out from their open necks.

The Heshan brothers were killed by Ye Xuan in an instant!

“Shit, how is this possible?”

Scorpio muttered in disbelief as he watched the fallen Heshan brothers.

He never thought Ye Xuan would be so strong and instantly kill his strongest two men under him.

After all, the Heshan brothers took the path of body cultivation and refining. They were particularly study, though and strong. Very few people in Xing Hai could instantly kill them.

But the renowned trash Ye Xuan easily did it. How could not Scorpio be shocked?”

Even Xia Tiannan was surprised by Ye Xuan explosive strength and didn’t even have the time to make a move.

He valued Ye Xuan very much and wanted to cultivate a friendship with Ye Xuan and also knew he was strong but didn’t expect him to be that strong.

He also had intention behind this friendship as he needed a powerful force if he wanted to take revenge on his family.

“Did you just say that he came here to stand up for me?”

Ye Xuan coldly asked as he stared at the surprised Scorpio with disdainful eyes.

“What else then?”

Scorpio scornful replied and suppressed the shock he felt.

“He only came to watch me kill.”

Ye Xuan blankly said.

“Watch you kill? What an arrogant brat, you think you’re qualified to face me just because you killed the Heshan brothers?”

Scorpion leaked out his killing intent.

“Let me correct you, you’re the one who’s not qualified to fight me!”

Ye Xuan added nonchalantly.

He then transformed into a beam of light as he rushed at Scorpio and left a gale of winds behind him.


Scorpio sneered as he punched out with his right hand.

Numerous scorpions came out of his sleeved and hurled toward Ye Xuan, blocking his path.


Ye Xuan slashed out with his knife as multiple silver lights passed and cut the many incoming scorpions.


Scorpio chose this moment to attack with a dagger and stabbed it straight toward Ye Xuan’s heart.


Ye Xuan moved his knife on the path of the dagger and completely blocked the attack.

Scorpio focused after his initial strike was blocked as his dagger slide off the knife and made its way toward Ye Xuan stomach but Ye Xuan just jumped sideways to dodge it.


While in jump, Ye Xuan brought down his leg in an arc and slammed it down on Scorpio’s shoulder.

-tap, tap, tap-

Scorpio took a few steps back due to the power of the kick as half of his body felt numb after the kick. He didn’t expect Ye Xuan to be that strong.

“I’ve underestimated you, you two…”

“Save your bullshit for when you meet the reaper!”

Ye Xuan ruthlessly interrupted Scorpio.

Ye Xuan then came in front of Scorpio in an instant and grabbed his arm before he could react and made a powerful over the shoulder throw!


Scorpio slammed into the ground heavily as the floor trembled at the impact.

“Scorpion Shear!”

Scorpio’s eyes flickered with killing intent as his waist exerted force and both of his let shot out like scorpions’ pliers and tried to cut Ye Xuan.

The attacks were fast and sharp but also powerful.

Unmoving Mountain!

Ye Xuan squatted his legs when he saw the incoming strikes as his arms formed a barrier both sides of his body to block Scorpio’s legs.


Scorpio’s attack collided against Ye Xuan arms but failed to have any effect even though this strikes was strong enough to cut a tree trunk.

Ye Xuan body remained unmoving like a Wisdom King.

“How is this possible?”

Scorpio muttered in disbelief after seeing this.

He was to retract his leg but Ye Xuan’s hand shot out and grasped them before spinning at a high speed. Scorpio lost all control of his body and could only flap helplessly.

Ye Xuan once again exerted strength in his arms when he rotated enough and powerful flung Scorpio’s body away.


A loud collision sound was heard the next moment as the villa trembled.

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