Medical Martial God Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Kill into their Branch!

Xia Tiannan was waiting for him with a smile by the elevator when Ye Xuan left Ying Xuan’s boudoir and playfully said, 

“Brother Ye Xuan, I didn’t expect you to do it for so long. So, did it feel good?”

Ye Xuan’s handsome face smiled when he heard that and quipped back, “A beautiful woman like her is very rare, it felt obviously very good.”

“Save it, is that woman dead?”

Xia Tiannan shook his head and took out a packet of cigarette before take out two and lit it and threw one to Ye Xuan.

“She’s dead…”

Ye Xuan took the cigarette and inhaled the smoke as he shook his head.

“What did you get out of her?” Xia Tiannan asked curiously.

“There’s one of Shadow Snake Gang stronghold in Mist Mountain at Yun Hai.”

Ye Xuan grabbed his shoulder and stepped into the elevator with him.

What appeared in front of Ye Xuan when he came down was an extremely trashed place.

The original lively crowd was gone, the serving bar that had numerous people was trashed and only a bunch of security guards in black suits remained as they all lay on the ground wailing in pain.

The bar looked like hell on earth at this moment and was a stark contrast from when they just came.

“Did you do that?”

Ye Xuan asked Xia Tiannan.

“Since you took care of the rare beauty, I have to take care of these small fries here.”

Xia Tiannan couldn’t but smile as he replied.

This guy strength was really exceptional as this bar’s people were no weaker than the people from the Evil Wolf Bar.

This guy was able to take care of it so quick. Ye Xuan felt very satisfied by the strength he showed that was clearly above ordinary people.

“Aren’t you afraid that the Shadow Snake Gang takes revenge?”

Ye Xuan asked him.

“Is my friendship with Xuan bro comparable to a mere Shadow Snake Gang?”

 “Much less a mere Shadow Snake Gang, even if it was all the families in Xing Hai, they wouldn’t be able to stop me from being friend with Xuan bro!”

Xia Tianan started at Ye Xuan as he replied in a very serious manner.

Ye Xuan just patted his shoulder and didn’t say much but he received the feeling Xia Tiannan conveyed to him.

Yun Hai Mist Mountain was located just outside of Xing Hai and was surrounded by fog all year round and the visibility around was very low. With the rugged and steep mountain road, very few people were willing to go into the mountain.

Of course there were exceptions to that.

For example, Ye Xuan and Xia Tiannan as they were making their way into the mountain.

But even with Xia Tiannan driving skill, they could only make their up to only half way before they were forced to stop due to the roads being blocked by mudslide and rocks.

Helpless, the two had to abandon their car and continue their path with own feet as they started to run their way up.

What appeared in front of them when they reached the top was foggy retro villa.

It was filled with a frigid and gloomy feel.

There were also two stone statues at the entrance of the villa. It wasn’t the classic lions but two snakes entwining a tree.

There also two crows hovering around the statues and cawing. This made this place even more gloomy and weird.

“Let’s go.”


Xia Tiannan wanted to go in but Ye Xuan pulled him back.



Just as he stopped him, some rustling footsteps and snakes hissing were heard close by.

There three men in a black robe appeared in front of the two men with poisonous snakes wrapped around their arms as slowly walked toward the villa.

They watched around themselves vigilantly as they made their way to the villa.


The snakes in their arms hissed heavily as they were about to enter the villa. The robbed men noticed something wrong and stopped in their track.

“Who is here?”

They yelled toward the position where Ye Xuan and Xia Tiannan were.


But they didn’t see the two men’s figure and only saw three needles coming their ways.

They didn’t have time to react before the needle accurately plunged between their brows. They body stiffened before they fell to the ground and died.



Although the three robbed men died, the snakes immediately charged toward Ye Xuan in vengeance.


Three darts shot out from Xia Tiannan’s arm and pierced the heads of the snakes, ending their lives.

“Let’s go.”

The two men gave each other a glance before opening the door of the villa.

Entering the villa, they were greeted by a sight of various people transporting goods in a dark hall.

The busy people all stopped what they were doing and looked at the two men when they opened the door.

“Who are you people?”

A man in a leather jacket and cowboy hats with a Mauser pistol asked with a gruff as his eyes shined with ferociousness.

He was responsible of the hall, Li Guang.

“Of course people who wants to kill you!”

Ye Xuan replied indifferently.

He then charged toward Li Guang like a cheetah and threw two silver needles at him as his killing intent spread out.


Li Guang snorted and easily dodged the needles as he pulled out his pistol and was about to shoot him.

But the knife in Ye Xuan’s sleeve shot out and headed straight toward Li Guang.

-Bang, Bang, Bang-

Li Guang turned solemn as he rolled away to dodge the knife before he pulled the trigger and shot many times toward Ye Xuan.

But Li Guang saw a light flash and heard the sound of a knife cutting through flesh.

Li Guang wanted to speak but his body froze up as red line of blood appeared on his throat. He couldn’t even make a sound as his eyes were wide open before he fell down and died.

This all happened in an instant. Li Guang was already dead by the time the other recovered their bearing.

“Kill them!”

Their all roared angrily the next moment.

They all had different weapons as they charged rapidly toward the two men and launched their ferocious assault on them.


The two men snorted before charged out too against them and laying waste to the members of the Shadow Snake Gang.

These members had blooded their blades and had taken many life before but even then, how could they be the opponent of the two experts like Ye Xuan and Xia Tiannan?

Every swing of Ye Xuan’s knife took a life from the gang’s members. He was like a killing machine in a battlefield and reaped out life wherever he went. No one could stop him.

Because these small fries from the Shadow Snake Gang were just too weak compared to him!

The weapon used by Xia Tiannan was a uniquely shaped spike bayonet.

The weapon was very sharp and had a vertical groove.

The spike bayonet was like an electric drill as it killed anybody the moment it pierced them.

Within a short amount of time, all the members of the gang were taken down by Ye Xuan and Xia Tiannan.

They all died without exception.

After all, the things they carried weren’t anything good but industrial poison.

After taking care of all these guys, the two gave each other a glance before making their way to the stairs but a cold voice resounded,

“I thought who dared to break into my Shadow Snake Gang stronghold but it turned out to be Xia Tiannan from the life racing valley.”

“Visiting us so late at night, what’s the matter?”

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